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The benefits of cooking

The benefits of cooking with steam Good for the planet, good for the food, good for your health Rice, vegetables and fish cooked simultaneously: In Miele's DG 1450 steam oven Steam has a higher density than dry air, and it holds more energy. That, according to Sophie Davidson, Product Manager at Electrolux Major Appliances, is why you can cook at lower temperatures when cooking with steam. Which backs up AEG–Electrolux’s claim that its new B98205M Special Feature Some Like it Hot multifunction oven with steam functions “cooks faster with less energy, while enhancing flavours, preserving nutrients and giving more control over surface textures”. Switching to energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen will help to reduce greenhouse emissions. There are other benefits too. “Using a steam oven greatly reduces cooking time and temperature compared to using a conventional oven, while bringing out tastes and controlling textures like no other cooking method,” according to Electrolux. Dawson adds: “You save on energy consumption and help the environment.” The technical explanation is that when water turns into steam, it absorbs a great deal of energy. Then, when the steam condenses back into water in the oven, it transfers that heat directly to the food. As a result, steam at 100°C has six times the heat potential of air at the same temperature. Cooking with steam also means that foods don’t dry out or trade flavours with each other. “That means you can cook an entire meal — meat, vegetables, and potatoes — at the same time, in the AEG B98205M multifunction and steam oven, instead of using separate pots on the hob,” BRITA Water Technology A real benefit for manufacturers of kitchen appliances Electrolux claims. “Hob cooking is particularly energy inefficient because much of the heat escapes into the air and never gets to the food.” Steam-cooked food tastes good and healthy, too. Alternating from moist to dry air allows you to control precisely the browning process, to ensure the perfect colour and crust on the outside. The natural tastes of vegetables remain intact when roasted; the inside of a chicken stays tender while the skin becomes crispy. “If you are serious about embarking on the road to gastronomic perfection,” says Davidson, “you need steam.” Steam ADVERTORIAL Manufacturers of domestic appliances are always on the lookout for product innovations to satisfy the changing demands of discerning consumers. As an integral part of BRITA’s policy of expanding the possible applications for BRITA filtered water and developing unique product innovations, BRITA has teamed up with leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances to offer consumers worldwide small and large domestic appliances with integrated water filtration. Manufacturers can profit from BRITA’s extensive water filtration expertise, Our partners at IFA its focus on technology and innovation, its global brand leadership, and the numerous opportunities for using BRITA water filtration technology in electrical household appliances. Moreover, BRITA’s global distribution network in more than 60 countries the world over and the prime availability of BRITA water filter cartridges all serve to maximise potential product sales and ensure replacement cartridge availability on a global scale. Last but not least, BRITA works together with its partner companies to develop joint marketing campaigns. BRITA Integrated Solutions for top name brand manufacturers BRITA’s partners include top brand manufacturers of various small domestic appliances, such as: water filter kettles (e.g. Morphy Richards and W.I.K.); coffee machines (Bosch, Cloer and Siemens); espresso machines (e.g. Bosch, Saeco, Siemens and Tassimo) and fridge freezers with integrated water filtration (Electrolux and Samsung). They all offer the advantages of BRITA filtered water. Alongside reducing limescale, the BRITA water filter cartridges also reduce chlorine, certain metals like lead and copper as well as other substances that affect smell and taste. The result: a natural and intensive aroma of coffee and a smooth creamy appearance of delicious espresso. Moreover BRITA water filter cartridges stand for great tasting filtered water, optimum machine protection, resulting in a longer machine service life and lower energy consumption. For more information: Hall 3.1 / Stand 101 Hall 4.1 / Stand 102 Hall 4.1 / Stand 101 Hall 4.1 / Stand 209 Hall 22 Hall 5.1 / Stand 101 Hall 1.1 / Stand 101 Hall 5.1 / Stand 201 32

Special Feature Some Like it Hot Healthy Cooking for all types of Kitchen University study backs up claims for new Miele steam cooker A scientific study has found was that food cooked in steam tastes considerably better than boiled food. The study was carried out by the German universities of Giessen and Koblenz- Landau. It found that the vitamin C content of various types of vegetables cooked in a Miele steam cooker was 50% higher compared with boiling in a pan on the hob. The joint study covers sensory properties (Koblenz) and an analysis of vitamins (Giessen). The study reached the following conclusion: "The final results produced under scientific conditions show that steam cooking in a Miele steam cooker produces excellent results compared with traditional methods of boiling vegetables with respect to sensory and nutritive properties. Steam cooking releases the characteristic flavour of the various vegetables without the need to add salt. Cooking With respect to sensory properties, results were far superior to traditional cooking methods." The study also found that steam-cooked food is low in fat and rich in vitamins to the table. "Vegetables in particular show very high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and trace elements after steam cooking,” said Professor Elmar Schlich of Giessen University. “This has a positive effect when it comes to releasing a food's intrinsic taste. Conventional cooking on the hob tends to have a leaching effect on food, purging it of a large proportion of water-soluble vitamins and minerals". Broccoli, for example, cooked in a Miele steam cooker, showed 50% higher levels of vitamin C than samples boiled in water. The situation with minerals and trace elements in peppers is similar. The Miele DG 1450 steam oven, on show at IFA, is a freestanding unit with a width of only 50 cm and requiring only a minimum of space on the worktop. The DG 1450 employs VitaSteam technology, developed by Miele. This involves generating steam in a water tank outside the inner cabinet. Says Miele: “Professional chefs appreciate this approach because food is cooked very gently.” Hall 2.1 Stand 101 Dyson presents a new vacuum cleaner floor tool with anti-static carbon-fibres The DC26 Carbon Fibre vacuum cleaner has been developed to ensure the thorough capture of fine dust particles. The secret: its brush bar, which is fitted with fine, rotating carbon fibres that can capture fine dust articles when cleaning hard floors. Dyson press talk september 3 rd , 2010 11.00 am hall 4.1 / 204 IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 33

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