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Day 4 - IFA International

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Smart Home Wall-to-wall

Smart Home Wall-to-wall Innovation How do you hide the business end of a flat-screen TV? HDM has come up with an ingenious solution for flat-screen televisions that look sleek and sophisticated, but whose cutting-edge technology requires a mass of cables and peripherals that are either impossible to hide or require complicated construction solutions. Enter the Cinewall wall-on-thewall system. Measuring 1.92 x 1.92 meters, Cinewall enables wall-mountable flat screens to be integrated decoratively, easily, safely and flexibly into any room. Attention to detail and robust construction give Cinewall enormous flexibility. The height and width of the system, for which a patent is pending, can easily be adjusted according to taste and need. It also allows different appliances to be mounted neatly and professionally. Other features include ease of assembly and flexibility if cable configurations change or new cables need to be added. Cinewall comes in two models — the Basic Set gives you a framework including the TV bracket, while the Deco Set contains decorative panels. To complement the mounting system, HDM offers various shelving units in either two or four segments. The Mediaboard, Mediabox 2 or Mediabox 4 offer a solution for any amount of electronic equipment that might be needed. The units can also be turned into cabinets by adding door sets. The complete Cinewall system is available in eight shades, ranging from light hues in wood through to bold colours, rustic shades and bright modern tones. Hall 24 Stand 106 Hidden genius: Cinewall wall-on-the-wall system The Powerful Way To Connect Devolo takes the strain out of home networking G e r m a n - b a s e d powerline specialist Devolo has introduced t h e d L A N h o m e series, designed for networking Internetcompatible consumer electronics. Launched with the tagline ‘Discover the easy way to connect’, the powerline technology enables home networking by running connections via household electrical wiring. Plug into a power outlet and the device connects. For example, dLAN home TV Sat 2400-CI+ makes digital satellite TV possible without antenna cables, because it runs the connection over existing power lines. The entire devolo dLAN home series features adaptor sets with a black design. These sets are automatically optimised for transmission of Internet TV content (IPTV) and for data from the teletext successor, HbbTV (guaranteeing a stable connection even if multiple devices access Internet content). dLAN home can serve as a point-to-point connection, for example, connecting a PC to an Internet TV. But dLAN home can also grow from one first connection to a full home network. It’s an alternative to wireless LAN but they can also work together. Hall 3.2 Stand 130 22

The World of Apps The Future in Figures Mobile application downloads will approach 48 billion in 2015 The average amount paid for a mobile app is under .50 Smartphones are expected to increase from 23% of total phone shipments in 2010 to over 45% in 2015 In December 2010, the number of applications in the Apple App Store reached 350,000 while the Android Market reached 80,000 Smartphone applications are not only about 3G. Almost half of survey respondents report downloading applications over wi-fi A new study from ABI Research reveals that the worldwide app industry is well on its way to achieving 44 billion cumulative downloads by 2016 The All-Time Top 20 iPhone Apps Scrabble, 2008 Bejeweled, 2008 Flick Fishing, 2008 Crosswords, 2008 Uno, 2008 The Sims 3, 2009 Monopoly, 2008 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, 2009 Shanghai Mahjong, 2008 Solitaire, 2008 10 Pin Shuffle, 2009 Solitaire City, 2008 Chess Pro, 2008 Touch Hockey, 2008 Tetris, 2008 Touchgrind, 2008 The Oregon Trail, 2009 Chess Lite, 2008 Scoops – Ice Cream, 2008 Deer Hunter 3D, 2009 (Source: There Is An App For That The rapid and dynamic App market will grow to be worth bn by 2015 By Gary Smith “Largely spurred by the launch of the iPhone, mobile applications have been a strong growth market over the past several years. The number of applications available has exploded, which has sparked an increasing rate of downloads,” says Amy Cravens, Senior Analyst at In-Stat. “As the market matures, developers and app stores must take innovative approaches and compete across multiple platforms to attract users. While the market will become more competitive in the coming years, there is a broad base of interested parties with a vested interest in promoting continued market growth.” While Apple’s iPad is still dominating the market, Android and Windows Phone 7 are steadily catching up as broader adoption picks up pace, and expansion of their mobile OS installed bases continues to grow. The mobile app ecosystem and market model is also expected to evolve with the increasing pool of smartphone and tablet users. “Given the vast number of choices available, app developers and app stores need to innovate continually in order to maintain consumers’ interest,” says ABI research analyst Fei Feng Seet. “For example, an app called OfferedApp promises to provide a paid app each day in exchange for users Most manufacturers at IFA are using apps as a USP for their 2011/2012 models. The mobile applications market is growing rapidly and will continue to evolve in the coming years, with the addition of new products, players, and business models. While this growth has created new opportunities, it also presents new challenges. The market is flooded, and there is also significant pricing pressure as well as a shift toward free applications, which will necessitate new revenue models. Despite these and other potential hurdles, research company In-Stat is forecasting that mobile application download revenue will surpass bn in 2015. completing a simple survey or signing up for an offer with advertisers. Some apps also offer virtual currency or other premiums to consumers who download a featured app from the developer. However these new marketing tactics are likely to face opposition as iTunes starts to clamp down on such incentivised promotions when they cut into Apple’s revenue from in-app sales.” iTunes is also rumoured to have made modifications to its App Store ranking algorithm: the new ranking system takes into account qualitative information such as reviews, on top of download statistics. According to ABI Practice Director Neil Strother, “App store browsing on devices has been an issue with users, who can face difficulty finding an app of interest. Having many ‘misleading’ apps hogging the top of the charts for a week at a time does not help either, so this could not be a better time for Apple to reform its app ecosystem in an environment where competition and consumers’ heightened expectations are increasing the pressure.” ABI Research’s Mobile Applications Market Data tracks mobile application downloads and revenues segmented by mobile operating system platform. The database includes historical data and forecasts for application downloads for all major mobile OS’s. It also provides mobile application revenue forecasts, and an overview of the major mobile application storefronts. IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 23

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