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DAY 4 Edition - IFA International 2017

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE HOME SOUND SYSTEMS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT PREMIUM TURNTABLE FROM TECHNICS GPO STEPS BACK IN TIME GPO has unveiled a new product suite at IFA with a heavy focus on retro audio trends, including a bass-heavy boombox with cassette tape and a professional turntable range. Powered by 40 watt speakers, the Brooklyn boasts a fast-charging lithium battery that offers full portability and 3-4 hours’ playback. A chrome finish and retro backlight with VU indicators completes the package. GPO Retro is hoping to inject a enthusiasm for a forgotten format: cassettes. It also has a USB port for playback and recording, CD deck, DAB/FM radio and is Bluetooth enabled. » HALL 1.2 / Stand 123 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Retro: Combining latest retro trends with state-of-the-art tech 2 Flexible: Turntable combines two-speed playback and Bluetooth transmitter 3 Adaptable: Stream wirelessly and play cassettes The Reference Class SP-10R is Technic’s most premium analogue, direct-drive turntable to date, due to hit the market in early summer 2018. Following the launch of the highlyregarded SL-1200GAE/G in 2016 and the SL-1200GR earlier this year, Technics set about creating its most premium turntable ever – the SP-10R. The new turntable combines Technics’ most advanced digital and analogue technologies, boasting the most impressive sound-to-noise ratio, rotational stability and flutter, and wow ratio of any of its turntables. » HALL 5.2 / Stand 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Audio quality New coreless direct-drive motor and 7kg heavy platter for outstanding audio quality 2 No hum Ultra-low-noise switching power supply, better at suppressing unwanted humming sounds and vibrations 3 Separate supply The power supply unit is separate from the main turntable for a sharper and clearer sound BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH LIGHT SHOW KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Dynamic aesthetic The Creative Halo’s design appeals to users with an eye for design 2 In charge The Halo is capable of up to eight hours playback and charges via a micro USB cable 3 Pulse power The pulsating front panel and halo effects will entice buyers of all ages The Creative Halo Bluetooth speaker delivers impressive audio performance and comes with its own hidden surprise: its front panel pulsates with an optional multi-coloured light show. Users can choose from 12 halo-effect patterns that can be activated by pushing a button or through an app on a smart device. The Creative Halo features two in-house tuned full-range drivers mounted into a large reflex chamber, and together with a passive woofer delivers a surprisingly big sound with enhanced bass. » HALL 3.2 / Stand 208 36

LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE SOUND BARS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Soundbars: the Audio Sweet Spot for The Home Entertainment Sector HiFi Expert group Manager at EISA, Jamie Biesemans takes a close-up look at how to make the living room sound so much better Soundbars are a very vigorous and lively part of the AV business. For consumers looking for a way to improve TV sound these easy to install devices remain the most convenient option. Expanded streaming options and support for the latest surround formats should keep soundbars at the top of consumer’s wish lists. INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA WHERE’S THE SUB? Most soundbar packages consist of a soundbar speaker with a separate subwoofer unit, usually connected wirelessly. It’s hard to do without, as slender soundbars can’t fit the larger speaker drivers required to produce the lower frequencies that make Hollywood smash hits so exciting. However, a wireless sub is another device you need to place in the room. New soundbar models that are slightly less compact but contain decent woofers should appeal to them. Smart design and psychoacoustics mean that these soundbars no longer require a separate subwoofer. ATMOS AND MORE The soundbar market is very diverse, with price points ranging from slightly more than €100 to far over €1,000. But what makes a more expensive model “premium”? Without a doubt the answer is “Dolby Atmos”. Dolby Atmos – and the competitor from DTS, DTS:X – are new surround formats that complement 5.1 surround, with two or four height channels. Adding sound effects that come from higher up in the room create a more realistic listening experience. Dolby Atmos is getting some serious traction when it comes to media, with many Ultra HD Blu-ray discs featuring the format and video streaming services considering Atmos-streams. DON’T FORGET THE MUSIC Consumers purchasing soundbars often use them as a music solution as well. New models take this into account buy offering a better musical tuning (possibly accessed by a music mode or preset) and improved streaming options. One to watch out for is Chromecast, the ubiquitous casting technology from Google. It is supported by most music services and has multi-room abilities built-in KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Ace of bass The JBL Bar series offers exceptional bass quality, simplicity and design, all wrapped into one 2 Convenience of connection The series is easy to set up and has multiple convenient KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Deep frequency Compact housing with 200W of bass power produces an impressively solid deep-frequency foundation for home cinema 2 Connections Four HDMI connections, a digital optical and 3.5 mm jack input as well as WiFi and Bluetooth aptX, offer diverse possibilities to connect audio and video sources connections, including HDMI and HDMI ARC inputs as well as Optical and AUX wired connections 3 One remote Each soundbar is programmed to respond to the TV remote, eliminating the need for multiple controllers RAISING THE BAR WITH JBL Harman International, a whollyowned subsidiary of Samsung, has launched the all-new JBL Bar series, a line of high-performance soundbars with a slender design, Bluetooth 4.0 for streaming music and superior sound quality. Available in four models – the Bar Studio, Bar 2.1, Bar 3.1, and Bar 5.1 – the series is JBL’s most expansive soundbar series to date, CLASSY AND COMPACT The Magnat CSB 1000 soundbar offers a maximum home cinema experience in the smallest possible space. The soundbar’s compact providing theatre-quality sound for TV, movies, music and video games. In addition to featuring JBL Signature Sound and Dolby Digital decoding, the BAR series comes equipped with additional speakers to further enhance the sound performance. » Funkturm Indoor Ground / Stand 100 housing encompasses six drivers for 160W of peak performance. The wireless subwoofer adds another 200W of bass power, which provides a solid deep-frequency foundation for home cinema. Furthermore, the CSB 1000 can connect directly with other speakers in the Magnat CS series, turning the soundbar into a high quality multi-room speaker if needed. » HALL1.2 / Stand 210 3 Sound experience A DSP-controlled 3D surround sound programme makes use of audio reflections on walls and ceilings to create a highly authentic surround sound experience IFA International • Monday 4 st September 2017 37

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