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Day 4 - IFA International

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SMART HOME PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT EVE THERMO, THE HOMEKIT- ENABLED RADIATOR THERMOSTAT Elgato Eve Thermo is a thermostatic radiator valve for Apple HomeKit. Users can control temperature settings using their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Voice control is provided by Siri, meaning a cosy room can be requested without lifting a finger. A simple upgrade to existing radiator valves, Eve Thermo connects directly to an iOS device using Bluetooth Smart. The radiator valve is powered by two AA batteries. Eve Thermo comes with three preinstalled schedules, and creating KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Convenient control: set your perfect comfort level using Siri or with a simple tap 2 Autonomous schedules: automatically heat your home to match your daily routine 3 Easy setup: direct connection using Bluetooth Smart technology, no hub or gateway required custom programs is effortless. That way, Eve Thermo helps save energy when users are away, and warms rooms ahead of their return. Modifying the temperature is possible at any time, either via the Eve app, Siri, or automation: When combined with an Eve Door & Window contact sensor, Eve Thermo can stop heating when a nearby window is opened and resume when it is closed. » HALL 15.1 / Stand 174 SMARTEN UP YOUR APPLIANCES WITH FRITZ! As the hub of your home network, the FRITZ!Box is at one’s service 24/7. In combination with FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plugs and FRITZ!Powerline 546E, the FRITZ!Box enables users to switch appliances on and off automatically whenever they want and wherever they are. Users can also look at the power consumption of their washing machine after the laundry is finished or watch the current electrical output during the process via the user interface of their FRITZ!Box. Users can also set up push service for a certain email account on their FRITZ!Box that notifies them about every switching event of the plug. FRITZ! smart plugs even integrate old appliances to one’s smart home - a convenient tool with advantages for both the power consumption and their daily routine. Plus, it helps to identify big power consumers so users can exchange them for eco-friendly models. » HALL 17 / Stand 109 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Adaptable - Integrate old appliances to your smart home 1 Easy to install – just plug and play 1 Creates new economies – Users can monitor their power consumption GATEWAY HA101 BY HOME4YOU With the HOME4YOU products from SCHWAIGER, anyone can experience all the world of smart living has to offer. The heart of the HOME4YOU series is the Gateway. It is the central control unit for all HOME4YOU components. When connected to a router via network cable or WLAN, it can be incorporated into the local network. Once integrated into the HOME4YOU network, the Gateway communicates with the connected components, such as loudspeakers, smoke and water sensors or cameras, and activates customised scenes. The Gateway is operated through the SCHWAIGER APP with a smart phone or tablet – from wherever the user may be. This way, they can keep an eye on everything and react in case of emergencies, even when they are away from home. » HALL 1.2 / Stand 205 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Protocol - Supports Z-Wave/ Z-Wave plus and ZigBee 2 Management ease - Controls and monitors components 3 Off-site support - Cloud service available IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2016 33

Region SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA Chinese Companies Mature Into Global Leaders Growth in sales underpinned by investment in brands, technology and innovation Despite recent volatility in the Chinese economy, the country’s leading consumer electronics and home appliance brands continue to make significant advances on the international market. A good example is Haier, which headed the Euromonitor ranking in appliances (by global sales) for the seventh consecutive year in 2015. It is also intersting to note that Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE now make more money from the international market than their domestic market. No less successfull are the likes of Hisense, Changhong, Midea, Skyworth and TCL, who are at IFA with a wide array of pioneering product innovations… THE SCALE OF CHINESE EXHIBITORS HAS HIT A RECORD HIGH … The confidence of the Chinese contingent was articulated well by Wan Guiqing, vicepresident of the China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of machinery and electronics products. Speaking to IFA International, he said, “the scale of Chinese exhibitors has hit a record high, with the exhibiting area of 15,000 square metres. Mainstream enterprises from China are demonstrating cutting edge products.” An example that backs up this claim is TCL’s X1 QUHD television range, which combines leading-edge Quantum dot technology, JBL Harman-powered speakers and sleek contemporary design. Also of note is ZTE’s AXON 7 mini, a new 5.2 inch mobile device that achieves superb standards in terms of audio quality. To this list could be added intelligent refrigerators from Haier, 4K ULED TVs from Hisense, and smart washing machines from Midea. Not to be overlooked either are Changhong’s advances in both TV and refrigerator technology – a reminder that several leading Chinese companies have managed to bridge the traditional gap between consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturing. Investment in R&D has always been a core strength among Chinese manufacturers, which explains the high quality of their products and the vast number of patents they have registered with WIPO (the World International Property Organisation). Reaching the next level for Chinese firms has meant investing more heavily in brand communications. Speaking to IFA International, Haier CEO Europe Yannick Fierling explained that his company has “succeeded in transforming an Asian brand into an outward-looking international group … Brand awareness has increased in all key European countries as a result of targeted marketing activity and we are set to ramp up marketing spend in 2016 to further consolidate our brand image.” In addition to branding, a key factor in China’s progression on the world stage is its increased expertise in terms of partnerships and alliances. Tongfang, for example, has made rapid advances through the licensing of the Orion and Westinghouse brands, and now sees ambitious content partnerships as key to its future in the TV business. Even more dramatically, there has been a significant increase in Chinese-led M&A activity commencing in around 2013. The biggest example of China flexing its muscles in this respect was Haier’s purchase of General Electric’s appliance unit for .4 billion in January 2016. Not surprisingly, the Chinese are also playing their part in the rapid shift towards a connected future. At this week’s Huawei Connect event in Shanghai, Huawei Rotating CEO Guo Ping explained how his company’s concept of a cloud ecosystem will contribute to the development of a smart society. In a bold vision of a partnershipbased future, he said that managing cooperation is now more important than managing competition, and that making a bigger pie (ie. market) is more important that fighting for a larger share. All told, Huawei is investing billion over five years in an open dynamic cloud ecosystem that will provide the company and its partners with opportunities for shared growth 34

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