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Day 4 - IFA International

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made in Taiwan It’s Like An App, But Better Muzee’s busy stand at the front of the Taiwan Image Hall is a portal to an extensive library of 20,000 streaming radio stations, 5,000 internet TV channels, 10,000 news feeds, 10,000 internetbased games and more than 200,000 magazines and e-books from around the world. The company’s Internet multimedia platform software, which comes on a USB dongle or can be Muzee’s Jessie Li downloaded to any device with internet connectivity, lets the user access an easily searchable database of global streaming internet content. The company aggregates and maintains these links – making sure all the global content is available in highquality streams, wherever the user may be. All content is cloud-based, and makes minimal demands on local devices. “This is already free content, but we provide a service, which is why there’s only a one-off charge,” said Jessie Li, Sales Director in the company’s Global Sales and Marketing department. “It’s like an app, but it’s better, because there’s no app that provides you with the seven functions. Some provide radio, some TV, but we have them all combined together.” The company is also showcasing its device, the Cloudia, but Li says it is focusing on the software, which is used by companies such as Asus to add value to their devices. Hall 27 Stand 720 Regional Spotlight Innovation Meets Value At Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Taitra's Jeremy Horng speaking in front of the journalists present at the Taiwan Product Launch at IFA 2011 The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion features 110 winners of the Taiwan Excellence Awards, which encourage innovation and value in product design. At IFA, during a press event hosted by Taitra, several of these winners presented their products to the press at the International Congress Center Berlin (ICC). AVer Information pitched the AVerVision F50, a visualiser that lets users save highquality video/audio directly to a flash drive or SDHC card. The AP20 interactive pen is a teaching tool that combines the features of interactive whiteboards, wireless slates and wireless presenters into one single wireless device. MSI introduced the GT780 gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7-2630QM quadcore processor, nVidia’s new generation GeForce GTX 560M discrete graphics card and 1.5GB GDDR5 of highend, large-capacity display memory. The GT780 also comes equipped with a special SteelSeries gaming keyboard, with the keys that gamers need the most enlarged. Nanya presented elixir 1.35 DDR3 SODIMM(42nm) memory module, with an eight-bit pre-fetch design that delivers data rates twice as fast as the previous DDR2 generation. The elixir DDR3 SODIMM is for the latest notebooks with faster speed, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption. T h e r m a l t a k e / L U X A 2 introduced its 2011 line of Apple accessories, including the H7 Universal Mount, made to hold an iPad in the car, on a desk, or on any window or glass surface. Hall 27 Stand 700 Join us on facebook, discover exclusive content, photos and go behind the scenes Scan me! See IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 17

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