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Day 4 - IFA International

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SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA Region ADVERTORIAL Kan Yulun, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, Chief Executive Officer of ZTE mobile devices for EMEA and Latin America with Miss IFA ZTE Honoured with the IDG UE Gold Award New Axon smartphone singled out for its user experience Waiman Lam Global Mobile and Technology Spokesperson, ZTE It is our flagship global smartphone device and it gives us the confidence and the recognition that we are going in the right direction. ZTE, one of China’s leading suppliers of hi-tech telecommunications goods and products, has marked its first appearance at IFA by winning the prestigious User Experience Gold Award in the IDG 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovations Awards. The recognition could not come at a better time for ZTE as the UE Gold Award was given for its new breakthrough Axon smartphone which was launched in the United States in July, followed by China in the summer, and is being rolled out across the rest of the world starting in Europe this month. On receiving the award at a special ceremony on the ZTE stand on Saturday, Kan Yulun, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, Chief Executive Officer of ZTE mobile devices for EMEA and Latin America, said the company was “gratefully honoured” to be singled out in this way as the primary objective of the business was to use its technical expertise to create products that genuinely improve the user’s experience. The Axon smartphone encapsulates all that ZTE hopes to achieve, stressed Waiman Lam, Global Mobile and Technology Spokesperson. It has been developed in direct response to thousands of interviews with consumers all over the world, but particularly in the US, China and Europe, who were asked, said Lam, “what they would most want to see in their next smartphone”. ZTE has tried to incorporate as many of their ideas in the functionality of Axon, which looks to live up to its slogan, “It’s All You”. “That is why this is such an important award for us to win,” said Lam. “It is our flagship global smartphone device and it gives us the confidence and the recognition that we are going in the right direction.” The consumer research, for example, had specifically resulted in the Axon smartphone being fitted with not just added security measures, but the world’s first biometric system that records and responds to the user’s voice, retinal imagery and fingerprints. The feedback had also identified the need for an enhanced camera capable of taking high quality full depth photographs and an advanced Hi-Fi system and greater storage capacity. Value for money was also high on the consumer’s agenda and the Axon smartphone is being launched globally with a recommended retail price of €419. Lam said the IDG award was further confirmation that it had made the right decision to exhibit at IFA for the first time. “We have been a leading player in designing and producing mobile devices for 17 years. It is now time for us to invest more in our brand marketing to demonstrate to the industry and consumers that we are able to incorporate the highest technical advances in everyday products,” added Lam. The UE Gold Award is one of nine separate awards that make up the IDG 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards. The awards, which are now in their second year, are chosen by the votes and feedback from separate judging panels made up of leading figures across the electronics industry including trade professionals, leading technology experts and the electronics media. Jennifer Xu, IDG’s Vice President for Asia, said the judges were particularly impressed by both the hitech added value measures like the triple biometric security function to more straightforward measures like the curved back for easier handling. “They were very impressed at how user friendly the whole device is and how it has incorporated innovative technology in such an easy to use device,” she explained. The Axon is fitted with a 5.5-inch FHD touchscreen at 1080x1920 resolution, 13 megapixel dual rear cameras and 8 megapixel front facing camera, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of ROM, and additional 128GB of storage via microSD. It is also fitted with 4K (UHD) Hi-Fi video at 30fps and dual track Hi-Fi sound that promises four times the sound quality of a CD. 44

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Remembering the Berlin Wall Susanne Muhle Responsible for historical and political education and research at the Memorial The Berlin Wall Memorial is a fascinating insight into the years when Berlin was divided between East and West and stood on the frontline of the Cold War. Susanne Muhle, who is responsible for historical and political education and research at the Memorial, takes us on a tour of one of Berlin’s most important historical sites, and tells us about a new exhibition commemorating 25 years since the Wall came down. The new permanent exhibition is devoted to the historical background of the division of Berlin, focusing on three key questions: Why was the Berlin Wall built? What was the impact of the Wall on the people in East and West? Why did the Wall fall in 1989? The focus of the presentation is on the consequences for the inhabitants of the divided city and their perceptions. The exhibition on the memorial grounds uses the extensive historical remnants – including 220 metres of the original border wall – and tells the history of the people who lived on Bernauer Strasse and who were forced to resettle elsewhere once the wall was built, and who often aspired to get beyond the Wall. The recordings and anecdotes are often very poignant. What kinds of reactions do you see in the people who experience the exhibit? The visitors are very interested, they like to see the remnants of the Wall and receive information about the division of the city. At the end of the exhibition, visitors are invited to express their opinion on paper, and these comments and drawings about the fall of the Wall confirm the importance of remembrance. What is the overall message that people come away with when they have visited your exhibition? The exhibition shows that the Berlin Wall was fundamental to the rule of the GDR regime, but was eventually taken down by people in a peaceful revolution. The message of the exhibition is that freedom and democracy are not obvious, but can be achieved and must be defended. Who should go? People of all ages are invited to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, from those who can remember the time of the division of Germany to those who were born after the fall of the Wall. For very young visitors, the exhibition offers special texts for children so that they can discover the exhibition themselves. IFA International • Monday 7 th September 2015 45

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