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Day 4 - IFA International

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made in Taiwan Regional

made in Taiwan Regional Spotlight Made In Taiwan TAITRA spreads message of quality, functionality and innovation COMPUTEX TAIPEI Founded three decades ago, Computex Taipei has become a vital B2B sourcing platform for ICT products. Taking place each year in early June, the show is Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest ICT tradeshow, with 1,800 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors, of which 36,000 are international visitors from some 162 countries. Each year, myriad business opportunities are created at the showground and in the ‘matchmaking’ procurement meetings that take place during the event. Exhibitors include major global players such as AMD, Hitachi, Intel, Marvell, Microsoft, Nvidia and Sanyo, alongside well-known Taiwanese companies including Acer, Asus, Compal, Gigabyte, HonHai/Foxconn and MSI. Delegates not only see the products and are given a chance to experience them first hand, but they can also identify the trends that are likely to drive the second half of the year. Asus, for example, launched its Eee PC at the event in 2007 and ignited the trend for netbooks. Reflecting the hot market trends of 2011, this year’s event was dominated by tablet PCs, smartphones, cloud-computing products and services, e-reading devices and 3D technology. Jeremy Horng, Executive Director of the Exhibition Department of Taiwan External Trade Development Council TAITRA, tells IFA International what "Made In Taiwan" means… It stands for quality, functionality and innovation. In the past, Taiwan was a powerhouse for many industries, from technology to stationery. But the island has now transformed itself into an important source of innovation. It was ranked 13th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2010 and ninth in R&D spending. Taiwan's exports have boomed in recent years. What do you put this down to? Taiwan is a small island, so the global market is very important for us. Our total exports rose by 35% last year. Industrial goods comprise 98.8% of our total exports, and a quarter of these are IT products. An impressive number of Taiwanese companies have now established themselves on the international market, such as Acer, Asus, HTC, MSI and Gigabyte. As a result, Taiwan again holds the number-one global market share for more than 10 ICT products. We remain the world’s number-one producer of notebook computers, with an average monthly production exceeding 14 million units. What is Taiwan’s USP? Innovation based on R&D. The Economist’s EIU ranked Taiwan in sixth place on its 2009-2013 Global Innovation Index. Our brands are strongly supported by a wealth of R&D and manufacturing experience, which helps them to adapt quickly to market demand. Also, China is now viewed not just as a mega factory for the world, but also as an important market that every company wants to enter. As a result of our proximity to China, and our cultural and linguistic affinity, Taiwanese IT companies were able to enter the market early enough to establish a winning advantage. What are TAITRA’s goals in the coming years? TAITRA is a multi-tasking, non-profit-making tradepromoting organisation. It was established four decades ago and now has 13 business units, including the Exhibition Department, which holds 30 tradeshows a year to help the world source products in Taiwan and Taiwan to connect to the globe. At TAITRA, the sun never sets. When we switch off our lights in Taiwan, our 56 overseas branch offices are busy carrying on with our business. While continuing with our work to promote trade between Taiwan and the developed markets, we are also facilitating trade with emerging markets, including Brazil, China, India, Russia and Vietnam. In terms of the exhibition department, we are striving to make our events more eco-friendly, international, efficient and technology-savvy. We are also trying to attract more international visitors to help small and medium exhibitors to market their products and services. Meanwhile, we are hoping that, via technology, these once-a-year exhibitions will also have a virtual afterlife to help exhibitors to sell and market around the year, and buyers to keep themselves updated with the latest news from potential suppliers. What are you hoping to achieve at IFA? I’m at IFA on behalf of TAITRA to host the Taiwan ICT international press conference and new product launches. It’s always interesting to visit other tradeshows to stay abreast of the latest trends, both in the industry and in exhibiting. Another reason why I’m here is that IFA is a partner to TAITRA, as well as an important platform for Taiwanese businesses. IFA signed an MOU with Computex Taipei in 2009. This sharing of resources and complementary strengths provides a holistic, round-theyear trade environment for ICT professionals. Hall 27 Stand 700, 705 “Our brands are strongly supported by a wealth of R&D and manufacturing experience” IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 13

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