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Day 4 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE ADVERTORIAL 110" Curved UHD TV Colouring YOUR IFA! TCL introduces sound and vision innovations across entire TV range TCL’s catch-cry, “Color your world” has never been truer than at IFA 2015! The company’s “double plus” strategy, (product + service, smart + internet) which was launched in 2014, is focused on the consumer, shifting from the previous product-oriented focus to a user-oriented focus. In 2015, TCL is continuing to implement its two-pronged approach combining the globalisation drive and the transformation of the whole business, in a move to enrich the life of its customers by rendering products and services of the ultimate experience. MASSIVE PRODUCTION CAPACITY Currently ranked #3 (IHS) in global TV sales, TCL is among the largest Chinese groups in consumer electronics, with 75,000 employees based in 80 different sites, including 23 R&D centres, 21 production units and over 40 branches around the world, not to mention the massive CSOT panel factory near Shenzhen which opened in 2011 and is soon ramping up to double capacity. TCL thus controls the entire value chain. NEW BRANDING CAMPAIGN Following a partnership with Thomson in 2004 and redevelopment of the brand in Europe, the TCL brand is also now growing rapidly on a global scale. And at IFA 2015, Thomson is reaffirming its values by announcing a new brand signature: “friendly technology”- a way of presenting a more human face and proof that the one can perceive innovation as an emotion. DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY AS DIFFERENTIATORS TCL’s innovations are based on extensive consumer research and are introduced in a way that takes account of both quality and price factors. Key insight-based developments include a strong focus on sound quality to make sure it matches advances in picture quality. Design is now truly 360°, with such features as advanced cable management taking the entire package to a new level. Meanwhile, TCL, its subsidiary CSOT, and QD Vision have collaborated to develop a television that produces over 90% of the Rec. 2020 colour gamut futur standard for UHD displays. This advancement is made possible by the unique design of QD Vision’s Colour IQ quantum dot technology, the leading wide colour gamut technology in the market today. NEW AT IFA FROM TCL S88 Series Spectacular new additions from the TCL brand include the S88, available as a 55- or 65-inch TV, this is TCL's first commercialised UHD TV with curved screen. It includes Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) and prestigious Harman/ Kardon speakers, providing an unparalleled immersive experience. "Clear Motion Index 800Hz" technology corrects image flow, making it as fluid as possible even with very rapid movements. Curved 110-inch display – a technological showcase! TCL's 110" Curved UHD TV – including China Star display with dynamically backlit LED-LCD display takes pride of place as the centrepiece of TCL’s exhibit at IFA 2015. Customers will enjoy rich details and vivid colours brought by Dolby Vision HDR technology, which provides a more dramatic contrast and a fuller colour palette. Furthermore, the inclusion of WCG (Wide Color Gamut) display technology allows viewers to take advantage of the new cinema industry standard (DCI P3) in terms of colours. It reproduces a colour space that is 30 % broader than standard LED televisions. NEW AT IFA FROM THOMSON Technicolor innovation: Thomson and TCL are demonstrating the world’s first new HDR technology working directly on a television - Technicolor’s Intelligent Tone Management upscaling solution. This unique tool analyzes video content in real-time and creates an amazing immersive viewing experience by automatically up converting all incoming Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content to High Dynamic Range (HDR). THOMSON A87 With its luxurious design and ideal curve (4000R), the A87 Thomson series transforms a living room into a movie theatre. At the centre of the 4K image, the viewer discovers the feeling of immersion just like in a movie theatre, with a wider field of vision and greater image depth. The Thomson A87 Series will be available from Q4 2015 in 55’’, 65’’ and 78’’ sizes. Hall 21 Stand 102 S88 Series with Harman/Kardon Speakers 38

