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Day 4 - IFA International

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE WELLNESS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT BEURER HEALTH MANAGER APP Following the successful certification of its HealthManager app by TÜV Rheinland, Beurer has launched a new product group into the health management system under the title ‘Activity’. This group includes the AS 80 activity sensor, which continuously records the user’s physical activity and transfers the data to the Beurer HealthManager app via Bluetooth. » HALL 4.1 STAND 205 WITHINGS HOME Leading connected health company Withings has unveiled its latest device at IFA 2014 – a state-of-the-art video monitoring and environment sensing device. Essentially, Withings Home is a smart HD camera, complete with a 135° wide angle zoom and clear night vision. As the company puts it “Home is the best way to stay in touch with loved ones while you’re away”. » HALL 9 / STAND 307 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Peace of mind Withings Home helps users to gain peace of mind by knowing their living environment is safe, secure and healthy. 2 Security Home detects motion and noise and specifically recognises crying and the presence of people. 3 Environmental sensing The product is equipped with environmental sensors and can measure temperature, humidity and levels of volatile organic compound (VOC). UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Activity tracking The user’s number of steps, distance covered, calorie consumption, activity duration and achievement of daily activity targets are displayed. 2 Sleep tracking The sleep tracking function records the duration of sleep and the user's movements during sleep. 3 Comfort The AS 80 is extremely comfortable to wear, which is particularly beneficial for night-time tracking. PHILIPS BLUETOUCH AND PULSERELIEF Philips’ commitment to delivering meaningful digital technology innovation in personal health and well-being has entered a new chapter with the launch of BlueTouch and PulseRelief. These devices utilise the Philips Treatment app to help users choose and control their levels of pain relief. » HALL 22 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Improved quality of life BlueTouch and PulseRelief use groundbreaking technologies to stimulate activity and help manage pain. 2 Discreet control Both devices offer wireless and discreet control for drug-free, clinically-proven pain relief. 3 Ease of use These are easy-to-use devices that help support a healthy lifestyle. 42

SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA Region The Year of the Horse – Time to Roam TCL continues to gain market share around the world in TV and Mobile sectors KEY NEW PRODUCTS FROM TCL AT IFA 2014 In this, the year of the horse, China-based TCL Multimedia has been cantering away with the market share of Korean and Japanese manufacturers in TV and Mobile sectors. How is this progressing this year and what are the company’s ambitions? We put the question to the CEO of TCL Multimedia and VP of TCL Corporation, E Hao. UHD TCL Curved UHD: 110- inch – the biggest curved UHD TV in the world – and 65-inch Most important aspects: 4K, big screen size, curved screen TCL S76 series: 40, 42, 49, 55 Thomson A7, Z8 & Z7 Series OLED TCL OLED 55-inch, FHD COLOR TOUCH New TCL Color Touch series in blue, pink, grey, yellow and orange CURVED Curved (segment of 4K) PICTURE QUALITY Quantum Dot: technology for improving picture quality: TCL 55-inch Dolby Vision: TCL 85- inch, Up-scaling technology HDMI 2.0 Improved 2K picture quality Wide colour gamut IMPROVED SMART TV Thomson: Z series Cross UI (broadcast and Smart TV, more simplicity) GuideOn (enriched EPG) Quick Access (pairing of devices, QR code) Miracast – new content HbbTV TCL/Thomson: App for smart phone - > remote control and sharing of content Hall 21 B Stand 104 The three major strategic initiatives for 2014 were, at first, TCL created a totally new and highly efficient Online to Offline (O2O) sales platform for the Chinese market. Second, TCL improved engagement with consumers and developers through a new online fan platform, named – T-fans – for TCL's die-hard fans. Finally, TCL established a Cultural Communications company to provide live-streaming video content in partnership with Hollywood studios. Through these three initiatives TCL achieved its "double plus" strategy of becoming a more useroriented company while leveraging the opportunities inherent in TCL's digital media devices. TCL is in the fourth position of the global UHD market with a market share of 10.3%. In H1 2014, there are one Korean and four Chinese players in the top five of the UHD TV market. In Western Europe TCL has reached a market share of nearly 6% and also belongs to the top five players (UHD TV in volume). TCL’s market position in France is number three with a market share of 6.3% with Thomson and 2.4% with the TCL brand which makes a total share of approximately 9%. What are the key differentiators of TCL as a company operating on a global scale? TCL hopes to have a fan base of 200 million users within five years. TCL is the first Chinese Brand TV having its own panel factory (CSOT). And we have a more than 10- year history of overseas business. We currently have 78,000 employees, 23 research and development centres, 21 manufacturing factories and about 80 sales agencies around the world. Through the early merger between TCL and Thomson, we had a significant improvement in the aspects of technology, skills and capital. What sets your products apart? We place the customer first in the creative process of our new products. TCL established a T-fan platform for die-hard fans, pursuing the "double plus" strategy goal of greater customer engagement. Through this platform, users will be able to participate in TCL product design, development, testing, and evaluation of the whole process. The T-fan community have both online and offline components, including fan gatherings, family days, DIY tours, picnic lunches, and community TV game competitions. TCL has also created a user database, mining value from users' data to provide users with better service. TCL hopes to have a fan base of 200 million users within five years. Our products are true differentiators. This year, we created the largest curved screen (110-inch curved), the thinnest 4G phone and the first specialised doublescreen game platform in the world. The game platform is also the first of its kind in the world to be operated on a television set. Last year we saw major advances in the way TCL E Hao CEO of TCL presents its products at IFA Berlin. What will be different this year? The booth will be at the same place but the focus will be on latest products and on products sold on the European market. Meanwhile, TCL is building a larger, more immersive home entertainment experience, led by the massive 110-inch Curved 4K UHD TV. TCL is also showing a prototype 85-inch 4K UHD TV with Dolby Vision and the 65-inch Curved 4K UHD TV. Not content to just go bigger, TCL is getting better with its cutting-edge Quantum Display TV and OLED TV. These TVs are also getting smarter, with industryleading interactive features including multi-media sharing, smart remote control and electronic program guide. IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 43

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