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Day 1 - IFA International

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Siemens i-Dos. A

Siemens i-Dos. A world’s first. The first integrated precision dosing system from Siemens. Fully automatic and always perfect. Hall 1.1 Thanks to the innovative i-Dos system, the new iQ 700 washing machines make detergent dosing easier than ever before. The world’s first integrated automatic precision dosing system for up to 20 loads detects the exact amount of detergent needed for your laundry. Depending on factors like fabric type, load size, water hardness, and degree of soiling, it dispenses detergent efficiently and to the precise milliliter – for perfect washing performance. What’s more, it can save you up to 7,062 liters of water per year.* For more information, ask your dealer or visit The future moving in. * Potential annual savings with i-Dos compared to a standard household washing machine with manual dosing in a conventional easy-care program and based on an average of 220 loads per year. Source: wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute, Research Report WL 5132/10. Individual results may vary.

Special Feature Some Like it Hot MaxiSense hob moves with the times Flexible cooking zones adapt to the size of your cookware AEG is improving the way people will interact with its top-of-the-line MaxiSense induction hob. The hob uses flexible cooking zones that adjust automatically to a pan’s size – up to 120mm in diameter – as well as its shape, as long as the pan covers the cross on the glass ceramic surface. Cookware is no longer limited to the size of a cooking circle. The MaxiSight TFT colour display is the first colour TFT display for hobs. According to AEG it upgrades the overall impression of the cooking surface and introduces “a whole new user interaction philosophy” to built-in hobs. The consumer interacts with the large display more smoothly for precise and advanced control of the cooking zones. And it provides optimum visibility on all cooking functionalities via graphics that can be read at a glance. “For example, the cooking zones are represented by outlined Cooking chef hailed for innovation and design Independent jury and pro-chefs praise Kenwood’s new cooker-processor The new Cooking Chef by Kenwood, “combines the versatility of Kenwood food processors with advanced induction technology”. Controlled via a precise, safe and energy-saving cooker, the appliance “adds a new dimension to the Johann Lafer, gourmet chef, cookbook author, TV cook, hotelier and caterer, with the Cooking Chef circles,” said Peter Marion, European Product Manager of Electrolux. “When a zone is off, the circle is small and grey, when a zone is activated the circle becomes larger and indicates the heat level. When a zone is off but has residual heat, the circle is small and coloured.” There is also a count-up timer, a minute minder and an energy-saving timer that uses residual heat indication to switch the hob off earlier than defined – still providing enough energy for the defined time and The MaxiSense Hob multi-functionality and easy application of Kenwood kitchen machines”. An independent jury of experts and users approved this development even before the unit had been launched officially – and the Cooking Chef was awarded the cooking level. DirekTouch controls further enhance the temperature control of induction cooking. The induction hob is taking an increasing share of the market and AEG sees continued strong growth. “In addition to strong cooking performance, induction is also energy efficient, which is becoming more important every day,” Marion said. Hall 4.1 Stand 101 Kitchen Innovation Award of the year 2010 “for ease of use, innovation, product benefit and design”. It was also awarded the Red Dot design award 2010, one of the world’s most coveted design prizes, for its purist functional design. The efficient planetary action keeps all ingredients going while the powerful induction cooking system heats them – “This is ideal for melting chocolate, roasting onions or letting yeast dough rise gently”, Kenwood says. The temperature can be controlled precisely from 20 to 140 degrees; the variable speed control along with three pre-programmed stirring make the preparation of many meals easier. The clearly arranged LC display shows either the temperature or the remaining cooking time. The Cooking Chef has more than 35 available attachments with more than 60 different functions. • RUGGED ALLUMINIUM CASING, HARD ANODIC COATED • SCRAWNY CONSTRUCTION - STOWABLE STORAGE • EXCELLENT SLICING RESULTS, THANKS TO THE CARRIAGE GUIDANCE AT THE METAL CASING • REMOVABLE BLADE, FOR EASY CLEANING • INCLUDING FOOT Hall 6.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 35

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