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Day 4 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview Dell Optimistic for Future of PC PCs enable consumers to create, consume and share content better than any other device Aongus Hegarty President of Dell for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Can Windows 8 and the new Ultrabook and tablet get the PC market back to positive growth? We asked Dell President EMEA, Aongus Hegarty… Windows 8 is showing a lot of promise in our testing on tablets and other mobile form factors. We see a lot of tablet interest in both the consumer and commercial markets and we will continue to deliver the best solutions for all of our customers. The consumerisation of IT trend has shown us that our business customers are increasingly evaluating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models for laptops, smartphones and tablets due to strong demand from employees. Our goal is to offer products and services that maximise end-user productivity and IT control and deliver the best overall experience on the market. What role does Dell see for retail/etail players in selling technology to SMBs in Europe? There are many retailers that have more specialised support for growing businesses, and these will be in a stronger position to provide the next stage of advanced networking, server, and if the customer demands, workstation-class products. The infrastructure behind typical medium businesses is typically more sophisticated and will require consistent management, in addition to both planned and unplanned maintenance. In this case, the role of the retailer or etailer will go well beyond just the point of sale and should become a longer-term and stronger relationship that should benefit both parties. What impact will Cloud have on the consumer/ SMB PC business? In reality, the majority of consumers and SMBs already engage with the cloud on a daily basis through various applications and IT services and they just aren’t aware of it – email and music/photo/ file storing are just some examples. With connectivity and data rates expected to grow, now is certainly a good time for small businesses to start considering the best way to look at how they could benefit from using cloud computing. How would you advise large retailers to change their approach in the context of a weakening PC market? We believe there is absolutely a large market out there for PCs with worldwide PC industry consumer shipments increasing 1.4% year-overyear. Our advice for the large retail community would be to listen to that market and work to deliver the solutions that it is asking for – be it an ultra-mobile ultrabook, an entertainment-rich all-inone desktop, or a powerful gaming system. “For 2012, we have established the Dell Technology Park, with specific environments” How will a PC vendor fit into the new world of Smart TV and converged home networking? The introduction of wireless display technology and rising popularity of small form factor desktops, such as our Alienware X51, that perform as multimedia devices when hooked up to a TV, are two key areas we see where the PC is taking an integral role in home entertainment. We think the PC will continue to play this role in giving consumers more choice in how they consume media and information. What is Dell showing at IFA 2012? The new products include the XPS 10, a 10-inch tablet built to support WindowsRT; the XPS Duo 12 convertible that combines two devices in one, a powerful Ultrabook plus full-featured tablet; and the XPS One 27 all-in-one PC, which offers 78% more pixels than full-HD displays, and will soon be available with touch functionality. For 2012, we have established the Dell Technology Park, with specific environments that we’ve created for professionals, families, students and gamers and growing business customers alike. Hall 13 Stand 100 IFA International • Monday 3 rd September 2012 19

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