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Day 4 - IFA International

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Trade News TECH DATA: GLOBAL GIANT Being at the centre of the global IT supply chain means Tech Data is in the unique position to provide a broad range of product lines, logistics capabilities and valueadded services that enable technology makers and technology resellers to deploy powerful and cost-effective IT solutions. Tech Data does not manufacture any of the IT products it sells; it plays a strategic role in getting products from those who do manufacture, and delivering to those who bring technology to life. Doing business with Tech Data gives resellers access to a vast array of technology products, including networking devices, server and storage hardware, notebooks and desktop computers, printers and scanners, HD TVs, cameras, peripheral products and accessories, power devices, as well as operating systems and security, business intelligence and other office productivity software applications. These products are offered in conjunction with a comprehensive range of services, including financing, technical training and marketing support and scores of business development programmes and productivityenhancing e-business tools to help resellers operate their businesses more efficiently. To differentiate its business in the marketplace, Tech Data has focused on a strategy of execution, diversification and innovation. Massive IT Broadliner Expands to Consumer Electronics Tech Data shows how a global IT distributor can zero in on the CE market [ by Bob Snyder ] Frank Bolten is not a new name to IFA international. The former Sharp executive now is the Director Consumer Electronics Germany/Austria for Tech Data’s Triade business unit. IFA International asked about Tech Data’s intentions in the CE market. Tech Data bought a very successful Dutch wholesaler, the largest in Benelux, in October 2010. The company has realigned itself so that in addition to its broadline IT distribution business, it has a collection of specialist business units focusing on vertical markets of value. For example, we have the Maverick business unit for professional audio video integrators or Azlan for enterprise business. Triade is our unit that’s ready to bring the full spectrum of Tech Data services to consumer electronics. “Triade is our unit that’s ready to bring the full spectrum of Tech Data services to consumer electronics” What is it that you have to offer consumer electronics r e t a i l e r s a n d suppliers? We have a full spectrum to offer. The market today is fast-changing and competitive. We would like to meet with suppliers and retailers and discuss three important factors that Tech Data is best at addressing: cost, efficiency, and speed. We can do this with high flexibility of cost. Dealers today are of course very careful in this fragile economy. We would like to sit down and go over which services might fit best, to find out where they feel pain in their business and show what we can do. Tech Data Triade has a full-service offering. We can handle sales, warehouse, after-sales, category management, service, marketing and more... Our customers can choose it all...or start with just one area where they need improvement. With vendors we have three models to offer: a logistics model, a fulfilment model, or a full service added-value model. As one of the world’s largest Frank Bolten Director Consumer Electronics Germany/Austria for Tech Data’s Triade business unit wholesale IT distributors, Tech Data (in fiscal year 2011) sold bn of IT products to more than 125,000 technology resellers in over 100 countries. These resellers depend on us to help them cost-effectively support the technology needs of end-users of all sizes, including small- and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and consumers. Why do believe Tech Data will be successful in CE? As you know I am a CE veteran. Tech Data has been sure to bring in executives who have CE in their DNA — like myself, I have been in the CE industry for more than 20 years. I worked seven years at Sharp in charge of Sharp TV, IS and Photovoltaic. Before that I worked at Sony and Deutsche Telekom. Back in 2001 when Deutsche Telekom was already making DM1bn from e-commerce, I was in charge of that. The point is that Tech Data recruited me, like it recruited other Triade executives, precisely because we had CE in our DNA. IFA International • Monday 3 rd September 2012 39

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