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Day 4 - IFA International

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Connected TV Working

Connected TV Working Towards A Smarter World Hisense’s I’TV set to revolutionise the TV viewing experience A game-changing smart TV that could propel China into the TV super-league is the first step in Hisense Group’s smart strategy, which was launched three months ago by company Chairman Zhou Houjian. Called I’TV, Hisense’s personalised solution is described by Zhou as a “micro innovation that is set to create a major revolution” in the world of entertainment. Its most distinctive features include ‘big screen to small screen’, whereby any cable TV programme can be instantly transmitted to an I’TV or smartphone; ‘small screen to big screen’, which allows any video programme, including HD programming accessed via I’TV online, to be instantly transmitted to the I’TV; and ‘remote screen’, which enables any TV programme received at home to be viewed from a remote location. In short, I’TV is an entertainment revolution in a box, claims Hisense. Thanks to embedded software applications, including intelligent recommendation and social networking, it can segue from console to PC to socialising tool, redefining both the experience of watching television and the evolution of the TV set. The development of a personalised smart TV in a short period of time required intense collaboration across Hisense’s corporate ecosystem. To achieve this, technology clusters were created, based on a combination of system software, cloud computing, internet applications, artificial intelligence, industrial design and operational services. The functionality of the TV terminal has been vastly expanded, enabling consumers to view programming through any device with a screen. “The concept that television is watched on a TV set will gradually fade,” Zhou says. The introduction of the cloud platform is also challenging the concept of traditional TV by enabling upgrades in functionality, such as personalised intelligent remote control. Zhou hopes that the I’TV will act as a catalyst for China’s colour TV manufacturers, who “have hit a wall” in terms of product and marketing innovation. “The industry needs to reinvent itself in order to create new sources of revenue,” he adds. “Our timely launch of the I’TV marks a turning point for smart television.” Hall 25 Stand 162 TCL Helps Viewers To Enjoy 3D TCL celebrates its 30 th anniversary this year by launching at IFA its most progressive smart TVs, the TCL’s V Series. Combining 3D with connectivity, the TCL Smart V Series lets your customer surf the web via an Opera browser, and access media and content on the home network. V Series, with two USB ports, takes the world of internet onto the big screen. With its 3D Enjoy feature, the V Series lets customers enjoy 3D by using easy-wear glasses. V Series benefits from TCL technology: DDHD Imaging Engine and Wide Color Enhancer for picture detail and colours, LED uEdge True Color backlighting for deep blacks, and Mega Contrast to aid contrast. A smart Light Sensor chooses the best brightness, contrast and colour saturation to save on electricity bills by as much as 60%. Hall 21 Stand 104 36

Appliance Innovations When I’m Steaming Windows The WV 75 Plus Window Vac For years Kärcher cleaning materials were targeted at an industrial market. But after two years at IFA, it has developed a range of products targeted at the domestic market and this year is presenting some new, high-end products in Berlin. For example the Home Line range of steam cleaners offers four steam settings: setting one can be used for cleaning plants, for example, while setting four can be used on encrustations in the kitchen or bathroom. Kärcher is now extending its steam power into new and unexpected areas. A steamcleaning ironing station uses an iron attachment with an easy-glide stainless steel plate, and the custom ironing board extracts the steam for perfect results. The ironing station can also be used as a normal steam cleaner with the accessories supplied. The WV 75 Plus Window Vac, meanwhile, won the IFA Preview Award for innovation. This lightweight piece of kit steam-cleans any smooth surface such as tiles, mirrors and glass, and contains enough water to clean 10-15 windows. Users simply spray on some detergent, supplied in easyuse sachets suitable for a tank of water, then run the suction nozzle over the window to vacuum the pane. Dirty water can then be easily disposed of. Kärcher has also brought to Berlin a wet-function vacuum cleaner, and an independent robotic vacuum named RoboCleaner. Passage Hall 2.1/4.1 Stand 101 A Fine Design For Your Wine For the first time, Liebherr is presenting its innovative, energyefficient wine cabinets at IFA. With their extended doors and the new HardLine design, these appliances come in the Vinidor, GrandCru and Vinothek ranges. Liebherr has introduced 16 new models with the latest climate conditioning technology for the storage and temperature control of fine wines. Components such as the low-vibration compressor ensure the new Liebherr models are very quiet. The appliances feature precise electronic controls with digital temperature display in the MagicEye, a whole range of new features including improved LED lighting in the Vinidor and GrandCru ranges, as well as a handle with opening mechanism that matches the design of the cabinet. To ensure sound bottle positioning, the wooden shelves are made from steamed beech in a new design. For optimum storage and the right climate, the new, quiet Vinidor appliances from Liebherr come with either two or three wine safes in which the temperatures can be set independently of each other — and “accurately to the last degree”, according to Liebherr. The wine safes vary in size to ensure that there is plenty of space for the user’s favourite variety, so it can always be ready and waiting at the perfect serving temperature. Hall 2.1 Stand 201 The WTes5872 IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 37

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