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Day 4 - IFA International

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Set a world record* in

Set a world record* in your kitchen. The new ActiveWater Eco 2 : world record* in energy saving with only 0.73 kWh per rinse cycle. The new Bosch ActiveWater Eco 2 dishwasher makes the world record in energy saving an everyday achievement. Thanks to Zeolite® minerals with Shine + Dry, 13 standard place settings are cleaned with only 0.73 kWh – that is 30% more economical than energy efficiency class A. ActiveWater Technology and water reservoir lower the water consumption to a mere 7 liters. And thanks to the special function high-gloss drying, brilliant shine is not skimped on in the process: Plastic parts are dried residue-free and glasses as well as tableware shine after every rinse cycle. Just like you after every electricity and water bill. *Only 0.73 kWh for 13 standard place settings in the standard program. Status August 2010.

Exclusive Interview Bosch’s green strategy reaps real dividends CEO Volker Klodwig assesses the company's Green Technology Inside programme one year on By Julian Newby Volker Klodwig, CEO of Bosch Household Appliances presented the company’s Green Technology Inside programme one year ago. IFA International asked how it has fared since that time. Volker Klodwig, CEO of Bosch Household Appliances Our Green Technology Inside programme is very successful. More and more customers specifically ask for our most efficient products that are marked by our Green Technology Inside card. The card provides straight and clear information on the efficiency benefits of the technologies used and illustrates how much electricity or water can be saved compared to machines that are 15 years older. In 2009, more than 50% of the washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers we sold belonged to our Green Technology portfolio and for fridges and freezers, the share was almost 44%. For the future, we expect yet further growth because there is a strong trend in the German market toward super-efficient household appliances. For instance, between 2008 and 2010, the number of refrigerators with an A++ grade sold in Germany tripled – and we’re a long way from reaching the end of the road. How is Green Technology Inside conveyed tangibly to trade show visitors? We at Bosch take consumers and their need for information seriously. The objective of our [IFA] stand concept is to spell out the savings potentials of our innovations to the trade show visitors even more clearly, and so to present the brand as a credible address for energy-efficient appliances. We have deliberately decided to adopt a very purist concept that enables us to present the brand and its key assets informatively, yet emotionally. For instance, we convey information with a lot of action and entertainment at the stand — with cooking and quiz shows, the latter with the popular German TV host Wigald Boning. Energy efficiency is a key issue at IFA 2010. What other topics are of relevance to Bosch Hausgeräte? We know from our retailers that today’s consumers not only attach great importance to appliances that consume less and still offer the same performance, but also to their functionality, ease of use and design. At IFA 2010, we are therefore presenting a range of products that have not only set world records for dishwashing and washing and drying clothes, but that are also easy to operate and thus extremely user-friendly. They include the i-Dos, the intelligent, fully automatic dosing system which will be available in the latest models of the Logixx8 range from the fourth quarter. Such product innovations do not come about by chance: Studies prove that either too little or too much detergent is used in more than 90% of cases where consumers add it using their judgment. And that naturally has a negative impact on the washing result, as well as on the environment and budget. Apart from the i-DOS, we are also launching a completely new washer-dryer series named Avantixx. In addition to the washing machines, the Avantixx 7 washerdryer is attracting particular attention – it delivers maximum convenience thanks to its maintenancefree condenser and also saves space because it is a washing machine and dryer in one. Hall 3.1 Stand 101 Avantixx - wash-dryer IFA International • Monday, 6 th September 2010 15

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