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Day 1 - IFA International

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News Dr Hecker counts

News Dr Hecker counts the milestones IFA will remain at the epicentre of the industry, pledges gfu chairman By Gary Smith Dr Rainer Hecker Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu IFA will continue to promote and incubate innovation, and provide a media platform for the industry it serves, said Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu, in his welcome speech at the IFA 2010 opening press conference. The gfu chief then ran through the key moments in the history of IFA: “In 1935, the event played host to the introduction of the very first magnetic recording tape. Then, in 1967, PAL colour televisions debuted here, featuring a broadcast by Chancellor Willy Brandt. Then, in 1981, we saw the first CDs and CD players – something that proved to be the start of a huge market. 1985 saw the premiere of analogue HDTV and, in 1991, we witnessed the start of a revolution with the introduction of MP3 encoding. In 1995 it was DVB or Digital Video Broadcasting, which is now the standard for all satellite, t e r r e s t r i a l a n d c a b l e broadcasts. And in 2005, we saw the first digital HDTV broadcasts and peripherals. In 2007, it was web-based TV content that made a big impact here at IFA – and in 2008, 3D TV premiered.” Dr Hecker also cited some recent landmarks for the event itself: “In 2006, IFA became an annual event and, in 2007, the major trade and retail groups joined us as strategic partners. In 2008, we opened up the event to the home-appliances sector – then, in 2009, we expanded that to include small home appliances. Finally, in 2010, Euronics merged its autumn fair with IFA.” Looking to the future, Dr Hecker stressed that IFA would remain open to new ideas and new ways of helping and complementing the consumer electronics industry. “We will always be looking at new, unique features to make IFA more relevant for its various target groups – the industry, the retail trade, media visitors and the public,” he said. TV remains a major driver of the market, he added: “There are still a lot of CRTs to be replaced, and we are seeing that reflected in flatscreen sales. We are also seeing 3D TV sales picking up, with over 10,000 units sold in Europe so far.” 4

News Dr Zinkann makes the case for magic formula Why helping consumers to feel sharp pays off in home appliances Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Chairman of the Division Home Appliances of German trade association ZVEI Machines that can detect off-peak electricity and appeal to a consumer’s sense of value excite Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Chief Executive of Miele and Chairman of the Division Home Appliances of German trade association ZVEI. At the opening IFA press conference, Dr Zinkann said that these two factors play a significant role in the relative health of his industry sector during trying times. “The trend this year is to present more appliances with less energy and water consumption,” he said. "The ‘magic formula‘, he continued, is found in a world of intelligent home appliances with ‘smart grid’ functions. These applications start automatically only when electricity is cheap. Cheaper tariffs can be expected during slack times of the day, or on Sundays and bank holidays.” Miele has a line of these smart grid-capable washing machines coming online in January 2011, in the large By Michael Dumiak German province of North Rhein Westphalia. This new line reflects his company’s reliance on value proposition and the need to persuade consumers to buy premium in lean and uncertain times. “Consumers are willing to pay for a product if they understand the value, if they understand that it is really better,” he said. "The ability to do so is vital for the home appliance sector. Miele sells premium goods, it has €2,000 fridges on the market and consumers want to know they have got value", said Dr Zinkann. Home appliances have only been showcased at IFA for two years and 2010 will be the third. But even in its first year, home appliances accounted for 16% of IFA participants and 25% of the floor space. In 2009, home appliances rang up €78 billion in global sales, a decline of only 1% on the year before, he said. Dr Zinkann highlighted how household appliance features and specs vary considerably from country to country. His assessment of the home appliance market is that the US will rebound after a tough year, Europe will remain flat, while Asia and Latin America are set for renewed growth. “Considering the difficult economic circumstances, the home appliance industry has weathered the worldwide crisis rather well,” he said. “I expect IFA to foster the worldwide recovery in the home appliance industry.” NEWS BRIEFS Don’t miss these live musical acts at the Viera Cast Corner at the Panasonic booth this week, coinciding with the Q-Tom demonstrations! Friday, 03.09.2010 12:15 - Q-Tom Demonstration 12:30-13:00 - Martin Jonda (Four Music / Berlin) Saturday, 04.09.2010 14:45 - Q-Tom Demonstration 15:00-15:20 - Eternal Tango (Luxemburg / Golden Fox Records) 16:45 - Q-Tom Demonstration 17:00-17:30 - MILK (New York / Berlin) Sunday, 05.09.2010 14:45 - Q-Tom Demonstration 15:00-15:20 - Cosmo Klein (Berlin) Protect your world! IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 5

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