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Day 4 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview The

Exclusive Interview The Next Wave of Tele TP Vision’s Nico Vernieuwe with his company – and Philips TVs powered by Android, and an enhanced TV experience thanks to the unique Ambilight (celebrating its ten year anniversary), superior design, award-winning picture quality and an overall “smarter” experience; those are among the key elements of TP Vision’s thrust at IFA 2014. We asked Nico Vernieuwe – Chief Commercial Officer – TP Vision to further explain the strategy of TP Vision. Nico Vernieuwe Chief Commercial Officer TP Vision As long as we keep developing TVs that really underline the TV’s role as a central entertainment hub, we will solidify our position in the market. Here at IFA TP Vision presents new Android powered Philips TVs. Why do you focus so heavily on Android? We are the first TV brand to market TVs that have Android fully integrated, certified by Google. We realised that with the integration of Android into our Philips TVs we can seriously boost the overall Smart TV experience by combining the huge choice of TV-specific apps in the Google Play Store and the services and apps from the Philips Smart TV offering in a single Smart TV portal. We believe that this is truly beneficial to consumers and therefore we focus so strongly on this. Could you please be more specific about how consumers will benefit from Philips TVs with Android? In combination with Philips TVs’ exceptional processing power the Android operating system allows a fast and fluent user experience. Next to this, users get access to a wealth of apps that add to the existing TV services such as catch-up TV, videoon-demand, and Smart TV with hundreds of online TV channels. And thanks to the large app developer community we are sure that the app and service offering dedicated to TVs will quickly increase. Not least, because app developers prefer open platforms with a large user base against proprietary solutions. Consequently, we expect that we will be in the vanguard of having new apps available on our Philips TVs powered by Android. The Google Play Store gives consumers access to a great number of games playable on the large screen. We also partner with OnLive to integrate their online game services into our offering. They offer many consoleclass games running now on Philips TVs without the need for a console. Will the integration of Android into your Philips TVs be limited to high-end TVs only? No, not at all. It is true that we started integrating Android into our higher-end Philips TVs. This is how it goes with most innovations. They start in the high-end sets and then trickle down the range. Already by 2015 the majority of our Philips Smart TVs will be powered by Android. Other brands are focusing on UHD. Why don’t you jump on this bandwagon? Of course we are an important player in the UHD game. We have 13 UHD sets in our current 2014 product range. All our Android powered Philips TVs feature 4k UHD. We now have a large range of Philips UHD TVs covering different design flavours – the range spans, for example, the flagship 4K Ultra HD 9809 series with the best-of-the best in Philips picture quality on board, the 8909 series, which is the world’s first curved Android powered Ultra HD TV, and the ultra-slim, frameless 7909 series. TVs which we just introduced here in Berlin at the IFA show. But we have much more to tell: for example the Ambilight success story. Is there any news about Ambilight? Of course, there is. This year we celebrate Ambilight’s 10th anniversary. We continuously enhance the Ambilight experience. Earlier this year we introduced the Ambilight gaming mode that allows Ambilight to even follow fast gaming and action scenes. It makes the gaming experience on Philips TVs truly more immersive. We also continued on the integration of Philips hue into our Philips TVs. The connection of Ambilight with the Hue lighting system expands the Ambilight experience into the living room to deliver an even greater effect. In general, the TV market is a very tough one. Where are you positioning the company at the moment in the different European regions and what is your vision for the next couple of years in that respect? Our mission is to bring continuously innovations to the market benefiting consumers. Our innovations have to truly enhance the viewer’s experience and need to be beneficial to consumers. As long as we keep developing TVs that really underline the set’s role as a central entertainment 18

Exclusive Interview vision industry – roadmap for the coming months hub, we will solidify our position in the market. Currently, we are number three in Europe. I think being a profitable number three is a very good position in Europe to start from. In each of the regions and countries we are aiming to improve our position. With high-end Philips TVs such as the 8000 and 9000 series models we are positioning the Philips TV brand as an A-brand with TVs offering superb design and great picture quality. We continue to invest in picture quality, which always has been one the key pillars in the Philips TV strategy. All Philips TVs from the most affordable sets to premium TVs carry the hallmark of great Philips picture quality. We are constantly improving and integrating new picture quality features into our new Philips TVs; distance adaptive sharpness, for example. Viewers’ perception of pictures on a TV screen depends on the distance between them and the front of the TV. Thanks to a built-in camera, the TV will automatically adapt its picture setting according to the distance between the viewer and the front of the TV. As said, we have many interesting things to show and tell. Since mid 2014, TPV is 100% owner of TP Vision. What kind of support are you getting from TPV? Unknown to many, TPV is the largest display manufacturer in the world, producing 75 million displays per year, ranging from monitors over TVs and all-in-one PCs to large-size public signage screens. TPV’s manufacturing scale and power is the right way forward to create a sustainable business. In addition, we can bank on TPV’s strength in R&D set development resources and on their shareholders such as CEC, that are very committed to the TV business. All this will help us strengthen our position in the market. Yet, our most important asset has always been and will be in the future the Philips brand. Everything we are doing is in respect and in continuation of our long-standing Philips TV heritage. TP Vision strengthens its efforts to position Philips Smart TVs as the central entertainment hub at home. Via the Philips Smart TV portal, they provide direct access to a variety of TV broadcast and internet services and to video and music sources. In addition, Philips Smart TVs powered by Android combine the diverse offerings from Google Play Store and Philips Smart TV platform in a single Smart TV portal. This allows users to access a huge library of apps and content, games, and video services. A suitable selection of ports and interfaces allows users to easily connect other devices including mobile devices, media players, hard disk drives, and PCs to Philips TVs. A smooth PHILIPS TVS BECOME CENTRAL ENTERTAINMENT HUBS user experience is indispensable for TVs, which are intended to serve as a versatile entertainment hub at home. Philips TVs offer seamless content integration to combine the best of the classical TV and the Smart TV world. To keep navigation easy, Philips TVs map all the features, services and content – independent from the source - onto a single user interface. The Philips Smart TV portal provides, for example, a unified and personalised recommendation section that considers all available sources including catch-up TV, videoon-demand offerings, and streaming services. New 9800 flagship Philips Ultra HD TV Powered by Android features four-sided ambilight and the ultimate in picture quality IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 19

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