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Day 4 - IFA International

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Green Page Toshiba Signs

Green Page Toshiba Signs Green Agreement Smart grids and energy efficiency in Europe prioritised by Japanese electronics giant THIS BLUE BAG IS GREEN VOR ORT DEMONSTRATES ITS ECO-CREDENTIALS WITH THIS BAG MADE OF RECYCLED MATERIALS. German accessories manufacturer Vor Ort has a variety of products on show at IFA 2013, from USB keys to wireless speakers. This padded notebook case is innovative. Part of Vor Ort’s Reclaim collection, the Dicota bag is made primarily from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PT) bottles. Recycled PT is a type of polyester that has a considerably lower impact on the environment compared with newly produced polyester, and is one of the ways the company is trying to reduce its impact on the environment. Toshiba Corporation has announced an agreement with ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, which covers a wide range of issues including energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, smart grids, electric storage for the grid and electric mobility in the Eurozone. Takeshi Yokota Corporate Vice-President of Toshiba Barbara Kux Chief Sustainability Officer, Siemens An indicator of a rapidly evolving market, revenue from Siemens' Environmental Portfolio climbed 10% to €33bn in the last financial year. The company's eco-friendly products are now generating faster revenue growth than its other businesses. Green technologies, which have been consistent growth drivers at Siemens since 2008, now account for 42% of the company's total business. In fiscal 2012, offerings from Siemens' Environmental “Europe accounts for approximately 70% of the electricity produced by photovoltaic (PV) generation” Europe accounts for approximately 70% of the electricity produced by photovoltaic (PV) generation in the world, and continues to lead other regions in the introduction of renewable energy sources. This is particularly true of Italy, where growth in renewable is stimulating demand for grid management systems to manage power fluctuations in areas that have introduced PV intensively, and to overcome the inability to transmit wind generated power due to insufficient transmission capacity. "Toshiba is building a strong presence in next-generation T&D (Transmission & Distribution) in Europe," said Takeshi Yokota, Corporate Vice-President of Toshiba. “We have all the capabilities required for a successful collaboration with ENEA. We will customise our state-ofthe-art technologies for the European market through collaboration with ENEA and boost our grid solution business in Europe.” Green is Lucrative for Siemens Record-breaking profits from Siemens environmental products Portfolio enabled customers to cut CO 2 emissions worldwide by 332 megatons – an amount equal to 40% of Germany's total annual CO 2 emissions. "As the revenue development of our Environmental Portfolio over the last few years demonstrates, the market for green technologies offers attractive business opportunities. Since 2008, the Portfolio has grown by over 50%. We're extremely pleased to have been ranked the most sustainable industrial company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index,” said Barbara Kux, member of Siemens' Managing Board and the company's Chief Sustainability Officer. “eco-friendly products are now generating faster revenue growth than (its) other businesses” Hall 1.1 Toshiba has participated in many proof-of-concept demonstrations of smart grid technologies around the world. Drawing on its long-standing capabilities and the expertise obtained in these and other projects, combined with local information collected by ENEA at its research facilities throughout Italy, Toshiba will work to propose optimal energy solutions such as grid stabilisation and frequency control and adjustment by introducing rechargeable batteries for localised grid balancing. Hall 21A Siemens' Environmental Portfolio includes products from all four of the company's Sectors: Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructure & Cities. Enhancing energy efficiency is a major driver for sustainable development worldwide. Involved in everything from systems for energy production and wind farms to power transmission technologies and energysaving for industry, cities and transportation, these latest figures from Siemens prove that ecological and environmental concerns are becoming an increasingly lucrative business. Stand 101 50

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Create Berlin by Galeries Lafayette French Department store showcases the diversity of Berlin's creative industries For visitors to IFA, taking home the right gift can be a major task. But classic French department store Galeries Lafayette, among the best-known names for luxury shopping in Europe, has all your shopping needs covered. Vincent Senecat, Director of Galeries Lafayette Berlin, takes us on a tour. Berlin has a highly diverse population and Galeries Lafayette Berlin offers a wide range of products to accommodate this demand. Our variety of exclusive, international, French and youth brands are combined with extraordinary events, fashion shows, tastings, readings and much more. Please describe the diverse brands on offer. Galeries Lafayette Berlin is more than just a department store. We present a wide range of products from international luxury brands to French and young fashion brands. We are also famous for our men's, women's, beauty, accessories, jewellery and kids’ areas. Our men’s brands include Sandro, Tiger of Sweden, Costume National, and Zadig & Voltaire; women’s brands include Barbara Bui, Costume National, Karl Lagerfeld, Pascal Millet, Paule Ka and Vanessa Bruno; while Coach, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and Valentino are just some of our renowned our accessories stores. Please tell us more about your Create Berlin initiative. Create Berlin is a platform created by Berlin designers to connect the creative diversity of the city’s design scene. Create Berlin brings together energies and ideas and provides creative talents with opportunities to realise their visions, and to understand the importance of the creative industries in Berlin’s economic development. As an internationally active network, Create Berlin Vincent Senecat Director of Galeries Lafayette Berlin. Our variety of exclusive, international, French and youth brands are combined with extraordinary events, fashion shows, tastings, readings and much more. curates and manages various design projects in Germany and abroad, and has over 70 members representing the diversity of Berlin’s creative industries. One of the aims of Galeries Lafayette is to support this industry and the various design branches. How can a non-EU visitor save money at Galeries Lafayette thanks to tax-free shopping? For non-EU tourists, shopping and saving money is easy at Galeries Lafayette Berlin. Initially, customers can obtain a global refund cheque at the customer service department on the 1st floor when paying for their purchases. Then they have to show their purchases, receipt and passport to customs when leaving the country or at the final point of departure when leaving the EU, and get their global refund cheque stamped. This can be shown along with their passport and credit card at a local global refund office and they will receive an immediate refund on the credit card. Alternatively, the refund can be paid in cash. Please describe some of the culinary delights on offer at Galeries Lafayette Berlin. Our clients can enjoy gastronomic specialities as well as purchase baguettes and bottles of wine for their daily needs. The gourmet food department includes an Epicerie, cheese counter, meat counter, wine department, bakery, confectionery and deli food. The atmosphere in our wine department I would especially recommend: with a glass of wine you can let the evening gently fade away. IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 51

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