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Day 4 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE TABLET PROTECTIVE CASES I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA STATE OF PLAY The interest in selling-on protective cases for tablet devices is evident, as the success of the iZone at IFA 2013 once again demonstrates. But what are the key design trends for these add-on products? Cases in all manner of styles, but there are three overarching styles: basic back covers, folder-style covers and total protection casings. MARKET The market for tablet cases obviously reflects the volcanic rise of the tablet market itself. The market for phablet cases, for example, is expected to grow in 2013 by around 400% year on year. Meanwhile, overall tablet sales are expected to grow by 58.7%, according to IDC, which means that casing sales should rise at a similar rate. In terms of margin, retailers and specialist outlets are able to add considerably to their sales revenue by moving these products in volume. Online sales are also growing rapidly. A number of people buy more than one protective case for a single device. INNOVATING @ IFA KEY SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY Injection moulding While many casings are produced in leather or vinyl, injection moulded transparent or opaque plastics cases ‘hug’ the device and remain firmly in place. Connectivity If he tablet case includes a keyboard, reliable Bluetooth connectivity is a key selling point. These models involve a combination of manufacturing skills. The reliability of technology is a critical point for the end user. Backlit keyboard A recent addition to the list of useful features that can be integrated into tablet cases is keyboard backlighting, as seen on the new keyboard from Utah-based manufacturer Zagg. This is a new USP that will help move product. FEATURES Standing capability While most cases allow the user to prop their tablet up at an angle, the sturdiness of the back stand, and its ability to swivel, are key USPs. Cheaper models have a tendency to topple over — annoying for the user and not good for the device either. Keyboard The inclusion of a keyboard turns an iPad or Android tablet into a more task-oriented than entertainmentoriented device. Of course, tablets are not really designed for this kind of usage, but can be useful for professional users needing to write emails or take notes. Waterproofing The aim of a protective case is, naturally, to protect the tablet. While protection from shocks and bumps is essential, waterproofing is also important. A cup of coffee spilt over a tablet is not an unheard-of accident. DESIGN Look and feel The choice of customisation styles is almost limitless. Trends vary depending on demographic and regional tastes. Robustness Case robustness can be a key USP, especially for professional users and those who travel a great deal. Lightness For female buyers, the weight of a protective case can be a decisive factor. A combination of lightness and robustness is the optimal solution, achieved either through high-tech materials or clever design. DICOTA’S IPAD MINI PORTFOLIO Dicota is featuring a range of hard-wearing iPad Mini covers at IFA. The iPad mini Portfolio gives users optimal levels of utility and protection, and comes in Hard Back Cover and Flexi Back Cover versions. Both are made from flexible and transparent thermoplastic polyurethane, enabling customers to keep their new device visible, while protecting it from daily wear and tear. Both covers feature openings for all the iPad mini’s ports and buttons. The tough plastic covers neatly clip over the back of the iPad mini. » HALL 12 / STAND 104 Dicota Flexi Pad Hama Tab Cover HAMA STAND PORTFOLIO German CE accessory-maker Hama is promoting a range of tablet cases that adjust to the size of most tablet PCs and eReaders. The Stand Portfolio is a soft case made of artificial leather that features adjustable corner brackets to accommodate a range of tablets and eBook readers. Removable padding prevents flat devices from falling out, and a rubber strip around the case edge provides an additional seal. Meanwhile, a soft lining protects the device from impact and scratches. The case stand also allows devices to be viewed horizontally or vertically. » HALL 10.2 / STAND 101 » HALL 3.2 / STAND 109 » HALL 9 / STAND 305 » HALL 15.1 / STAND 239 » HALL 15.1 / STAND 215 42

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE [ IZONE ] Leitz Privacy Case Leitz Complete has released its latest iPad cover that offers all-round protection from scratches, smudges, bumps, and prying eyes via an integrated privacy film. In the wake of revelations about widespread information surveillance, data privacy has become a major issue for consumers. The Privacy Case from Leitz Complete, just launched at IFA, ensures strangers cannot view top secret content on your screen while maintaining the full functionality of the retina display. Innovo Shell Sleeve for 7-inch Tablets Tucano has expanded its line of smartphone, tablet and notebooks accessories with a hard shell sleeve for 7-inch tablets that provides high protection from scratches and bumps thanks to robust construction with high density thermoformed EVA. The semi-rigid shell is coated in non-slip PU and has a pleasing rubberised feel. The Innovo design also allows the tablet to be used in the sleeve while on the move. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS CONVENIENT STAND BACK STRAP MOBILE ADVERTORIAL USE An in-built stand improves the tablet ergonomics. One-size-fits-all strap holds the encased tablet to your hand. The tablet can be easily used in the sleeve when travelling. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS PEACE OF MIND CLARITY STYLE Shield precious screen content from sideways glances. When viewing from the front, images remain razor-sharp. Offered in white high-gloss lacquer or elegant matt soft-touch black. » HALL 12 / STAND 104 » HALL 3.2 / STAND 204 ADVERTORIAL Ultra-Portable Solemate Mini After the successful Jabra Solemate comes the company’s new Solemate Mini, a cool, pocketsized speaker that takes portability to another dimension with surprisingly big sound. Includes Near Field Communication (NFC) to make pairing even easier. It’s simply a case of touching a NFCenabled device and a Solemate Mini together to instantly connect - and then touching them again to disconnect. With all around rubber protection, resistance to sweat, dust and splashes and an impressive 8 hours of battery life, the Solemate Mini looks set to become the perfect travel companion for taking music to places one would never have thought possible before. And it’s available in bold primary colours or classic black. Key USPs: • Pocket-sized • NFC-enabled • Tough and resistant And that’s not all! Don’t miss the second generation Jabra Solemate portable speakers decked out in vibrant red, blue, yellow or greyscale. Then there’s the new Jabra Sport Wireless+ for Stress- Free Workouts. Meanwhile, the new Jabra Sound App 2.0 allows users to stream YouTube content as well as their existing ondevice stored content and play them back at their leisure in great-sounding Dolby Digital Plus stereo. » HALL 3.2 STAND 102 IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 43

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