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Day 4 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE LIVINGROOM LIFESTYLE WIRELESS MULTIROOM SYSTEMS MARKET Smart Audio Systems which provide mutiroom functionality on a wireless basis and therefore music throughout the house from one single system show strong demand by consumers. The market generated in “Europe 10” a total revenue of €277m in the 1st half of 2016 which is a 26% higher in value compared to the same period in 2015. Music streaming from different devices and the growing popularity of online music streaming services are further pushing the market for these systems. Streaming Hardware: In total the market for streaming enables devices is showing a strong growth. This market segment includes multi-room systems as well as wireless speakers and all kind of audio products with streaming capabilities. The market generated a total revenue in Germany of €948m in the past 12 months alone with a plus of 30% in value. The most important streaming technology is Bluetooth with a share of 86% based on all devices sold in the first half of 2016 in Germany. CONTACT Bettina Steinbrenner Marketing Manager Consumer Electronics GfK Retail and Technology STATE OF PLAY The past couple of years the sale of multi-room audio systems has been growing rapidly, and has in fact been the fastest growing audio segment in the industry. But this growth is slowing down somewhat, although the segment still has huge potential over the coming years, with over 90m units set to be shipped by 2020 according ABI Research. INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA COMPATIBILITY A major step could be made to integrate multiroom audio with other smart home devices or controlling apps. The main USP for the future will be that of managing the audio and smart home devices from one platform instead of different apps. INNOVATING @ IFA DESIGN Speakers have to fit in every room and must be natural part of our daily lives. To integrate even more in our rooms, multi room speakers should have sleek, tasteful design. The design element is thus becoming an even more essential element for buyers. PRODUCT SUPPORT While one big player has in the past led the market, newcomers have had to learn to build apps and adapt the user experiences gained from the feedback on test apps. It has taken some years but eventually we are seeing better apps and product support. Also, product updates will be available for older multi room products. Product support is thus even more vital as a selling point today. Our thanks to Wouter Diemer - EISA Member - Editor in Chief Media Totaal - The Netherlands for his input. IZZY BY PHILIPS izzy lets you connect via Bluetooth and share your music throughout home and garden with the tap of one button. Play music on one izzy speaker and press ‘Group’ button to play the same music on other in-range izzy speakers. Since coming to market last IFA, the izzy range has developed into a speaker ecosystem spanning different form factors, sound solutions and features (models BM5, BM6 - pictured right -, BM7, BM50, BM60, BM90). » HALL 22 / STAND 101 THE FUTURE In the future, multi-room audio will become commonplace in most homes. Today, it is still expensive for the majority of the European consumers to fully equip their homes with a multiroom audio system. Manufactures are not sharing all their data, but it appears that most of the people buy only one speaker or sound bar just for the living room. Network connectivity is already a feature in a great number of audio products. The next small step is to connect different audio devices together for them to be multi-room enabled. PANASONIC SC-ALL05 SING-ALONG IN THE SHOWER Panasonic presents an expanded line-up of multi-room audio units that includes the waterproof SC-ALL05. With a six-hour, built-in battery, users can enjoy quality connected audio in the bathroom or kitchen without having to worry about splash damage - or even accidentally dropping the speaker in water. The speaker’s 20W power output packs more than enough punch to fill a room. » HALL 5.2 / STAND 101 IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2016 27

Audio PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT SOUND BLASTER X7 BLUETOOTH & AUDIO AMPLIFIER Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster X7 is packed with the finest audiophilegrade components, renowned audio enhancement technologies, powerful amplifier and multiple connectivity options in a compact form to deliver a high quality audio experience for gamers and audiophiles alike. Designed to deliver compelling and pristine audio, the Sound Blaster X7 features a Burr-Brown PCM1794 digital-to-analog converter with a 127dB dynamic range for high-fidelity playback. Stereo Direct also facilitates pure and unprocessed audio playback up to 24-bit/192kHz. » HALL 3.2 / Stand 1 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Design Cool and contemporary shape and style 2 Dolby Digital Dolby Digital decoder enables cinematic true-tolife 5.1 channel playback 3 USB Ports Dedicated ports allow connection to PC, Mac, iOS or Android device for lossless digital audio KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Connectivity Bluetooth technology for wireless convenience 2 Flexibility Dedicated sound modes for different listening experiences 3 Straightforward Set Up Easy set up means users will be under way in no time NEDIS KONIG BLUETOOTH SOUNDBAR 4.0 Users can easily connect their TV or receiver to NEDIS’ Konig Bluetooth soundbar to enjoy the ultimate home cinema experience. The soundbar delivers high quality, room filling sound, with enough power to deliver with real punch and clarity. It also serves as a stand-alone Bluetooth component: users simply connect a smartphone, tablet or notebook to the AUX input. The soundbar has 6 speakers to maximise the home cinema effect, enabling crisp treble and deep bass. The attractive yet practical cabinet has also been designed to enhance the bass frequencies. » HALL 3.2 / Stand 102 SMART AUDIO MODULES Frontier Silicon is demonstrating its Venice 6.x series of smart audio modules that allows audio brands to build internet / hybrid radios and smart audio products quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Currently on its third generation module, Venice 6.x offers a complete suite of smart audio features. Venice 6.x modules have been built into more than 100 audio products and have sold over two million units. » HALL 7.2 A / Stand 118 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Full suite of smart audio applications Including internet radio, premium music services (such as Spotify Connect, Napster, and Deezer), DAB / DAB+ and analogue radio, Apple Airplay, advanced audio sync technologies for multi-room capability, DLNA, support for Aux In and Bluetooth inputs and a variety of user interface options 2 Pre-certified for quicker time-to- market Time is money and money is business 3 Field proven solution Venice 6.x modules are in more than 100 audio products and have sold over two million units 28

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