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Day 1 - IFA International

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IFA DisplaySearch Business Conference on September 3 rd , 2010 Themed “European TV: Driving – Or Driven By – The Global Supply Chain?”, the event will feature forecasts and analysis from DisplaySearch as well as presentations from top executives of leading companies throughout the TV supply chain. This business conference will be crucial for trade visitors wanting to understand the TV supply chain, market dynamics and technologies being shown at this year’s IFA exhibition. THE IFA-DISPLAYSEARCH BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2010 TRACKS THE KEY TRENDS: 3D DisplaySearch forecasts that 513k 3DTVs will be shipped into Europe in 2010, rising to 12755k in 2014 CONNECTED TV DisplaySearch forecasts that 27% of TV sets shipping in 2010 in Western Europe will be capable of being connected to the internet, rising to 85% in 2014 DisplaySearch also note that amongst leading setmakers, over half the models launched in 2010 have internet connectivity Visit: Register now! LED BACKLIGHTING DisplaySearch expect that 10.4 million LED-backlit LCD sets will ship into Western Europe this year, rising to 98% of all LCD sets in 2014. SPEAKERS Richard Bass Hitachi Jim Buckle Chief Financial Officer, LoveFilm Hans Carpels President, Euronics Petra Ebner Director Pre-Sales and Product Marketing, Elcoteq Paul Gray Director European TV Research, DisplaySearch Stephan Heimbecher Sky Deutschland David Hsieh Vice President Greater China Market, DisplaySearch Hajo Koglin Sharp Microelectronics Dr. Sungyoul Lee IBM Wilfried Martis General Manager of CE Retail Intel Klaus Merkel HbbTV Paul Semenza Senior Vice President, Analyst Services, DisplaySearch Fabien Roth General Manager, TV Europe, Panasonic Thomas Wegener Head of LCD Marketing, Samsung David Wood European Broadcasting Union Markus Zeiler Director, Marketing Backlighting & Consumer Visible LED, Osram Opto Semiconducters

Trade News Green Screens Mistergooddeal launches advice site for environmentally-minded consumers Bricks must meet clicks in multichannel world Francois Luciano, joint-managing director of acquisitions As e-tail sales continue to their double-digit growth trajectory, retailers are becoming more and more interested in forging links with the online world. In the current market, if you are not competitive, you swiftly lose your customers. And as there is no way to avoid the price war, retailers’ best chance of generating profit is to optimise their sales channels. Shopping in a store still offers many advantages. Clients can touch and feel products, buy them on the spot and take them straight home. As home appliances and technical goods become more and more sophisticated, stores can also provide valuable advice and guidance. But brick-and-mortar shops have many weak points compared to online stores. For a start, consumers no longer trust the prices demanded by physical stores. Today’s shoppers want to compare prices to ensure they are getting the best possible deal. People are also mistrustful of the advice and information they receive from sales personnel. Moreover, shopopening hours restrict purchasing opportunities, the choice of product is frequently limited and availability is not guaranteed. And in many cases, the point of sale is simply too far away from home. In order to provide consumers with the standard of service they increasingly expect, retailers must make use of all the sales channels at their disposal. For example, physical shops can offer in-store access to price-comparison sites and customer recommendations. They can allow consumers to check availability on line, as well as to access advice and information. They can allow buyers to purchase products online and pick them up at the store — an approach that gives sales staff an additional opportunity to sell accessories or upgrades. Store personnel can also propose additional services, such as delivery, home installation, training and maintenance. In short, multichannel provides answers to most customer requests. Based on a presentation by Lorenz Liedy, former CEO of Media Markt and Saturn, at a recent gfk consumer electronics conference Mistergooddeal is a webbased dealer of household goods with more than 120 ,0 0 0 produc t s in stock and 3 million to 5 million unique visitors per month. IFA International caught up with Francois Luciano, joint-managing director of acquisitions at the nine-year-old Parisbased firm, to find out what he expects to find this week in Berlin. What is the reason for coming to IFA? IFA is the unmissable event in the world of home entertainment and electronic goods. We can discover the latest technical innovations and spot the coming market trends that will be the successes of tomorrow. Our buyers and marketing team can meet all of their most important clients in two days: it has, in fact, replaced CES. Mistergooddeal delivered a m i l l i o n p a c k a g e s in 2009. What is the difference in the way people buy things today from last year? Consumers are much more careful these days due to the global economic situation. This year we launched a study with GfK Custom Research on consumer habits; people are very concerned about the ecological impact of products, especially consumers who buy online. Overall it is the fourth most important criteria, on the same level as pricing. Sales are growing significantly in this sector with the A+ and A++ categories having grown from 12 percent to 25 percent amongst dishwashers, washing machines and fridges. Mistergooddeal’s business reaches across 13 different product categories – everything from electric household appliances, software and hardware to telephones and house and garden. How is sustainable development affecting your buying decisions? In the high-tech sector, renewable production practices are not really a factor in which products we carry, but for electric household goods it’s an important aspect of what we stock. We’ve launched the Mistergreendeal section on our site – it offers consumers advice as to which products are environmentally friendly and which also offer energy efficiencies. IFA International • Friday, 3 rd September 2010 41

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