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Day 4 - IFA International

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A well-informed buyer is

A well-informed buyer is also more likely to buy more or to “buy up”. He logs in everyday on... Consumer Lifestyle News (web based news service and newsletter) and the SMARTreport Consumer Lifestyle create a vital new source of “information intelligence” for professionals in what’s now known as the greater “Consumer Lifestyle” field. From industry professionals through the channel right down to the sales people on the floor, everyone in the industry in Europe benefits from this highly comprehensive news and information service. By the Publisher of IFA International CONTACT Anthony Faget Project Manager Tel: +33 (0)4 42 77 46 00

ADVERTORIAL The bird’s eye view Satellite will drive 3D take-up, says SES Astra’s Kayser 3D is the next generation of supreme quality television and it will become a serious growth driver for the industry. This exciting technology will add another layer of high-end offers and demonstrate the impressive power of TV as the main entertainment platform. What motivated you to launch a 3D demo channel? We wanted to demonstrate the huge advantages of satellite for 3D broadcasts/ By Joanna Stephens SES Astra’s Ferdinand Kayser: “We see our role as an enabler” The European Direct-to-Home satellite operator SES Astra was the first to launch a 3D demo channel in Europe. It is now the architect of a common industry understanding of the minimum specifications for 3D satellite broadcasting. These moves represents “a major leap in the introduction of 3D television” across the continent, according to President and CEO Ferdinand Kayser… transmissions and to allow retailers to showcase 3D to consumers at the point of sale. This will help the CE industry to promote their new 3D television sets, as well as to interest consumers in the great new viewing experience that 3D TV represent. What has the feedback been like so far? Excellent. 3D is, like HD, a self-explanatory product. It’s difficult to fully understand its attractiveness when you talk about it. You have to see it for yourself — and then you are immediately convinced. We have seen sceptics converted within minutes. How do you think 3D will develop in the years to come? Sky in the UK and Germany, and Canal+ in France have announced the launch of the first commercial 3D channels later this year. We are delighted about the quick take-up of 3D TV and fully support this development. We have now reached a common understanding with our main customers regarding the broadcasting specifications for 3D satellite transmission. We have agreed on a frame-compatible format, which will allow satellite broadcasters to use the HD set-top boxes that are already in the market. As technical reach is crucial to the introduction of new services, our agreement will accelerate the roll-out of 3D across Europe. Will there be a battle between broadcasters, Blu-ray 3D and downloadable video? These distribution ways are complementray and will drive the move towards 3D and make it attractive for viewers as a whole. During the introduction and development of 3D in TV, we see our role as an enabler and neutral partner. We will act as a moderator, just as we did when we developed HD. “Satellite has the bandwidth, the technical reach, the reliability and the innovative power” What does satellite TV offer above other means of image delivery? With every technological leap, satellite proves itself to be an innovative and powerful infrastructure. It is today the only infrastructure that is able to deliver hightech TV, such as HD and 3D, across many countries to millions of households in optimal quality. Of course, fibre is a strong competitor, but it has to be built. Our infrastructure is in place, our fleet is in orbit, our satellites are broadcasting and we use our headroom to further invest and deploy our fleet. Satellite has the bandwidth, the technical reach, the reliability and the innovative power. What will the satellite TV industry look like in 10 years’ time? We cannot predict the future but one thing is certain: satellite will still be the leading infrastructure for TV broadcasting. And with the hybrid solutions that we are currently developing, satellite is set to be an even stronger proposition. You have entered a partnership with IFA International TV to deliver 3D TV content for the first time from the IFA show. Why is this important? It’s important because IFA is simply the most important event for broadcasting technology and trends in the world. IFA International • Monday, 6 th September 2010 13

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