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Day 4 - IFA International

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Special Feature The Nomadic Revolution TomTom keeps drivers connected Imminent launch of TomTom’s GO 1OO5: a high-end product breaking new ground in GPS world, intuitively meeting the needs of today’s drivers, and their concerns about technology. “We have more traffic information than everyone else with a refresh rate of every two minutes, while the industry average is currently between 15 to 20 minutes [according to TMCpro],” he says. “TomTom is really positioned as the technological leader in terms of traffic. Traffic is one of the key concerns for drivers. There have been a lot of studies which prove this,” he said. Pakiry said that people spend about 65 hours a year stuck in traffic. “This is almost the duration of this year’s IFA – though of course a far less enjoyable experience” he said. While the TomTom GO 1005 is aimed squarely at the high-end of the GPS market, TomTom has also launched affordable mid-market devices, Via LIVE and Via, both equipped with voice recognition technology which has previously been the exclusive preserve of high-end models. TomTom has a million connected users on the road with the real-time LIVE service. Hall 9 Stand 209 Alain Pakiry, Senior Vice-President, Marketing Tom Tom Consumer By Joe Morgan “Lack of innovation. This is why GPS sales have gone down over the past two years,” according to Alain Pakiry, Senior Vice- President, Marketing at TomTom Consumer. To buck this downward trend, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of automotive navigation systems will launch the TomTom GO 1005 in September, a device with a 5-inch, capacitive touchscreen, enabling iPhone-style multitouch gestures. The TomTom GO 1005 has “the world’s most accurate real-time traffic information service”, which powers its fast-route calculation feature. “Say you were traveling from Berlin to Madrid, we have a unique database which provides users with the actual speeds of drivers on all the road networks. An algorithm uses this information to provide the user with the fastest route possible.” Pakiry is confident that the device is the best in the IFA International • Monday, 6 th September 2010 27

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