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Day 4 - IFA International

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THE DIARY OF MISS IFA A hot and busy weekend in boiling Berlin ‘‘ Hello again my IFA International-reading friends. Are you enjoying the show? This has been such a great year, with so many fantastic products. I love the big TVs, the brightly coloured fridges and washing machines, the tablets, the computers…. and the cameras too! From left to right: Hans-Joachim Kamp, Member of the Supervisory Board of gfu, Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu mbH, me, Raimund Hosch, CEO, Messe Berlin GmbH, Klaus Wowereit, The Governing Major of Berlin, Hans Wienands, Senior VP Samsung Electronics and Georg R. Rötzer, Head of Corporate Marketing Samsung This is a wake-up call! These delightful alarm clocks by Thomson make getting up in the morning just that little bit easier I’ve been introducing a lot of events over the last few days, and this one was the IFA International Keynote called The Next Era of Computing Innovation featuring Phil Rogers, President, HSA Foundation and Corporate Fellow, AMD Here I am at the Samsung booth checking out their new products A rare moment alone while sheltering from the rain, and an opportunity to relax for a few minutes before the next round of meeting, greeting, It’s absolutely non-stop with photos. When I’m not being photographed by visiting stands and the press, there are usually members of the public and employees of various introducing events exhibitors asking to take a shot, and of course I’m happy to oblige 42

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS Where to goin berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE After having to close in 2010, Berlin’s iconic Wintergarten Variety is back and thriving. The venue is currently staging Made In Berlin, a show that features the very best stage talent, much of it ‘Made in Berlin’. CEO Georg Strecker tells us all about it... Back with a Bang! The Wintergarten celebrates a twentieth anniversary with a show about its home town Berlin is off-beat, fascinating, and multifaceted. An exciting mixture, which cannot only be experienced in the streets of the city, but from 3 August 2012 onwards also on the stage of Berlin’s Wintergarten Variety. A colourful programme – as vibrant, extraordinary and diverse as the city itself. It’s made up of large, impressive snapshots, small, charming scenes. Sometimes it’s light, sometimes powerful and dynamic, sometimes playful, sometimes erotic and sensual. The Wintergarten will again host young artists with a boundless zest for life, who are full of energy, who simply enjoy life and break the mould. Alongside that, there are acrobats, dancers and theatre performers. Their performance will be accompanied by the songs of people who have lived or still live to the rhythm of this city – from Marlene Dietrich through David Bowie to Peter Fox; from the twenties to today. Almost all the acts have been created in the German capital and many have been recognised with international awards. Under the direction of Markus Pabst and Pierre Caesar, the power and creativity of the metropolis of Berlin has come alive on the stage of the Wintergarten Variety. What sort of audience do you expect the cabaret to attract? Everybody: young and old, men and women – anybody who is looking for two hours of fun, of enthrallment, and of high class entertainment. What are you doing in order to celebrate the cabaret’s 20 th anniversary? The 25 th September, we will present a very special Birthday Gala featuring some of the most remarkable acts we had on the Wintergarten stage in the past 20 years – and it will end up in a big party with an opulent barbecue and buffet. Georg Strecker CEO Wintergarten Variety And we are offering – for our current variety show Made in Berlin – a limited number of seats for each performance at the prices of 20 years ago. What plans do you have when Made in Berlin finishes its run? We will produce a truly unique and spectacular show format from November through end of “The Wintergarten will again host young artists with a boundless zest for life, who are full of energy, who simply enjoy life and break the mould” January, 2013 called The MAGICAL MYSTERY Show – A Journey into the World of the Unexplainable”. It features brand new illusions that leave you speechless. And for children and families, we will be producing our annual children’s variety show Cinnamon & Magic with the charming and talented young acrobats of Cabuwazi, Europe’s biggest children’s circus. How are you attempting to bring the cabaret tradition into the 21 st century? It’s already done! With shows like The Fabulous Variety Show, the Fifties variety show Peppermint Club, Funky Town, the unique and incomparable Made in Berlin and the re-make of last year’s big success Forever Young, which will be launched in February, 2013. Our recipe: only the best available artists from all over the world, brilliant live musicians, creative directors, and a perfect catering and service. IFA International • Monday 3 rd September 2012 43

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