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Day 1 - IFA International

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Special Feature Some Like it Hot Spotlight on Cooking Technologies To d a y ’s k i t c h e n i s becoming the “lifestyle centre” of the home, rather than a place apart where the mama would slave over a hot furnace, bringing out meals to a very separate eating area. Not only is cooking seen today as an enjoyable or even exciting activity, and something where those involved can continue discussions with guests propped at a convivial bar or island, it is also, thanks to moder n technologies, infinitely safer, healthier and more efficient than in the past. In the next pages, we highlight two technologies that are evolving rapidly: induction and steam cooking. We also take a close-up look at some of the top new products on show at the 50th IFA. The Coming of Age of an Established Technology Induction cooking is by no means a new technology. People around the world have been using induction t e c h n o l o g y f o r s o m e years. However today, with economies of scale in manufacturing, and i m p ro v e m e n t s i n t h e technology itself, induction hobs are a “must” for modern day kitchens. They are much more efficient than traditional halogen cookers, and are much safer, as the heat is transferred directly into the metal of the pots or pans, rather than to the surface of the hob. With energy prices rising, a n d p e o p l e w a n t i n g increasingly to turn towards “green” solutions, the benefits of induction technology will increasingly win consumers over to this product. Previously considered “nice to have”, people today can see real benefits in induction hobs. In addition, as these units are of the same dimensions as the “old” halogen models, the replacement market is becoming very interesting, as consumers look to replace their worn-out hobs. Not only that, as “designer kitchens” are increasingly attracting consumers to replace their old ones, i n d u c t i o n h o b s a r e particularly attractive and fit in with most decors, even coming in different colours and finishes in keeping with new designer ideas. New Features O n e o f t h e m a i n “ I want that” features in today’s induction hobs is the “boost” (generally appearing as a letter “B” on the electronic control panel) function. This allows users to bring a pot to the boil in record time, or to heat a pan to a good temperature for searing steak in a matter of seconds. BoilControl: Gorenje is one brand that has developed t h i s f u n c t i o n , w h i c h prevents the contents of a pot from boiling over, by automatically adjusting the temperature of the zone. Stop and Go function: Miele Induction Hobs has developed a function that allows users to move away from the kitchen for some time, reducing the temperature until the person returns “stove side”. Z o n e l e s s : A n u m b e r of brands have today developed models that are “zoneless”, with what are termed “continuum zones” of inductors beneath the glass surface, allowing for different sized pots or pans to be accommodated. Remember that only the pan is heated, not the area around it, so no danger of burning exists. Selling Induction Hobs As many consumers are still not aware of the benefits of induction hobs, it is extremely important that sales staff are fully aware of the main selling points and customer benefits, and are able to explain these in a satisfactory manner to potential buyers. Ideally, a demonstration area should be set up, so that customers can truly experience and understand the benefits of this new technology. New At IFA – Bosch FlexInduction FlexInduction features a versatile, 40 x 20 centimeter heating zone,consisting of two halves. B o t h m a y b e u s e d separately (standard mode) or combined to form a continuous area (flexible mode). Small and large cooking pans can fit behind or alongside one another. In flexible mode, the entire cooking zone is supplied with the selected power. However, heat is delivered only where it is needed: in the pan. Quickly and economically. Depending on the model, the FlexInduction zone occupies the left-hand side of the cooking area or even covers both halves as a dual zone. In the XXL model two FlexInduction zones in turn surround a circular central zone. 30

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