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Day 1 - IFA International

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conference & event IfA InternAtIonAl Keynotes 2009 What direction will technology take? What will future standards look like? How will these developments affect my present business model? You will find out all about these topics at the IFA International Keynotes - in exciting lectures from international top managers from the CE and Household Appliances industry. They will convey their insider knowledge to you regarding the latest product developments, industry trends and strategies. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet the industry stars and to get the latest industry news firsthand. Andrea Ragnetti Chief Executive Officer, Philips Consumer Lifestyle 4 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 Location: ICC, Saal 3 Philips Consumer Lifestyle - focusing on consumer health and well-being Boo-Keun Yoon President & General Manager, Visual Display Division, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 4 th September 2009 @ 15:00 – 15:45 Location: Hall 7.1.a, IFA International Keynote Area Towards Digital Humanism; Dreams Made Real Statement of Motivation As one of the leading trade shows of any industry, it is my honor to deliver the opening keynote speech at IFA 2009. IFA brings together many of our most important stakeholders in one place at the same time. It provides an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate our business activities, not only in the traditional consumer electronics domain, but increasingly across the broad spectrum of consumer lifestyle. With this in mind, our IFA keynote speech this year will offer an excellent platform to outline Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s evolution into a company focused on consumer health and wellbeing. Abstract of Speech Philips continues to advance as a leading consumer brand, driven by the changing needs of consumers and the dynamics of the markets we play in. Andrea Fabio de’Longhi Chief Executive Officer De’Longhi Group Hamid Akhavan Chief Operating Officer (COO) Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG Ragnetti, Chief Executive Officer of Philips Consumer Lifestyle, will provide an update on our evolution into a company focused on consumer health and wellbeing. This year, Philips developed the most comprehensive study into consumer health and well-being of its kind. We gathered data from thousands of consumers in European and growth markets, and following detailed analysis have used this knowledge to further refine our strategy. Mr. Ragnetti will outline findings which address what consumers are really looking for to improve the quality of their lives. He will use product examples to demonstrate how Philips is already venturing into new value spaces. Using examples of acquisitions Philips has made across its three sectors, Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle, Mr. Ragnetti will show how Philips as a brand has a consistent strategy and direction. 5 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 a.m Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area The DE’LONGHI GROUP: “Living Innovation” in a challenging market 5 th September 2009 @ 3:00 – 3:45 p.m. Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area Telecommunications Innovation drives Digital Lifestyle Statement of Motivation IFA is one of the most important events in the global consumer electronics industry. In particular this year it is critical for companies such as Samsung, to demonstrate a compelling vision for the future. Economic conditions notwithstanding, our industry certainly is experiencing many positives for instance: strong growth in flat panel TV´s, monitors, Blu-ray and other connected digital products. I am honored to outline Samsung’s vision of the consumer electronics industry and highlight many of the exciting and innovative technology experiences we will be offering to the market. Dr. Reinhard Zinkann Managing Director and Co-Proprietor at Miele & Cie. KG Ferdinand Kayser President & CEO of SES ASTRA Abstract of Speech Consumers continue to demand more emotional and selfexpressive experiences from their technology products. Samsung calls this phenomena “Digital Humanism”. Future technology products must now reflect individual human values, lifestyles and cultural experiences. Samsung’s ongoing efforts to realize the promise of “Digital Humanism” is the fundamental motivation behind the company’s future product plans. Samsung will introduce its 2nd half 2009 products at IFA which will highlight, through an “e-Story”, the core values of our upcoming product portfolio: Essence, Engagement, Expression, Experience, Eco. 6 th September 2009 @ 15:00 - 15:45 Location: Hall 7.1.a, IFA International Keynote Area Sustainable thinking and action: Challenges facing the industry in taking targeted action to support the retail trade and to introduce calm in times of crisis 7 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 a.m. Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area SES ASTRA, the right partner for business - shaping new markets, driving innovation, developing HDTV. A recipe for joint success 8 IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009

at w w at w w at w w NEWS INSPIRATION ABOUNDS AT SHOWSTOPPERS@IFA A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE MOST CREATIVE DEVICES AND SERVICES AROUND By Joanna Stephens, Gary Smith and Neil Crossley Download Podcast Download Podcast Download Video Download Video at w w ‘ Bianca Wagner, Marketing Communications, Navteq “It’s the quality of our maps that sets us apart. We’re on the road every day so we can even include major road works if they are long-term. We’re here to launch a new service called Motorway Junction Objects which enables 3D animation of complex motorway rings and highway junctions.” Jackie Ballinger, PR Director, Griffin The second IFA edition of Showstoppers welcomed the cream of the electronics industry’s journalists, alongside top management from LG, Samsung and Sharp. “In total, 325 people came by to check out the innovative products on display,” said Dave Leon, a partner at Showstoppers. “Our chargers and iPod docks exist because we’re constantly looking for new solutions and innovation. We’re now launching our products in Europe after having had quite some success in the US. Despite the economic climate, people love gadgets.” Sharon Cuppett, Vice-President of Marketing, Wi-Ex “Our device boosts cell phone signals in the home, plus it also cleans it up. It works across spaces up to 220 square metres and so far in the US we’ve sold over 100,000 units. We’re now launching in Europe and our products are available on and” Maurice Quarre, Head of Product Management, Sennheiser “Our USP is very simple, it’s our quality of sound. It’s also our essence and we are here with the best headphones IFA International • Friday, 4 th September 2009 in the world, the HD 800. If you check out any hi-fi blog you’ll find that it’s not just us making that claim, they really are the best.” Thomas Kunz, Market Manager Photo, X-Rite “X-Rite is the global leader in colour solutions, colour science and colour technology. Our mission is to make our products more affordable for a broader base of users — and our USP is to ensure that our customers get their colour right first time, every time." Phlip Vanhoutte, Managing Director, Plantronics “We bought Altec Lansing a couple of years back and I’m very proud to work with such an amazing team. The company really is a specialist in sound. It made the first iPod dock and the first dock that was truly compatible with an iPhone. There is a huge concentration of engineering talent at Altec Lansing.” Gareth Jones, UK & Ireland Regional Manager, Cisco “This is Cisco’s new division, called Cisco Consumer Products Division. The Flip Mino & Flip Ultra are revolutionising the way that people share videos. It’s basically a marriage between a camcorder and software. The software is on the camera and boots up wherever you are. So you can take this anywhere with you and share your videos. In terms of what it offers, it’s unique.” Nick Hucker, Marketing Manager EMEA, iRobot “We’re here with a wet floor vacuum cleaner called Scooba and a dry floor vacuum cleaner called Roomba. Basically, you set them and they come on automatically. They’re both fully automated and can be scheduled to clean four rooms, seven times a week. They have been created by guys who have worked with NASA. We have 65 patents in robotics and we specialise in robotics technologies.” Joseph Lee, Marketing Manager, Creative Labs The Zen X-Fi 2 is a media player device with a 3-inch touchscreen. It’s the first in the Creative series that supports the touchscreen. It has a wide variety of audio and video formats, including very high quality formats such as Lossless.” Dan Salmonsen, Director, Product Management, DivX Inc “DivX is one of the most popular internet-based video formats today, one that can be used from the PC and into the living room. You can take a DivX video from the internet, put it on a disk or on a USB drive and plug it into your TV and it will play, without any fuss.” ‘‘ 9

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