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Day 4 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE COMPACT SYSTEM CAMERAS I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA STATE OF PLAY While smartphones are gobbling up the lower end of the digital still-camera market, the buying public is still infatuated with compact system cameras (CSCs). Meanwhile, CSCs are evolving rapidly, making it difficult to keep abreast of market developments. Here, EISA’s experts shed some light on the key criteria for choosing between the new CSC models on show at IFA. MARKET VALUE GROWTH 1 .HY. 2013 In Germany un 1ST hy. 2013 the important Changeable Lens sector generates 6% turnover growth SLR Cameras Mirrorless cameras Lenses* Subtotal 3 6 8 11 65 % of DSC/LENS market 0 5 10 15 *Single sold lenses (no kit lenses) KEY SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY Connectivity CSCs have pioneered wireless communication between cameras and the outside world. Many models feature wi-fi connectivity with menu options for backing up images, sending email and posting directly to social-media sites. Near field communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi Direct also allow connection to TVs, smartphones and tablets, not only for image display but also for the remote control of the CSC. Focusing CSCs use on-sensor focusing systems, which are more accurate than the phasedetection systems used in SLR cameras. Historically, however, these have been slower and less able to track moving subjects. Some newer sensors feature a combination of focusing systems to incorporate the accuracy of traditional CSC contrast-detection systems with the speed and tracking ability of SLR-style phase-detection. Touch screen Touch-screens are becoming more popular on CSCs, as manufacturers strive to save button-space on camera bodies while creating a more familiar experience for the smartphone generation. Those that use capacitive screen technology are most effective, providing multi-touch for pinch and zoom viewing. FEATURES Lens range Other than their small size, the major benefit of CSCs is the ability to switch lenses, offering greatly improved image quality over cameras with non-interchangeable zooms. Some brands offer a better variety of lens options than others, so check not only what is available in the range, but also how much the lens costs. Modes and filters Most CSCs offer a level of control similar to that provided in SLRs, with a range of exposure modes and file-type options. Many also feature creative shooting modes that produce instant artistic styles, such as the look of a poster, high-contrast stormy skies, bold colours and pinhole effects. These are fun and can save time in editing. Video With no mirror or shutter blinds in the optical path between the lens and the sensor, CSCs are ideal for shooting video as well as stills. Some models take this potential very seriously, incorporating high-quality recording with sockets for microphones, headphones and external video monitors. INNOVATING @ IFA DESIGN Retro cool Design is a big deal in the CSC market. In response, some manufacturers are introducing classic and retro body designs to give their CSC products more character than the average SLR. These models have proved popular, significantly influencing many customers’ buying decisions. Viewfinder — or not? The CSC category can be broken down into two broad sectors: cameras with viewfinders and cameras that rely entirely on the rear LCD screen. CSCs with builtin viewfinders tend to be higher quality, cost more and usually have slightly more sophisticated controls. Flip-out screens CSCs that feature hinged LCD screens make photographing from exciting and unusual angles much easier. Many CSCs feature a flip-out or ‘vari-angle’ screen, which can be used for easier image viewing and option selecting, as well as shooting. Some even allow the photographer to shoot himself while still being able to see the screen. THE FUTURE The CSC market is growing and looks set to continue to do so, encroaching into the spaces previously occupied by high-end compact cameras and lower end SLRs. A major focus is connectivity, with one brand marketing cameras with G3/4 capability and many featuring wi-fi and NFC. This is in recognition of the fact the consumers want to share images easily and quickly, whether via the internet, home networks or with other connected devices. Our thanks to EISA for their help in compiling this buyers' guide. SAMSUNG GALAXY NX EISA says the Samsung Galaxy NX is the first time an advanced system camera has been combined with a modern interactive 4.8-inch touchscreen tablet. Through its interchangeable lens system and its use of the Android 4.2.2 operating system, the Galaxy NX offers a real integration of high quality digital photography, mobile editing and full-time connectivity. » HALL 20 / STAND 101 Samsung Galaxy NX 30

The Sound of Music Sales of on-ear headphones have experienced substantial growth in the last three years NOMADIC LIFESTYLE [ HEADPHONES ] Once upon a time, expensive headphones were the preserve of DJs and audiophiles, but in recent years that market has expanded to take in a much broader range of customers – ones who are willing to part with premium prices for designer audio equipment. Listening quality is the main factor but fashion is almost as important today. It’s no stretch to say, headphones are as much a fashion statement as headgear. Dr Dre was one of the first people to exploit this new trend. In 2008, the hiphop impresario launched Beats. Today the company has almost half the market for headphones in the US. Compare that with the nearest competitor Bose, who according to The Economist, has just 21% of the market, A recent GfK report showed that sales of onear headphones in Europe boomed in 2010 and have continued to grow into 2013. According growth in 2010 was a massive 280% and 2013 has seen a growth of 80% so far. As in the US, the market is influenced by fashion but also by consumer trends. The home stereo system is becoming a thing of the past and music fans are tending to listen to their music on portable devices. The fact that the portable devices, restricted to mp3 audio level, aren’t exactly the greatest conduit for music doesn’t seem to matter to consumers. What matters is what the rest of the market is doing. And for now, the rest of the market are all buying headphones. Loud and Clear No mixed messages with the new Beats Studio headphones from Beats by Dr Dre Beats Electronics LLC (Beats), the audio brand co-founded by legendary artist and producer Dr Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine, is launching the next generation of the company’s iconic Beats By Dr Dre Studio headphone. The original Studio established the Beats brand, capturing the hearts and ears of consumers, while creating demand for a premium sound experience. "Music is my first love,” says Dr Dre, “It’s how artists and producers communicate with their fans, but if the sound isn’t right then the emotion isn’t right and the meaning gets lost in translation.” It’s a point echoed by Jimmy Iovine. “With the original Studio headphone we set out to prove that people all around the world care enough about sound to invest in it – and we did," he says. “Now, we are taking it a step further. The new Studio is tuned with balance, accuracy and emotion, has a breathtaking design and truly innovative technology. This is the sound of the future.” The reimagined Beats Studio headphones are tuned using custom digital software called the Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE), to deliver a re-engineered Beats sound experience. Especially crafted to create a streamlined look, feel, and fit, the new design features lighter materials, increased strength and improved flexibility. Design elements such as no visible screws or no straight lines betray an attention to detail. The ergonomic adjustment mechanism around the ear cups enables them to adjust to the head without restriction via a single floating pivot. Adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) switches between two modes. In music mode, sound quality and noise cancellation are balanced to optimise the listening experience. When unplugged, the headphone provides a more aggressive noise reduction experience. The new Beats Studio does away with the batterychanging process. The rechargeable, 20-hour, Lithium-Ion battery can be Luke Wood President and COO of Beats Electronics charged in any USB port or outlet. According to Luke Wood, President and COO of Beats Electronics, the new headphones are crisper, cleaner and far more durable than the first Studio. Hall 3.2 Stand 103 IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 31

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