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Day 4 - IFA International

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News ADVERTORIAL KAZAM LIFE B6 KAZAM THUNDER 350L KAZAM THUNDER 340R KAZAM proofs its promise to deliver best price/performance ratio at IFA 2014 One of the main trends we are seeing at IFA 2014 is surely the push of a multitude of challengers into the smartphone market. European brand KAZAM is one of them, offering smartphones and mobile phones with attractive design, reliable technology and fresh concepts – all this at an attractive price point. The brand brings a full service offering, which facilitates the use of the smartphone as a communication centre. Free services include the delivery of smartphones with KAZAM Screen Protection, one free change of the display when broken (within the first 12 months). Unbeatable price does not come at the cost of quality, as high quality and powerful technology remain a priority. At IFA 2014, KAZAM has several product innovations on show – all united by one motto: user-specific: Each product concentrates the features that really add value for a specific application. Each user can define features that make sense for him personally and include the apps he wants. KAZAM caters for individual needs and usage scenarios with attractive product innovations. Product highlights include the Thunder 350L, with particularly fast LTE connection, the Rugged Smartphone Thunder 340R and the Feature Phone B6, as well as the new Tornado flagship model. TORNADO 2 5.0 OCTA CORE – TECHNOLOGY MEETS DESIGN The Octa Core smartphone offers the best equipment and quality at a good price. With this product KAZAM enters the German market of high-performance smartphones. The elegant Tornado 2 5.0 includes a 1.7 GHz Octa Core-Processor for the highest speed and functionality. The recommended retail price is EUR 299, with 1GB RAM internal memory enables faster surfing and constant performance. The 5 inch (12,1cm) HD IPS-Display works with HD-resolution (1280x720 Pixel). The Tornado 2 5.0 also includes an 8 megapixel camera. The KAZAM Tornado 2 5.0 has DualSIM, exchangeable batteries and a microSD slot for an expendable memory capacity of up to 64 GB like all KAZAM smartphones. In addition to the entrylevel phones of the KAZAM Trooper family and the high-performance mid-level smartphones of the Thunder series, this adds a high-end offer with the usual KAZAM standard of quality. Another product highlight is the Thunder 350L Quadcore smartphone, which allows for high-speed internet surfing. Videos and images can be watched on a brilliant 5 inch QHD display with IPStechnology – all for only EUR 199 rrp! KAZAM caters for fans of the outdoors with the Thunder 340R – a reliable partner even in extreme conditions and weather – whether at the construction site or during a mountain hike. Thanks to its particularly resistant IP67- certified housing, it resists wind and weather and up to 30 minute dives at depths of up to1 m and a pressure of up to 1.5 tons. The new generation of Feature Phone is the KAZAM Life B6. For just EUR 79, this model is an attractive and cost-efficient option for anyone wanting to simply make calls with their mobile. KAZAM PRODUCTS ARE ON SHOW AT IFA AT THE INGRAM MICRO MOBILITY STAND. Hall 9 Stand 204 UNIQUE SERVICE OFFER Each KAZAM product concentrates the features that really add value for a specific application. KAZAM Screen Protection and KAZAM Rescue. For each registered smartphone, KAZAM offers a unique service: the KAZAM Screen Protection allows for free replacement of a broken display (once in the first 12 months), while the KAZAM Rescue service allows users to get in touch with a multi-lingual service team to resolve problems – either on the phone, or via remote access. 12

Trade Talk Helping Customers Navigate the Connected World Dixons Carphone creates a whole new scenario in the field of electrical retailing The £3.7bn tie-up between Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse is of course by far the biggest news on the trade scene this year. The company says it will specialise in the convergence of the mobile and electrical markets: the Internet of Things. But where will it lead to, and what real advantages will be brought to the customers? We put the question to group Chief Executive Sebastian James and Deputy Chief Executive Andrew Harrison visiting IFA together for the first time Sebastian James: During the Genesis of this merger we were talking about how Dixons could sell connected telephony and started to think about the connected world in our stores. The more we looked at it, the more excited we became about what we could offer our customers and how we could become the only retailer on the planet to offer customers a true end-to-end connected world service. What's interesting about both Dixons and Carphone Warehouse is that we both shared a common vision about making people’s lives better through technology, so our ability to do that is one of the key reasons behind the merger. Here at IFA we are seeing mobile becoming the heart of the CE, appliance and IT ecosystems and no longer a stand-alone. Is this the thinking that brought you to work together? Andrew Harrison: Very much so. Carphone Warehouse has been the market leader in connectivity and mobile technology and obviously Dixons is the leader in consumer electronics. We are fortunate in that we get to spend so much time with all the manufacturing and network partners and look at where they are (…) we will be opening over 400 Carphone Warehouse stores within the Currys and PC World Stores in the UK investing and what their priorities are. So with that in mind, we've tried to build this partnership ahead of the curve, so that we have got a unique set of capabilities that really no one else in the market has got in order to take advantage of changing technology. What’s changing in the way people use electrical devices in their daily lives? SJ: What we observe is that whereas today there are nine connected devices in a typical UK household, the forecast for the next three or four years is that that number will rise to 70. What people are now expecting is that the content they have and the data that is produced by the things they do in their daily lives will be accessible to them in every single way. Whether that be in entertainment, health, wellness, security or home environment control, we are finding that people are using their phone – their principle connected device – as the remote control for their entire lives. That is a very fundamental change, and it’s quite recent as well. What will visibly change Andrew Harrison Deputy Chief Executive of Dixons Carphone plc for people visiting your stores and what will change / be improved in terms of service? SJ: Firstly, in the UK anyway, we are not going to change any of our brands. We will continue to run with all three brands. In the last 20 years, each of those brands has spent over £1 bn developing a market position, and they have over a 95% consideration rate in their respective categories. So the PC World, Currys and Carphone Warehouse brands will stay. In terms of staffing, our plan is that we will be opening over 400 Carphone Warehouse stores within the Currys and PC World Stores in the UK and we will be effectively using the technology and connectivity understandings in Sweden to roll across all of our Elkjøp Nordic stores in Sebastian James Group Chief Executive of Dixons Carphone plc Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway; and actually while we're at it Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Customers will begin to see and they are already seeing in nine of our stores now, embedded connectivity as part of our retail proposition. In the Carphone stores, our aim is that customers will be able to order through any channel, and have delivered to any Carphone store, the vast bulk of the smaller products that we sell. That means that nearly everybody will effectively have a “dropbox” staffed by our people, who can offer our services within five minutes of where they work or live. And I think that's going to be quite unique. What are your personal feelings about this merger? IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 13

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