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Day 4 - IFA International

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SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA Region Showcasing Cutting Edge High Tech Technical Innovation Award Launched by IDG at IFA Jointly organised by German Industry & Commerce Ltd. and International Data Group (IDG), and supported by IDC China, the Product Technical Innovation Award selection was launched worldwide on September 6. The theme of the 2014 Product Technical Innovation Award is "To Showcase Cutting-edge High Tech". The selection aims to promote consumer electronics companies to realise technical innovation and upgrade product features, product images and other aspects of the user experience to further enhance and promote product adjustments and to achieve sustainable development, and to promote industrial restructuring, scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialisation. Jury members not only assess products on their functionality, but also more broadly on such aspects as consumer experience, convenience, durability, design, degree of portability, aesthetics, etc. Assessment is done in a highly specialised testing centre employing professional design engineers and technical experts who evaluate the products and verify design specifications. They’re also tested in-situ to analyse ease of operation in the modern consumer environment. The question is asked, “does this product endow consumers with good feelings, and does it really meet their current and potential needs?” To this end, excellence in overall design and user interface are other important criteria. Following are selected images of just a few of the winners… AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTS OF 2014 IFA PRODUCT TECHNICAL INNOVATION AWARD QUANTUM DOT DISPLAY TECH GOLD AWARD TCL-Smart TV Quantum Dot Display SMART HOME APPLIANCES INNOVATION AWARD Changhong-CHiQ TV 65Q1C Changhong-CHiQ AC KFR-72LW/Q1V Changhong- CHiQ Refrigerator BCD-537WIPB HEALTHY FOOD PRESERVATION TECH GOLD AWARD Haier-Fridge 4D SERIES 100 SMART TECH GOLD AWARD Haier-Washing Machine HW80-BD1626 UE GOLD AWARD Samsung-Navibot Corner Clean VR10F71UCBC/SC ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY REFRIGERATION TECH GOLD AWARD LG-Air Conditioner LP-G5011A2W DISPLAY TECH GOLD AWARD BOE-Panel 98 inch-8Kx4K ENERGY EFFICIENCY GOLD AWARD Siemens-Electric Water Heater DG65155TI LED DISPLAY TECH GOLD AWARD Philips-Smart TV 65PDL960/T3 EFFICIENT HEATING TECH GOLD AWARD Galanz-Microwave Oven G80F25MSXLVIII-ZP(MO) INDUSTRIAL DESIGN GOLD AWARD Galanz-Electric Oven KWS13E18X-F10M 1 2 1 BOE 2 ChangHong 3 Haier 4 TCL 5 Galanz 3 4 5 44

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE My Berlin One of the leading European locations for tech-driven, innovative industries Berlin is a city that – especially thanks to IFA - brings technology together with culture, arts and tourism. Cornelia Yzer – Berlin Senator for Economics and Research embodies this spirit, outlining for us here the image the city wishes to convey on the international scene today. 25 years after the fall of the Wall, Berlin is the place to be. This is the image we are spreading and trust us – we know, it is true. In addition to being the Capital, Berlin with its mental and visible openness invites all kind of people and ideas. And they are here to stay: More new companies and start-ups are launched in Berlin than in any other German state, particularly in the digital economy. Products and fashion designed in Berlin are in demand all over the world. The capital is also making a name for itself as one of the leading European locations for tech-driven, innovative industries and as an outstanding region for science and research. It is not only the close collaboration between business and research that creates value, but also the excellent support and education provided to up-and-coming talent at Berlin’s universities, applied research institutions and companies. To turn an old slogan around: Berlin is not poor anymore but rich in brains and still sexy! With the 25-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, many memories are brought to life. What are your personal thoughts and feelings concerning this celebration? November 9 1989 was a gift that history rarely gives. I feel personally blessed, having experienced how the peaceful, but yet very brave revolution of the people in East Germany turned over a brutal regime with a cruel, deadly frontier, cutting through a city. I will never forget the television pictures of that night, when people beaming with joy and amazement, overcame that Cornelia Yzer Berlin Senator for Economics and Research wall and the people of Berlin West and Berlin East fell into each others arms. On the 25th anniversary with the illumination of thousands of rising balloons following the now invisible line of the wall, we want to celebrate with the whole world those unforgettable moments. And already we have record numbers of Berlin visitors who want to share that anniversary with us. What do you recommend to visitors in town for IFA who don’t know Berlin very well? Must-sees are surely the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt, the shopping boulevard Kurfürstendamm or the East Side Gallery, with its colourful Berlin Wall. However, I would personally recommend exploring the city also off the beaten track, discovering designer stores and galleries and experiencing for example how Berliners enjoy the green oasis Tiergarten. And in the evening don’t miss one of the many star-rewarded restaurants or the famous clubs. Berlin offers fascinating things for everybody; visitors have some 1,500 events to choose from every day. If you are here for business or pleasure, Berlin simply is the place to be. Enjoy! Berlin offers fascinating things for everybody; visitors have some 1,500 events to choose from every day IFA International • Monday 8 th September 2014 45

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