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Day 4 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview TV

Exclusive Interview TV INNOVATION According to Pieter Vervoort, Philips' TVs stand out in the marketplace in three crucial areas. Firstly, he cites what he says is Philips’ “extremely strong” picture quality performance in 2D and 3D, which has been recognised by EISA this year. Vervoort also highlighted the company’s strong smart TV position, adding that Philips was the first to launch services via the internet on TV, through Net TV. In addition to this, he said, Philips is the founder of Europe’s first smart TV consortium. “This allows us to bring an enormous amount of online content in an excellent way to our consumers, with emphasis on local brands with locally relevant content,” he said. “And, of course, we are the only ones who bring truly consumer-driven differentiation such as Ambilight and cinemaproportioned TV’s. Both these characteristics are delivering a much more intense viewing experience for our consumers.” When asked what Philips’ key strategic thrusts will be in Q4, in terms of feature-sets and promotion, Vervoort’s response was decisive. “Best PQ in 2D and 3D, a special range of design line products — Design Line Edge and Design Line Tilt — Cinema 21:9, and a large variety of smart TV innovations,” he said. Pushing TV’s Boundaries Philips has unveiled a wide range of new TVs at IFA 2011 In the same year that Philips has received an EISA award for European 3D TV of the year, the company is at IFA showcasing the latest edition to its range of cinema proportion televisions, the Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series LED TV. Also on show is the awardwinning DesignLine, a new range of LED TVs that push the boundaries in TV design. Driving forward such development is Pieter Vervoort, Vice-President, Net TV, of Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Here, he discusses the new product ranges, and Philips’ strategic plans for the near future… Interview by Neil Crossley What key new Philips products can be discovered at IFA? We are launching our two EISA winners. These are the European 3D TV Of The Year 2011-12, which is the Philips 9000 series Smart LED TV (46PFL9706); and the European Green TV of the year 2011-12, the Philips Econova ECO Smart LED TV (46PFL6806). We are also launching Cinema 21:9 Platinum TV and many innovations in the area design and picture quality. Our smart TV proposition is enriched with a complete new user interface and many new apps to strengthen the portfolio of local video-ondemand (VOD) and catch-up TV apps in Europe, LatAm and Russsia. How will the launch of a reasonably-priced cinemascope TV change the market dynamic? We launched the first Cinema 21:9 TV in 2009. This was a very high-priced, extra-large screen, specialised product for absolute movie lovers. The positive reception of this product in the market convinced us that we should bring this format of 21:9 to a wider audience. We are therefore launching this year the Cinema 21:9 Gold television at a more convenient size and a more affordable price. We are convinced that consumers, and especially those who watch a lot of HD movies, will appreciate this. And with the further uptake of connected televisions, the 21:9 format is the perfect format to enjoy multi-view, where you can watch whatever content you like in combination with additional information or content coming via smart TV. Tell us more about the evolution of Smart TV from Philips. What's new? Philips is showing that TVs can be much more than just a one-way channel for TV shows and movies. With one of the most comprehensive Smart TV packages available, this year’s Philips TVs are becoming super-connected media portals that can hook you up with online content; stream music, photos and videos from your tablet, smart phone or laptop; and record programmes and movies on your hard drive on demand. At IFA, Philips Smart TVs are getting a completely new and very intuitive user interface with all your favourite apps, the local weather and personal content recommendations in one simple view. With Smart TV Payments, consumers can now simply and safely purchase their favorite online content directly onto their Philips smart TV. How is public recognition and acceptance of Smart TV progressing? What is the trend here? With over 50% of all TV sets sold in 2011 being able to connect to the Internet, the adoption of smart TV is growing rapidly. Philips offers smart TV in more than half of our TV and Blu-Ray player ranges and in a wide range of home entertainment products such as Home Cinema Sets and Soundbars. The acceptance of Smart TV is fuelled by the success of apps on smartphones and tablets. Social apps and games especially are being recognised as the next big thing in Smart TV, and are clearly on Philips’ radar for 2012. Hall 22 Stand 101 Pieter Vervoort Vice-President, Net TV, Philips Consumer Lifestyle “(…) TVs can be much more than just a oneway channel” IFA International • Monday 5 th September 2011 9

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