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Day 1 - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS ON THE SHARP END OF TECHNOLOGY LCD TVS WITH LED BACKLIGHT TECHNOLOGY SET TO REVOLUTIONISE MARKET Next year will be the year that LCD TVs with LED backlight technology take centre stage, according to Sharp Electronics Europe's CEO, Hiroshi Sasaoka. "LED technology is a quantum leap for LCD TVs," Sasaoka said. "It is Sharp's new Aquos TV sets with full LED backlight technology revolutionising the future of the television market. LED backlight technology is bringing both image brilliance and energy consumption to new levels." Sharp is launching two new Aquos sets at IFA — the LE700E and LE600E, both featuring full LED backlight technology. With less than 100 watts, the new LCD TVs have amongst the smallest power consumptions worldwide. They also feature a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and constant screen illumination of over 90%. The sets are available in sizes ranging from 32 to 52 inches. Sharp forecasts that, starting in 2010, LCD TVs with LED backlight technology will become firmly established on the market, especially in Western Europe. The company also believes they will replace conventional LCD technology completely in the midterm. "We predict that, in 2009, the LCD TV market in Europe will grow to over 40 million units," Sasaoka added. "Sharp plans to sell two million LCD TVs in Europe this year, most of which already have the LED backlight technology." METZ CREATES SOUND WAVES WITH IFA LINE-UP Metz comes to IFA with several new products, including two high-quality surround-sound systems. Both the Metz Sound System 80 and 100 can also be expanded into full 5.1 systems through the LS 5.1 add-on. The company is also premiering television sets with 32-, 37- and 42- inch screens. All three models feature an integrated function for delayed viewing, which allows the viewer to interrupt an ongoing programme and watch it later. The Linus 37 FHDTV features an integrated Timeshift function that, by the end of this year, will be included on eight other models. Hall 3.2 / Stand 101 Hall 21 / Stand 102 YourÊ bi-annualÊ GuideÊ toÊ SustainableÊ DevelopmentÊ InitiativesÊ inÊ ConsumerÊ Electronics NDS NEW DIGITAL SOLUTIONS NDS New digital solutioNs 2009 Sustainable Development Initiatives Publisher of IFA International IFA Special Edition YourÊCh anceÊt oÊP utÊY ourÊComp anyÕ sÊGR EENÊ FootÊF orward WithÊNDS ,Êyou rÊ companyÊ hasÊ theÊ chanceÊ toÊ promoteÊ itsÊ environmentalÊ friendlinessÊin ÊaÊp urpose-builtÊ publication! Dr. Christian Göke Chief Operating Officer, Messe Berlin Highlights of The EISA Green Conference Exclusive interview with Jorge Gonçalves, President, EISA Otmar Frey Head of Department Environmental Policy, ZvEi Spotlight Green Products at iFA From the publishers of IFA International ConceivedÊ byÊ Cleverdis,Ê theÊ publishersÊ ofÊ IFAÊ International,Ê thisÊ isÊ aÊ specialÊ bi-annualÊ editionÊ helpingÊ channelÊ partners,Ê retailersÊ andÊ theÊ buyingÊ publicÊ understandÊ whatÊ makesÊ aÊ Ògr eenÓÊ productÊor Êcomp any,Êan dÊwh atÊt heÊs takesÊar eÊf orÊs ustainableÊd evelopment! ThisÊ publicationÊ supportsÊ theÊ ideaÊ ofÊ harmoniousÊ balanceÊ betweenÊ peoplesÕÊ needsÊ andÊ theÊ Earth’s resources – the balance between benefi ts and costs on both a short and long term basis. WeÊ areÊ onÊ theÊ eveÊ ofÊ anÊ industrialÊ transformationÊ thatÊ aims,Ê weÊ hope,Ê toÊ leadÊ toÊ sustainableÊ development for society. ButÊ theÊ marketÊ needsÊ toÊ beÊ EDUCATEDÊ aboutÊ whatÊ thisÊ allÊ meansÊ andÊ whyÊ itÕ sÊ important,Ê andÊ NDS is the FIRST PUBLICATION to do this. September_09 OurÊP artners: CONTACT: Jooree Cho - Tel: +33 (0)4 42 77 46 08 - IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009 25

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