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Day 4 - IFA International

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The Diary of Miss

The Diary of Miss IFA Diving into Coffee Culture "Since 2001 Miss IFA supports the global awareness of the leading consumer electronics trade show IFA. Emerged as a virtual character, this young woman with bright red hair is since 2005 a real and worldwide known representative of the IFA with high recognition value." Dirk Koslowski, IFA Senior Executive Manager. A filter coffee-maker with a really exceptional design… check this out! Domestic coffee machines resemble more and more those used by professionals, and this one includes an espresso-like doser ‘‘ Today the appliance spotlight of IFA International is "Coffee Culture". There is just a little taste of some of the products to be found at the show. One-touch of a button and this fully automatic espresso machine for home use delivers an espresso, ristretto or a lungo, optimised to your favourite strength, temperature and dosage IFA International tweet not only on paper, follow us on Scan me! See 44

HOTELS / RESTAURANTS / BARS Where to goin berlin Where to goin berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE IFA is not only the place to be for business deals in the field of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, it is also an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world. IFA International and its website have the pleasure of helping you discover Berlin and to enjoy its multiple cultural, culinary and ‘fun’ aspects. The goal of is that you take full advantage of this wonderful city, and perhaps even lengthen your stay. To help you, you will find in the following pages and on our site all you need to know to get the most from your stay – as well as some wise words from those who ‘made’ Berlin. Berlin: 20 million visitors can’t be wrong In your welcome speech to IFA 2011, you underlined how important this city is for events such as this. What makes Berlin such a good setting for the world’s top trade shows? Berlin exerts a considerable appeal not only as a metropolis with many outstanding and varied cultural attractions, but also on account of its historical significance. For exhibitors and visitors attending our international trade shows such as InnoTrans, IFA, Fruit Logistica, or the International Green Week Berlin, the main criteria for choosing this location are the extensive, modern exhibition grounds — with many congress facilities both on the grounds and immediately adjacent to them, the experienced and committed staff of Messe Berlin, the city’s exceptional infrastructure, and its reasonable rates, even in the leading hotels. Moreover Berlin’s location at the heart of Europe and closeness to the new member states of the European Union, and their rapidly expanding economies with considerable demand potential, is another significant advantage. Could you tell IFA International delegates about some of the attractions of this city? Berlin has many diverse attractions to meet the most varied interests of its visitors. The presence of the embassies and consulates of more than 150 countries emphasises just how cosmopolitan the German capital is. Berlin is not only a centre for trade shows and conventions, but it’s also home to many cultural institutions, with its three universities and 20 colleges of further education, attended by 150,000 students, as well as 175 museums, three opera houses, eight internationally-renowned symphony orchestras and 130 theatres and ensembles. It is therefore not surprising that Berlin attracts over 20 million visitors annually from all over the world. Berlin stays open around the clock, has more than 6,000 restaurants, pubs, music clubs and bars as well as many different forms of entertainment. The city Raimund Hosch Chief Executive Officer Messe Berlin GmbH is even livelier than it was in the Golden Twenties and has also experienced dynamic development with its creative youth scene and many leading art galleries. Two weeks is not enough time to see all the sights, among them the Brandenburg Gate and Charlottenburg Palace. This is one city you really should experience. It offers everything from musical events of the highest quality to the delights of strolling on the Kurfürstendamm. What are your favourite places to go in Berlin — for dining and meeting friends and colleagues, for example? Many Berliners do not just enjoy one particular place but, as citizens of one of the world’s great cities, they feel at home in many different places. One of the factors that makes this such a great city to live in can be found in its individual districts with their unique character; fascinating corners with cosy restaurants; quaint pubs and fashionable bars, where visitors and the local populace can all feel at ease. With so much to see and do, guests are keen to return to Berlin. Apart from IFA, Messe Berlin hosts one of the biggest shows in the world in the field of hospitality – ITB. Can you explain in a few words why Berlin was chosen for such an event? Working together, Messe Berlin and the tourism industry have developed ITB into the world’s largest event for the tourism industry. It is very much a product of Berlin. The tourism industry has shown a preference for this established location in particular because of the skills demonstrated by the organisers of this international event — which attracts more than 11,000 participating firms from 188 countries. The wide range of hotels and the extensive infrastructure offered by the city of Berlin appeals to that industry too. Keen international media interest underlines the advantages of this venue: this year some 7,000 journalists from 94 countries came to Berlin to report on the services and the attractions offered by the tourism industry. IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 45

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