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Day 4 - IFA International

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Special Feature © iStock photo App Attack Mobile apps to be valued at bn by 2015 The mobile apps market has evolved significantly over the last two years, helping improve the range and quality of content available to consumers on their mobile devices, as well as providing opportunities for a whole range of industry segments to reach out to their target audiences and realise new revenue streams. In 2011, global consumer spend on apps almost doubled, reaching a total of nearly .5bn, and is on track to reach .5bn in 2012 according to Futuresource forecasts. Growth in the number of David Sidebottom Senior Consultant – Digital Media, Futuresource Consulting downloads was even more aggressive at close to 130% last year, reflecting the growing availability of free apps. As consumers continue to buy smartphones at an accelerated pace, the growth of the apps market will continue. At the end of 2011, t h e r e were close to 875 million smartphones in use, up from more t h a n 575 million the year before. As a further “we will see an emergence of more professional enterprisebased apps in addition to apps targeted at the consumer” opportunity, tablet uptake is growing at a much greater rate, although ownership still remains significantly behind that of smartphones. Moving forward, Futuresource research indicates that the market for apps will reach 74 billion unit downloads globally by 2015, equivalent to a retail value of bn. However, once users establish a core library of apps, which include their favourites and most used, buy rates are expected to decline. The majority of the industry is focused on monetisation either through the paidfor model, using inapp purchases, or from advertising revenues. All three of these business models continue to evolve, and for a number of publishers paid-for apps are the only option, primarily due to the significant development and content investment required. For many companies and brands, apps have become an important marketing tool and a key platform extension for their websites and online services. Moving forward through 2012, it is expected that we will see an emergence of more professional enterprisebased apps in addition to apps targeted at the consumer. GIGASET MARK ELEMENTAL CLOUD BASED SECURITY With Gigaset we are moving into the home security market with the launch of a cloud based system branded as 'Gigaset elements'. The Munich based home electronics multinational, formed in 2008 after the buyout of Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices, presented the project at IFA and intend to roll it out first in Germany in Q2 2013. Together with a range of devices, the Gigaset elements app lets you know what is happening in your home wherever you are. Nicolas Ord, SVP Strategy and Innovation, Gigaset Communications GmbH "It is an end to end service that is totally flexible and affordable," says Nicolas Ord, SVP Strategy and Innovation, Gigaset Communications GmbH. "There are no subscription. The starter kit including the smart phone app, base station, door sensor and pressure sensor covering an area of 60 sqm will cost around 200 euros and can be expanded with up to 250 additional sensors." » HALL 9 / STAND 211 Parallels Desktop 8 RUN WINDOWS ON YOUR MAC German software outfit Parallels, long a favourite for Mac users looking for apps to run Windows on their Apple, has come up with their latest multi-platform solution, Desktop 8. Run Windows on Your Mac allows you to run numerous Mac or Windows apps and operating systems simultaneously. Windows PC games or QuickBooks apps can operate right next to your Mountain Lion applications; drag and drop files between Windows and Mac; or watch flash videos on your iPad or iPhone. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 107A Gigaset Elements: A cloud based security system operated via a smart phone app. » HALL 9 / STAND 211 IFA International • Monday 3 rd September 2012 33

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