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Day 4 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE Dominating The TV Super-Size Race TCL Multimedia’s Didier Juin confirms his company again breaks the TV size barrier at IFA Didier Juin Senior Vice-president, TCL The most exciting product is our spectacular 110-inch curved UHD TV TCL continues to forge new territories in the TV market and this year has an even more spectacular stand than in 2013. We asked Senior Vice-president Didier Juin what the highlights are this year. There are a number. But the most exciting product is our spectacular 110-inch curved UHD TV. You might remember that last year we had a 110-inch flat UHD TV – the largest in the world. This is the world’s largest curved display. It’s not exactly for the average consumer, who will be more interested in the 55- inch flat and curved UHD TVs. We are exhibiting our new Color Line range plus a number of other new UHD products. Where is TCL positioning itself in the UHD TV market? How is the brand perceived? Let’s first talk about the main UHD markets in the world. In fact the biggest market is China. If you consider that the market is 40-million products, 25% of the market is UHD. Europe this year will account for about one million pieces, with the biggest market so far being France. In France, we are a top three player if we count our brands Thomson and TCL together. We introduced a 49-inch UHD set from TCL. It has been very well received, and it’s in line with our motto of “affordable innovation”. We launched the product in May and the rollout is positive. We are selling in France, Poland, Spain and Italy and we will start selling it in Germany right after IFA. We continue making use of the dual branding strategy we started a few years ago. The brand has considerable equity in a number of European countries, but in those countries where it is not the case, we are giving priority to TCL. The Thomson brand will continue to grow in Europe. France remains the key country, but we are progressing in Poland, Germany and Italy. Our cooperation with Technicolor for the licensing of the brand will continue at least for the next five to ten years so we continue to believe this is a win-win situation, having the two brands together – enabling us to address different market segments. Which geographic areas are the “sweet spots” for TCL in EMEA, and how is this developing? The number one territory is the UK. Then there’s Benelux and Russia, where we are making very good progress. We will invest and accelerate our presence in those markets from next year onwards. We believe that the fact we have a broader range of UHD models will help us establish and position the brand. We want to communicate on the affordable innovation. UHD is a perfect vehicle for this. Are you partnering with your sister company Alcatel OneTouch on any operations? We did some promotional actions together around the Soccer World Cup in Brazil. We had a joint promotion, bundling operations offering tablets for the purchase of UHD sets. On a broader level we are demonstrating the interoperability of their smartphones and tablets with our products and the next step is to demonstrate 4K/2K content from smartphone to television. This will be the communication we will put in motion in Q4. Now we are going to interoperability and also the 4K/2K where we really believe we can offer a broad number of products with UHD. What do you see as being the key trends in the industry at the moment? Number one is UHD. Another technology is on the horizon – OLED – which could well be the next wave of the technological revolution for TV. Curved TV is interesting, as a different kind of viewing experience. We plan to have a new OLED line in our new China Star factory by Q2, 2015. How important is IFA for you and how is your booth evolving this year? IFA is extremely important for us. It’s a unique opportunity to meet all the trade, our partners, to display our latest products and show our capabilities in terms of technology. It’s THE event for TCL in Europe. TCL Multimedia CEO, E. Hao demonstrating 110-inch curved UHD TV Hall 21B Stand 104 What about Thomson? Where is the brand going in Europe today and what is its future? IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 31

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