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Day 4 - IFA International

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Trade News Doing The Business Reseller Park provides a platform for professionals The Reseller Park is not for everyone. If you’re not a professional, you are not permitted beyond the front gate. That’s because the Reseller Park serves a vital function at IFA by providing business visitors with an oasis of calm where they can thrash out Katrin Wilke Marketing Director, Eno Jorg Herweck Board Member, Herweck deals, make new contacts and finesse business plans. The atmosphere is akin to a busy trading floor — and everyone inside agrees that, for them, it is a very powerful business platform. Hall 7.2C Stand 101 For Katrin Wilke, the Reseller Park serves as “a connection point — a place to meet and have a coffee”. As to what’s exciting her about IFA 2013, Wilke cited the Samsung stand. “The quality is really impressive,” she added. “the Reseller Park serves as a connection point” With 26 years under his belt, Jörg Herweck describes himself as an “IFA dinosaur”. The real wonder of the IFA, he said, is that it is as relevant and popular today as it was back in 1987. “It’s amazing. It’s more and more difficult to get people to a big show these days, but IFA manages it.” For Herweck, the reason the Reseller Park works is because emails and telephones are never as valuable as face-to-face communication. Gokhan Tosun Managing Director, WTG Group Gokhan Tosun is looking to invest in Samsung products since his home market — Turkey — sees the Korean giant as a company that “promotes well, prices well and delivers quality”. For Tosun, the Reseller Park’s calm atmosphere is conducive to decision-making, making it the ideal place in which to conduct business. “the Reseller Park’s calm atmosphere is conducive to decision-making” Niels Dekker Sales Manager, Burg IFA first-timer Niels Dekker is in town to showcase Burg’s new smart watch with its own SIM card. The Reseller Park experience is proving extremely valuable, he said: “Everyone in here is professional, so you’re not wasting time explaining things to customers. And it’s also very well organised.” “Everyone in here is professional” “It’s more and more difficult to get people to a big show these days, but IFA manages it” 20

Trade News Voices from the Buyer's Breakfast Where buyers start their mornings at IFA... THE DEAL MAKERS Bringing TV into Focus in the Stores telering Marketing share their market view Erich Kestler EP_Elektro Kestler Erich Kestler, Inhaber/Fernsehtechniker at EP_Elektro Kestler of Volkack in Germany was last visiting IFA six years ago. Now he's back because of his interset in colour TV and how smart TV technology will change the market. During his three days at IFA, Mr Kestler is most interested in Grundig and the news that they will launch white goods. As a German dealer, he still reads English-language publications like IFA International as they offer important information. He likes IFA and likes Berlin and most of all appreciates the breadth of the IFA platform. Daniel Marischka Kurt Reimann Flatout Technologies Daniel Marischka, CEO and Kurt Reimann, CMO of Flatout Technologies of Vienna, Austria are making their first visit to IFA.They will spend one day visiting the exhibits for smart home. As software developers, they specialize in programmes that connect up all the devices that make smart home. IFA offers them the opportunity to see their competitors as well as the latest smart home devices. Why IFA? "IFA's is one of the biggest shows in the world for smart home," says Mr Marischka. "If we didn't know about IFA, we wouldn't know about our job." Paul Kwaziwai Capgemini Paul Kwaziwai works at Capgemini, the world-famous IT systems integrator. He will spend his two days at IFA exploring mobile applications and smart living.His work is providing customs solution development. The intersection between mobility and smart home is one of the emerging trends at this year's IFA. Rabih AL Malla Dennis Stiffel Volutz Rabih AL Malla, MD, and Dennis Stiffel, Area Export Manager, for Volutz are embarking on their IFA tour to explore mobile accessories. The Swedish maker of mobile accessories is using IFA for market research as well as keeping an eye out for prospective suppliers. Franz Schnur Managing Director of telering Franz Schnur is the Managing Director of telering Marketing, a leading electronic appliances chain in Germany. He talked to IFA International about the past twelve months and the changes he has witnessed in the white goods industry and the positive trends he envisioned for the next twelve months. How many members does your organisation have today? We have 2747 member dealers currently. Will your total number of shops increase or decrease in 2013? Fortunately, we were able to increase the number of our co-members in this very difficult year. Our member acquisition activities will focus on the market for traditional entertainment electronics here in Germany. Is there a latest public record of how much sales volume is created by all your dealers? Officially we do not publish the “external revenue” of our members. We only publish sales figures in the area of ​consumer goods. But in 2012 it was 725 million euro net. What changes have you seen in the consumer electronics industries in the last 12 months? Marketing After more than 10 years of steady growth in the TV market, in the past 12 months we witnessed our first negative growth and a slump in sales. What trends do you see developing at the store level? I see a positive trend with TVs that have the ability to access internet content and can be integrated into the home network. However, all these fantastic opportunities must of course be presented to the buyer and explained to them by competent experts. More than three out of four German households have a flat TV, which is only used for the reception of TV programmes. There is an urgent need to bring TVs into focus and provide verifiable value for our customers. This consumer trend will affect the consumer electronics markets in the next few years massively. How important is the sales staff's product knowledge in the selling process? Quality products and their accompanying services promise the dealer some good results, but of course these products and services don’t sell by themselves. In addition to in-depth product knowledge the sales staff needs, above all else, empathy with a customer and to be able to respond to their needs. That’s a skill that can be imparted. IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 21

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