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Day 1 - IFA International

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Discover the Consumer

Discover the Consumer Lifestyle World! Daily, starting at 10 a.m., trade visitors will be able to obtain background information on industry trends and product debuts relating to key topics at IFA 2009. Morning daily tours for trade visitors will begin at 10 a.m. at the Trade Visitor Reception in Hall 1.1 / 2.1 at the South Entrance. Afternoon tours will begin daily at 1.30 p.m. in Hall 24. Eight theme tours are scheduled, with visits to 3 to 4 leading brand manufacturers respectively. TOpIcS OF ThE mORnIng TOURS FOR TRADE VISITORS home cinema (TV and audio) Home Cinema represents a genuine home movie experience and conjures a desire for higher quality sets for listening and viewing. IpTV / web TV With IPTV, viewers are able to receive TV programmes via an internet connection. As well as allowing telephone and internet access a telephone connection also makes it possible to watch television. Web TV enables broadband transmission of television programmes and movies over the internet. The only difference is in the quality of the transmissions. 3D TV 3D television is a hot topic at IFA. 3D television captures numerous different viewing angles and employs a 3D screen to realistically reproduce TV programmes in three dimensions. Large home appliances – ecology The manufacturers of domestic appliances have long been aiming to employ modern concepts to improve energy efficiency and increase resource savings. Thus from 1997 to 2007, a 30 per cent increase in energy savings was achieved for washing machines, 40 per cent for dishwashers, and even around 45 per cent for refrigerators. TRADE VISITORS’ TOUR TOpIcS OF ThE AFTERnOOn TOURS FOR TRADE VISITORS Wireless hDTV The first wireless television sets in full high-definition quality are one of the highlights at IFA. All connections are wired into an external media box which transmits wireless audio and video signals to the television set with no loss in quality. Entertainment centres / media servers Media centres represent a collection of numerous multimedia programmes on a common graphical user interface (media servers). They combine devices which store mp3 or mpeg files and play them back over a television set or hifi system. IFA 2009 Digital imaging (photos / videos) Digital imaging describes all stages of electronic image processing. Source materials are digital images and videos produced by digital cameras, but also slides and negatives digitalised using scanners. Digital imaging consists of processing, editing, archiving and presenting these media using computers, as well as printing and duplicating photos. Small home appliances – lifestyle The latest domestic appliances not only make life better and easier, but are also pioneering lifestyle trends with easy-to-use, stylish control panels, intelligent technology, outstanding design and efficient energy usage. Please note: the guided tours are all in German, there are no English ones.

trade news Increase In retaIl trade VIsItors UnderlIned retaIlers’ cooperatIVes from soUthern eUrope at Ifa for the fIrst tIme In 2009 leading distributors from Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey are represented at IFA for the first time. Members of the Representations from southern Europe will be on hand with services and expertise to provide answers and information to trade visitors in their respective languages. Trade visitors interested in meeting retailers from these countries can get in touch with the representations in question. The European Representations are located at the International Trade Visitor Reception in Hall 2.2. Greece Diaktis is one of eleven major distributors, with an annual turnover of around EUR 4 million. Products sold by Diaktis have a market share of around 18 per cent. PartIcIPate IN the IFa INterNatIoNal Buyer's survey… aNd WIN! If you are a professional international buyer, we’d like to know what is important for YOU when coming to IFA! This is your chance to express your views, with the chance of your comments being published in the new “Buyer’s Corner” section of IFA International! Fill-out our questionnaire online – on www.ifa-international. org/buyers - and win one of many great prizes, including free admission to several Berlin attractions, cultural venues or nightlife spots! international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Diaktis’ leading retailers, such as Germanos (14%), Multirama (8%), Plaisio (12%), Fnac (5%), Carrefour (5%), Kotsovolos/Dixons (8%), Ilektroniki Athinion (5%), MediaMarkt (20%) and Public (5%), represent 80 per cent of the market in Greece. Diaktis cooperates with affiliated distributors in Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Macedonia and Cyprus. Greece has a population of approximately 11 million, 50 per cent of whom live in Athens, with another 20 per cent in Thessaloniki and Patras. Trading is divided up among 24 distributors, nine major retail branches, around 2,800 retail stores and some 12,000 electronics operator stores. Products and brands marketed include Sony, Microsoft, Madcatz Comp and aqipa accessories for electronic equipment. Contact: George Paraginis, managing director and coowner, Italy in3net is one of four major sales organisations and works for distributors such as Brightpoint Italia, Esprinet, Softeam, Executive, Botari Car, etc. With its numerous products in3net has a market share of 33%. With approximately 80 % of the market, the leading retailers in Italy are Mediaworld/ Saturn 26%, Euronics/ Groups 22%, Expert Group/ MarcoPolo 12%, Trony (8%), UniEuro (8%), Fnac, ELDO, Carrefour, Auchan, Darty, Copre, Conforama, Elite, SuperMedia, etc. Italy has a population of around 60 million. 60 per cent live in the provinces north of Rome. Trading is split up among some 50 distributors, 12 major retail branches and around 14,000 operator stores. in3net markets products and brands from HTC, Acer Comp, BUYer’s VoIce “IFA is definitely the place to meet the right people and make decisions on a European scale.” In this section, every day we will field the thoughts and opinions of key buyers at IFA. In this first edition, we are very happy to welcome Ulric Jérome, Executive Director and New Business Line Director – PIXmania Group. IFA International: What are your main reasons for coming to IFA? There are four main reasons for us to come to IFA. The first is to meet our current partners, the second is that this tradeshow offers a very good opportunity to actually meet their European management. We also have the greatest showroom to discover new product lines and trends. And last but not least we meet new brands to add them to our product portfolio. How are your company's supply strategies changing at the moment? Why? The so-called “crisis” made us work closer with the brands. The crisis mostly hurts traditional high street shops. E-commerce has not been affected. The global online business in Europe across the 27 countries knows an average growth of 25 to 30%. If the average basket lowered down a bit, the number of orders increased significantly. 98% of our business consists of a direct relationship with Brands. Brands need a better leverage online and attend to work more with the main European top 5 ecommerce players, among whom we offer the largest coverage in terms of countries … 26! As they now more and more embrace the longterm relationship with us, they invest more in some communication tools online such as the shop in shop dedicated to their image and products. How have issues of sustainable development been affecting your purchasing decisions? We’ve always been very cautious, as part of the strategy, as to the quality of our products meeting customer needs. The complexity of Europe means we have to address each market by country in term of product but also in term of local legislation. The perfect example is the complexity of dealing with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) where implementation and time lines have been different How important is IFA for you as a forum for learning more and "networking" and why? IFA is more and more a key event for us. We have 50 people going to IFA (buyers and sales people). IFA is definitely the place to meet the right people and make decisions on a European scale. Ulric Jérome, Executive Director and New Business Line Director – PIXmania Group. IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009 33

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