BUYERS' GUIDE TELEVISIONS STATE OF PLAY KEY INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA Ultra HD is clearly becoming mainstream and every brand at IFA have UHD in their line-up. Ultra HD is today obviously a clear winner, and at IFA we can see the benefits of new technologies like high dynamic range (HDR), wider colour gamut, and more powerful processors coming into play to create great images. OLED is still the emerging player – and you will see some eye-openers in this respect at IFA! The 4K TV Market Ultra-HD/ 4K TV sets on the rise: the market for UHD TVs is expected to grow by more than 170%, gaining a share of approximately 12% of the TV market with more than 28 million units to be sold in 2015 worldwide. The global TV market in total is about to show a volume of 237 Mio Units, 2% less than in 2014. MARKET WORLDWIDE SIZE OF UHD TVS IN MIO UNITS WORLDWIDE 46.1 4K OLED In a few years’ time we can expect to see OLED taking over from LCD in terms of sales, since picture quality is undeniably much superior when both technologies are compared. The introduction of 4K OLED is another step in this direction. LG have announced that they will market 4K OLED TV in two sizes (65 and 77 inch). The 77EG9700 and 65EC9700 models are wall-mountable curved panels composed of organic light-emitting diodes in Ultra HD quality. OLED will become more generalised in the next years. Panasonic are now also in the game – with their new CZ950 model, and some other big players will be stepping-in as well. KICK-IN-THE-PANTS PROCESSORS Over the past years, processing power in HD TVs picked up pace, allowing for 200 Hz response rate. This was a good thing, as before this, those watching fast-moving images were affected by image blur. When 4K came along, the problem reared its head again, because four times more pixels requires four times more processing. Consequently, the big bugbear of 4K TVs has been refresh rate – limited mostly to 50 Hz. This is why all promo videos for use on 4K TV are made up solely of slow moving images. Thankfully, this year that’s changing with the arrival of 100 Hz on the UHD TV scene. An example is the Philips 7600 UHD TV (also featuring 3-sided Ambilight), with multi core power and “Perfect Natural Motion” motion enhancement technology. This significantly reduces judder and provides vastly improved motion while the advanced 100 Hz panel provides very sharp pictures. IMPROVED COLOUR GAMUT Another key differentiator between OLED and LCD is that of colour reproduction. Over the years however, this has been improving on LCD TV, bringing colour gamut close to that of OLED. New techniques are being developed that enable LCD to almost achieve full CDI (digital cinema initiative) specification. An example at IFA is Panasonic, with their 4K PRO technology, which includes a studio master processor and a wide colour phosphor panel. In other words, blue LEDs coated with phosphor that generate white light offering a wider colour gamut than white LEDs. 10.3 28.4 INNOVATING @ IFA 2014 FC 2015 FC 2016 CONTACT Bettina Steinbrenner Marketing Manager Home Consumer Electronics Electronics GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE OLED could well go mainstream in the next years as volume picks up and new players enter the field. At the same time LCD will continue to get slimmer (some sets now are even down to under 5mm thickness) with vastly increased processing power. Meanwhile, the advent of 8K broadcasting in Japan for the 2020 Olympics is expected to spur a new round of resolution increases, even though shipments have not yet started in serious commercial volumes. IHS reports that new LCD fabs in China are scheduled to come online in the next three years, so the capacity to make 65-inch 8K TV displays will increase dramatically. 55PUS7600 BY PHILIPS Philips’ 55PUS7600 comes with 3-sided Ambilight, quad core power, the awardwinning motion enhancement technology Perfect Natural Motion, 4K UHD for smooth and razor sharp moving images, Micro Dimming Pro for an improved contrast, and Ultra Resolution upscaling technology. It is powered by Android TV for an integrated broadcast and on demand TV experience. » HALL 22 / STAND 101 65XT910 ULED 2.0 CURVED TV BY HISENSE The new 65XT910 delivers a colourful, high-contrast picture in 4K UHD resolution. The 65'' model with ULED 2.0 technology (a proprietary Hisense development based on LCD displays with LED backlights and a 4K UHD resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels) boasts a high dynamic contrast, 240-zone local dimming, an extra-wide colour gamut and backlight scan for super-smooth moving images. » HALL 6.2 / STAND 202 Our thanks to Ljubiša Miodragovič, Vice-President of EISA for his contribution to this Buyers’ Guide » HALL 25 / STAND 303 » HALL 6.2 / STAND 202 » HALL 22 / STAND 101 » HALL 21 / STAND 102 IFA International • Monday 7 th September 2015 39

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