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Day 4 - IFA International

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News THE NEWS, VIEWS AND PRODUCTS THAT ARE MAKING HEADLINES IN BERLIN • Sony has unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1. The waterproof device with a high-performance camera is due to hit the market this month. Other intriguing features include Social-Live, which enables live video to be streamed to Facebook; Info-Eye, a visual search function on any landmark or item to access background information; and Timeshift-Burst, which allows 61 photographs to be taken in just two seconds. • Miele’s latest generation dryers are not only more efficient, but help do away with the tedious business of ironing. “Residual dampness in the washing and the gentle motion of the drum can eliminate the need for ironing,” Miele’s Frank Jüttner told the world’s press. The pre-ironing programme is augmented on the T1 dryer by the SteamFinish feature, which smoothes and freshens clothes. Television Will Not Die Vestel CEO Turan Erdogan gives his vision of the future Turan Erdogan: “What we have seen so far is nothing” Miele's latest generation dryers • Kitchen or car? According to a recent Siemens survey, the vast majority of German consumers would rather invest in a new kitchen than new wheels. Siemens’ IFA line-up mixes state-of-the-art home appliance technology with ease of use and elegant design. Product highlights include the Vario- Serie induction ovens with energy-consumption displays and Speedmatic dishwashers, which claim to work 66% faster than traditional models. With 16,000 employees, a bn turnover and exports to 140 countries worth bn, Turkish manufacturer Vestel is a significant player in the consumer electronics industry. Its CEO, Turan Erdogan, gave an IFA keynote speech on Saturday, in which he outlined his vision of the industry’s future. With his company having recently entered into the smartphone business, he stressed that “connectivity and mobility are the key” to that future. “Today we have reached the point where the technology is available, the infrastructure is available and people are ready to use the devices that are being manufactured,” he said. “Digital has changed everything in our industry.” But however many new products become available now and in the future, “television will not die”, he said. “The TV will be the hub of the smart home. We all like collective viewing, We all like sharing experiences with our friends. Who wants to miss Usain Bolt running 100 metres? Nobody. So TV will continue.” And there will be “lots of new ways make maximum use of the TV”. It will be used for gaming, for shopping, “You will be able to connect to it with your phone or tablet while you’re driving home from work.” And we will continue to see bigger, better and clearer pictures. But changes are coming and they’re coming fast. “In just five years time we will see people and companies entering this industry that we have never heard of,” he said. “What we have seen so far is nothing, it’s a fraction of what we are going to see in the future. The digital age has only just started.” Hall 8.2 Stand 101 “The TV will be the hub of the smart home” 10

News ADVERTORIAL Making a New Resolution When video file size counts, Rovi has a new solution for consumers with DivX 10 HEVC While many in the industry are aware of the arrival of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), until now, consumers had no way of leveraging this new standard when compressing and playing video files. At IFA 2013 Rovi released DivX 10, the first consumer software application that enables the free creation and playback of DivX HEVC. Available via as a download for Windows or Mac OS, DivX 10 allows users to easily create video of up to 1080p for high quality playback across multiple screens, including personal computers, mobile phones and tablets, and consumer electronics (CE) devices. "DivX 10 is a gamechanging application for consumers that enables them to shrink video file sizes, while retaining video quality. HEVC content created by consumers will also help generate demand for playback support to be integrated into consumer electronics devices," said Kanaan Jemili, senior vice president, product management, Rovi. In addition to supporting HEVC, the new version of DivX allows the creation of MP4 video for playback on iOS as well as high-qualitz DivX and MKV video for viewing on DivX supported computers and CE devices. Hall 25 Stand 151 IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 11

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