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Day 4 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE Jean-Michel Jarre: Designing Technology with Emotion The legendary composer and performer explores the art of audio technology with his JMJ brand Jean Michel Jarre tells IFA International about the inspiration for his unique sculptural loudspeakers with high-end sound. The idea when we founded the brand was to think about how an artist and musician could contribute to a sound system for the 21st century. Sound has to be either invisible or very visible. And if it is very visible it has to be a statement, like the Hi-Fi system in the old days was a statement. So we thought it could be interesting to explore different design concepts. Some units have a more technology-oriented design, and others, like the skull or the bulldog, can be a piece of contemporary art that makes music. How did you develop the sound quality? Sound is obviously something that I’m quite obsessed with.I work with two engineers in the studio, and they become really involved in developing the acoustic part of the sound. If you have a skull making music and you don’t want to make a Disneyland kind of statement, it has to be technologically better than more classical or traditional shapes. So we pay a lot of attention to the sound for the skull or the bulldog to show that you can have fun with a high-tech product. Where are your biggest markets? Asia is probably our biggest market. Europe is also important and we are now going to develop distribution in North and South America for 2015. Jean-Michel Jarre with his AeroSkull HD Loudspeaker range at IFA What are you hoping to achieve at IFA? It’s actually developing the identity of the brand. Investors are obviously part of the game. But I think what is very important nowadays is to get an identity, to be specific and to be different. Hall 25 Stand 171 Intelligent TV From Toshiba Toshiba Europe is showcasing a prototype of its new U series Ultra HD 4K TV at IFA 2014 ahead of the product’s launch in 2015. It’s Toshiba’s first Ultra HD model to feature MediaGuide Replay – an intelligent personalised auto-recommendation service – originally introduced in Toshiba’s L74 series. The new set comes with even more new intelligent features and functionality. Part of this new functionality will augment the user experience between the TV and a companion device, such as a tablet, while adding new intuitive features enabling greater convenience whether at home away. Commenting on the launch, Olivier Van Wynendaele, Head of Smart TV at Toshiba Europe said, “There’s been a lot of work done over the past year in improving the smart TV experience, adding new features and value. Content providers have been developing their offering as well, such as Netflix, YouTube and so on, and this development will help drive the market. The way people receive and watch TV is changing, and broadcast TV is little by little being supplemented by other, more interesting and interactive experiences.” Hall 21 Stand 101 Olivier Van Wynendaele Head of Smart TV at Toshiba Europe IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 27

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