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DAY 4 Edition - IFA International 2017

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY HALL 26 / STANDS 100 AND 121 SMART HOME 8% of consumers adopt securityoriented devices as a most common first step towards smart-home adoption Talking to My Home Smart home trends and innovations @ IFA 30% of respondents to Futuresource survey said that they were likely to buy a speaker with voice assistant in the next six to 12 months 27% of UK homes have installed at least one smart-home device that can be controlled wirelessly Bosch Smart Home System The smart home is again at the heart of many exhibitors’ promotional activities at IFA 2017. When it comes to major appliances, examples of cutting-edge technology are innovative and wide-ranging functions, ease of operation, sometimes using virtual control panels and on some devices gesturing, voice control and personal assistants. More and more large and small electrical appliances are connected and feature smart applications. These appliances are controlled by mobile devices and apps that can access their current programme status, messages, as well as maintenance, repair and service information. Sensors track user behaviour and suggest improvements via an app. Built-in cameras offer a remote view of the inside of an oven or fridge. This opens up the way for even more new applications, functions and digital services offering fun and a quality experience. What is more they save time and effort and offer plenty of tips, for instance on how to save energy, do the washing or new recipes and ways of cooking. Connected appliances can also exchange information. This makes it possible to optimize laundry drying or control several appliances via a single control panel. These smart functions satisfy the users’ desire for appliances that can make intelligent decisions and make day-to-day work easier by offering improved operation, better safety and greater energy efficiency. VOICE CONTROL Be it Alexa, Cortana or Siri, voice control is a trend that has long transcended the boundaries of the established IT world. More and more devices in the networked home can be operated with voice control, and artificial intelligence is now making this even easier. Bots and digital agents learn their master’s commands and can automatically take full control of air-conditioning in the smart home, for example. However, a scenario such as this also raises safety questions. Automatic helpers and effective protection of the private sphere are key topics at IFA 2017. A new survey from Futuresource Consulting shows the category is already gaining momentum. Analyst Filipe Oliveira told IFA International, “The light switch may be on its way to obsolescence as consumers increasingly turn to apps on their smartphone or Amazon’s Alexa to control their homes.” Voice-assistant speakers are likely to prove a turning point in the uptake of the smart home, according to Futuresource Consulting’s latest Smart Home Consumer Survey. The report revealed that 27% of UK homes had installed at least one smarthome device that could be controlled wirelessly, either by a mobile device, PC or hub device such as Amazon Echo. UK consumers seem particularly keen on climate control, with 14% of those surveyed having installed smart thermostats. Hive was the most popular brand, while Philips Hue led the way in lighting – the second most important category in the smart home 40

BROUGHT TO YOU BY HALL 26 / STANDS 100 AND 121 Jan Nintemann President, Global Fairs TT-Messe The Smart Home Pavilions in IFA Next, Hall 26 Jan Nintemann of Global Fairs TT-Messe joins forces with SmartHome Deutschland and other European smart home associations to put a focus on smart home in Hall 26 at IFA NEXT, IFA’s area for innovation. Why have you launched a new Smart Home pavilion? After the SmartHome Deutschland association became international through its co-operation with the smart home associations from UK and France, we decided, with Guenther Ohland, smart home expert and cofounder of the association, that smart home deserved a separate pavilion in a top location in IFA’s innovation hall, Hall 26 with IFA NEXT. This hall is where the future of technology happens— and what could be more significant than the technology in the homes we live in? Why is it important to bring suppliers together in one space like this? The smart home scene is characterised by extremely innovative yet small companies (and also many start-ups) looking for market partners. Costeffective “theme” parks such as ours offer valuable turnkey solutions (from A-Z) which minimise cost and organisation. By joining together, we offer our coexhibitors without extra cost an effective group marketing via collaboration with our many channel media partners. Who are some of the key exhibiting companies? Let’s start with Smart Home Initiative Deutschland. Smart solutions for buildings consist of up to 80% ITC technology. Some customers are not aware, however, how open to attack smart technology can be, especially when newly installed and configured. They rely on manufacturers offering fundamentally secure products. A visit to the association stand will alert you to the problems and solutions in smart home security. There’s RADEMACHER with their smart home system, HomePilot. Wireless RADEMACHER DuoFern products can be easily controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world. Roller shutters, Venetian blinds, awnings, lighting, etc. can be easily remotely controlled. And a HomePilot expansion USB stick provides even more options such as energy efficiency, heating and security. Eltako tap-radio extends the electrical system and comes in two series: the private and the professional series. Operating their socket actuators is intuitive so end-users have a multitude of options to control their electrical system at home – at low cost and without needing qualified technicians. And another example: SYR is a pioneer in home automation with its programme, SYR Connect-- now patent-pending. SYR Connect connects fittings and control electronics to the internet – with many advantages. Each of four sectors (leak protection, water treatment, hygiene control, and heating monitoring) has an SYR- Connect area with its own products IFA International • Monday 4 st September 2017 41

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