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Day 4 - IFA International

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News Siemens Brings

News Siemens Brings Bauhaus Into the 21 st Century S i e m e n s H o m e Appliances has a characteristic, uniform d e s i g n l a n g u a g e . Siemen's Head of Design Gerhard Nüssler told IFA International that the company’s overall brand concept is heavily influenced by that most influential of German movements, the Bauhaus. "Siemens design has its roots in the Bauhaus, which considerably influenced the history of German design. Siemens is distinguished by a very definitive and purist layout and is the householdappliance brand that continues this tradition in its most definitive form." Siemens is not a brand that goes for short-term trends, as its appliances are manufactured to last. The company identifies developments that will have value over the long term and, according to Nüssler, right now that is in the userinterface area. " W h a t p e o p l e a r e experiencing today with their smartphones, and on Facebook and YouTube generates a completely new perception of reality. This Next stop Europe Haier sets sights on EU consumers Haier is pushing into the European market, with the aim of being up among the top five white-goods companies within the next five years. William Cantara, Market Director of Haier Europe, shares the plan… The aim is to build the Haier brand by being marketorientated. To achieve this, we have established a new R&D centre here in Germany, tasked with designing products specifically for the European market. Currently, we have teams dedicated to working on dishwashers and washing machines. Haier’s target is quite clear: to set up R&D centres in every region around the world that are totally focused on providing the optimal products for their own particular region. In terms of white goods, how is Haier positioned on the global market? Based on recent figures from Euromonitor, we are the global number-one in white goods, which includes washing Siemens’ Gerhard Nüssler: "Siemens design has its roots in the Bauhaus” machines and refrigerators. That means that we are very strong and that consumers can expect to see more and more of the Haier brand in Europe over the coming months and years. Your multi-door designs are very interesting — as are your fridges that are painted in vivid designs. Can you explain the thinking behind the latter innovation? Two months ago, we presented these products as part of a marketing exercise for the MyZone fridge range. The campaign featured an initiative called My Arty Zone, for which events were held all around Europe. One of “We are the global numberone in white goods” tools that we used was to paint some of our fridges in unusual, lively colours. This was just for the marketing campaign, however, and these fridges will not be going into production. Hall 3.1 Stand 103 Haier's William Cantara : “We are the global number-one in white goods” has dramatically changed people's expectations. That is one of the greatest challenges that we face in householdappliance design. In my eyes, the key to this is the user interface." So having identified the long-term trend, how is this reflected in Siemens’ design style? "We don't do styling,” Nüssler said. “It always starts with the technological side — with innovations that demand new approaches in design. At the same time, we also drive innovation forward, to lift ourselves to a new level in design. For Siemens, it's not only the classic basic principle of 'form follows function', but much more that ‘form equals function'." That said, Siemens has a distinct and instantly recognisable minimalist style. "The spectrum of colour is quiet and cool, but gains through contrasts and, above all, through the magical intensity and radiance of the blue lighting,” Nüssler said. “In the end, that is what is fascinating about the Siemens design and the Siemens brand." Hall 1.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 11

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