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Day 1 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS TOMORROW'S LIFESTYLE CHOICES TODAY MORE 'SENSE AND SIMPLICITY' FROM PHILIPS CONSUMER LIFESTYLE Philips Consumer Lifestyle CEO Andrea Ragnetti introduced several spectacular new products at IFA yesterday, including the Cinema 21:9, the world’s first cinema-proportioned LCD TV set. Billed as the "ultimate viewing experience in the comfort of your own home", Cinema 21:9 recently won the EISA European Home Theatre Innovation award. Also featured was a 3D Cinema 21:9 prototype, which could indicate a future direction for the Dutch consumer-electronics giant. However, Ragnetti said there were no plans to launch 3D products commercially in the short term. The prototype was created by modifying a Cinema 21:9 set with updated firmware and the addition of a micro-polarising lens on the screen. Ragnetti also unveiled a new 3D Blu-Ray prototype. The Blu-ray Disc format, with its high capacity and pristine picture quality, is a natural carrier for 3D. Philips is thus observing the development of the 3D market and is actively participating in the Blu-ray Disc Association's specification work. Philips' lifestyle products also received a boost with the introduction of the Senseo Quadrante and the Senseo Marcel Wanders coffeemakers. The latter, designed in collaboration with the award-winning Dutch designer, is aimed at styleconscious coffee enthusiasts. The Senseo Quadrante: inspired by the latest minimalist design trends Hall 22 / Stand 101 DEUTSCHE TELEkOM LOOkS FORWARD TO AN INTEgRATED FUTURE Niek Jan van Damme, the Deutsche Telekom board member responsible for T-Home, sales and services, believes that 2009 is all about the further integration of fixed-line and mobile networks. “The broadband market of the future will be dominated by easy-to-use products and services, alongside integrated service and sales,” he said. “Our market share of over 40% of new DSL business is the platform for our success in the future.” Deutsche Telekom is introducing the T-Mobile Pulse at IFA. The smartphone, which is equipped with the Android operating system, supports the MyCommunity and Media Center services, and offers fast internet access with direct links to Google, Google Mail and Google Maps. Hall 6.2 / Stand 101 AvATAR'S JON LANDAU HELPS PANASONIC INTO THE THIRD DIMENSION Jon Landau, producer of the forthcoming 3D Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, was on hand to help Panasonic unveil their Full-HD 3D Plasma Home Theatre System. Said to be a world first, the system enables the viewing of full-HD 3D images on Panasonic's 103-inch plasma HDTV and a Panasonic Bluray Disc player, and is capable of distributing full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) for both eyes. The viewer experiences 3D images formed with twice the volume of information than regular full-HD images by using a special pair of active-shutter glasses that work in synchronisation with the Plasma Theatre's HDTV. "The full-HD 3D experience is like entering a whole new universe," Landau said. "We were using Panasonic plasma screens in our edit suite, so it was natural for us to partner with them on the forthcoming Avatar movie." Panasonic also debuts the DMC-GF1 digital camera at IFA, billed as the world's smallest and lightest system camera with built-in flash. The new compact model, which has an interchangeable lens system, also features AVCHD Lite for recording extended HD movies and networking with other AV devices. The DMC-GF1's functions include exposure meter, aperture preview and shutter-speed preview through the live view. (See also interview on page 13) Hall 5.2 / Stand 101 LOEWE kEEPS UP THE PRESSURE The BlueTechVision Blu-ray player High-end manufacturer Loewe has brought two new products to its range of systems in the form of the AudioVision audio system and the BlueTech Vision interactive Blu-ray player. The AudioVision system combines several products by being able to play CDs, DVDs and also having a built-in radio. The system can also be used with a USB stick or an iPod. It also plays CD R/RWs and DVD R/RWs. The BlueTech Vision Blu-ray system com bines technology and aesthetics and is one of the fastest polayers currently available which allows the user to enjoy a film shortly after inserting the disc. The player supports BD Live and also has a 1GB internal memory. Another new product, the MediaNetwork is a new internet feature for flat-screen Tvs that also provides interactive access to music, digital photos and myriad radio stations. Hall 6.2 / Stand 201 Hall X.X / Stand XXX IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009 21

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