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Day 4 - IFA International

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INFORMATION LIFESTYLE Creative’s Sound Blaster Axx applies the company’s engineering know-how to provide “best-in-class” audio playback for music, movies, games and voice communication on the PC. “Sound BlasterAxx … marks a paradigm shift for the brand,” said Creative Chairman and CEO Sim Wong Hoo, creator of the Sound Blaster. “For the first time ever, we have created a Sound Blaster that not only produces awesome audio, it actually listens to you and your audio environment. This paradigm shift unlocks a whole new world of useful and exciting applications.” Sound BlasterAxx can be controlled via a mobile device. Big on Sound, Big on Quality Creative is at IFA with a section of its digital entertainment products, including a new addition to its flagship Sound Blaster range. HDMI is at IFA Sound Blaster Axx: “awesome audio” “We have designed it to also deliver stunning voice quality with smartphone and Skype hands-free calls, through adaptive communication technologies that can cancel ambient noise and focusing the microphone-array for accurate voice pick-up,” he added. “Plus it’s amazingly simple to use. Installation is as easy as inserting a USB dongle – just simply insertand-go, nothing else. And it requires virtually no power – in fact, I’ve banned the unwieldy power adapter together with its cable and plugs! This not only saves money for the users, it’s a small but meaningful contribution towards saving the environment.” The Sound BlasterAxx works standalone when used with mobile devices, powered by a USB power adaptor. It uses a patent-pending “stacked stereo” speaker design that incorporates two-speaker drivers angled to provide stereo separation. When combined with SBX Pro Studio Surround technology, it delivers “awesome room-filling sound” from a compact one-piece device. And the company reports strong interest already. “Even before the show had opened there were already journalists buzzing about and they were saying, ‘We know the show hasn’t opened yet but we just want to get a feel for what’s happening’,” said Creative vice-president, corporate communications, Phil O’Shaughnessy. “I thought that was great. IFA really does represent a great, global event for us. It enables us to talk to customers and press from all over the world.” » HALL 17 / STAND 109 New HDMI Forum to Broaden Standard for the third year running and spoke to IFA International about the new HDMI Forum, which aims to broaden the standard for digital content delivery into the PC and mobile markets. It’s a decade since seven leading CE companies – Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Silicon Image, Technicolor and Toshiba – came together to form the HDMI Consortium, a body committed to developing uncompressed highdefinition video, multichannel audio and data over a single cable. Since then, HDMI has become the de facto industry standard. In 2011, 100% of digital TV has HDMI and by the end of 2012 there will be three billion HDMI-enabled devices in the marketplace. “HDMI has grown to a point where it needs more industry input to grown exponentially into other markets,” says Charlene Wan, Director Of Marketing & Operations, HDMI. “We now need input from the mobile industry Charlene Wan, Director Of Marketing & Operations, HDMI and the PC industry. Therefore, in October 2011, the seven companies launched the HDMI Forum, a non-profit organisation to focus on the development of HDMI specification going forward. As of today, we have 78 members, including Apple, Motorola, Microsoft and Intel.” “On one hand, you could see it being like the United Nations with everybody is fighting for their own initiative and benefits,” concludes Charlene Wan. “But on the other hand they all have a common goal – to make HDMI be the true standard for digital content delivery. Because they all have that common goal, they are willing to contribute to making HDMI technology better.” » HALL 11.1 / STAND 11 GET A GRIPSTER Native Union — a collective of international designers and creatives dedicated to redefining the way users communicate during work, play and travel — is showcasing the Gripster iPad case at IFA. Compatible with the iPad2 and third-generation iPad, the slim, lightweight grip-come-stand protects the tablet while improving the user experience for viewing, presenting and gaming. Thanks to 360-degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of incline, the Gripster offers unlimited ways to position, hold, store, carry or even hang the iPad. Weighing in at 305g, it is available is six stylish colours. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 149 A firm hold: Native Union’s Gripster iPad case 34

SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA Region Flying the Flag The Korean Electronics Association and Seoul Business Agency bring together key innovations from small to medium sized regional manufacturers The Vuum smart hanger is a new concept for portable clothing care. Germs, moulds and bacteria clinging to clothes are replaced with the small of freshness. Made by HNC Engineering in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Just under 50 Korean vendors or manufacturers are present at IFA 2012, and in Hall 26, a grouping of small to medium sized manufacturers are showing their wares. “The three trends are larger, smarter and networked,” says Yoon-Hee Choi, Manager, exhibition and marketing team of the Korea Electronics Association (KEA), at the heart of the Korean pavilion. “Companies like Samsung are making their TVs smarter and larger but our smaller and medium sized Korean companies here at IFA want to network with the larger companies with their products”, said Ms Choi. A number of the Korean companies present at IFA are doing so under the banner “Korea Technology Applied”. “It’s something like a brand for the smaller companies that have no brand awareness on the global level,” says Ms Choi. “While the companies and products under this banner are many and varied, their goal is united – to make products for European customers’ convenience. According to Ms Choi, IFA is of vital importance in the promotion of these companies on a global scale. “You know, Samsung and LG are exceptional global brands. But for small companies it is very meaningful to participate in IFA, because otherwise the European buyers would never know about them. If smaller companies participate in IFA at least three times, buyers sit up and notice them, having seen them several times. They need to come three times for the buyers to know them. Hall 26 Stand 712 Yoon-Hee Choi Manager, exhibition & marketing team of the Korea Electronics Association (KEA) Dr Changwoo Yoon, principal member of engineering staff – ETRI – demonstrates the essentials of CLOUD system – a high speed remote screen transfer cloud video conference service as well as Social TV Technology – advanced UI/UX and social content distribution and the Open IPTV Platform Micro Display Inc is demonstrating an innovative transparent display solution 4D life – as sound becomes tangible in the form of vibrations that can be felt through the PO1 Sound of Tangibility by Seil Co. Turn your smartphone into a presentation and mouse controller with the X-Pointer from CoisTechnology Co. Ltd, Seoul. Furo Smart Service Robot is demonstrated by Dr Se-Kyong Song of Futurerobot Co. Ltd for use as a moving promotional service, intelligent guidance service, receptionist and even as a friendly guide in the hospital setting. Innovative products at the Seoul/Korea Pavilion The Seoul Business Agency (SBA), a public organisation supporting small and-medium-size businesses, is hosting the Seoul/Korea Pavilion at IFA, which comprises nine innovative companies from Seoul. Innovative vibration technology "VIBROY" from Xenics turns any surface into a speaker – featured on CNN as a “must have” gadget. Prodigy is an innovative mobile solution for iPhone 4/4S projecting a laser keyboard onto any surface. Made by Celluon in Seoul. The “Magic Cube” is also on show, for other kinds of tablet devices. Claro Easy-Breathing air care system uses high temperature platinum as a catalyst to completely sterilise air IFA International • Monday 3 rd September 2012 35

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