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Day 4 - IFA International

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Siemens i-Dos. A

Siemens i-Dos. A world’s first. The first integrated precision dosing system from Siemens. Fully automatic and always perfect. Hall 1.1 Thanks to the innovative i-Dos system, the new iQ 700 washing machines make detergent dosing easier than ever before. The world’s first integrated automatic precision dosing system for up to 20 loads detects the exact amount of detergent needed for your laundry. Depending on factors like fabric type, load size, water hardness, and degree of soiling, it dispenses detergent efficiently and to the precise milliliter – for perfect washing performance. What’s more, it can save you up to 7,062 liters of water per year.* For more information, ask your dealer or visit The future moving in. * Potential annual savings with i-Dos compared to a standard household washing machine with manual dosing in a conventional easy-care program and based on an average of 220 loads per year. Source: wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute, Research Report WL 5132/10. Individual results may vary.

Special Feature Refrigeration Technologies Fridges have never been so cool Any colour you like, as long as it’s not white Fridges are no longer just places to keep food at optimum temperatures. From the latest LED lighting to improved energy efficiency, the fridges of today offer a range of features that are as innovative as they are stylish By Gary Smith Thanks to RFID chips, Wi- Fi connectivity, iPod docks, separate compartments and an ever growing range of colours and designs, fridges are so much more than just the place to keep things at their optimum temperature … and they even do that more efficiently than ever. At less than less than 60cm deep, AEG ’s PerfektFit fridge-freezers offer the advantages of side-byside configuration in a size — including door — that matches the standard European counter depth. And they just got better, winning two of the most important international design awards plus one important recognition by consumers, and updated with A+ energy efficiency, LCD touch controls, LED lighting, new interior design and new handles. With the trends towards larger packaging, the sideby-side configuration is already popular. “Consumers like the sideby side configuration, but some have held back because neither American nor European side-by-side match European kitchen dimensions,” says Hans Strohmeier, Senior Design Manager at AEG . “If you put them between standard kitchen cabinets, they stick out. “On the other hand, integrated side-by-side solutions are aligned with kitchen design, but have to be built in. PerfektFit is unique because it’s a freestanding appliance, but it has built-in dimensions so it can be aligned perfectly with the kitchen furniture.” PerfektFit has been designed to integrate seamlessly into European kitchens in style as well as size. That’s why the appliance has won two of the most prestigious international awards — the 2009 iF Product Design Award and the 2009 Red Dot Design Award, and one important recognition by German magazines specialised in home design, the 2009 White Star Gold Award. “Design is a big factor with the trend towards open plan kitchens,” Hans Strohmeier, Senior Design Manager of AEG says. Appliances not only have to integrate into the kitchen, they have to integrate into the living space.” For the AEG Neue Kollektion launch, PerfektFit has been renewed in key areas: the user interface has been completely revised, adding LCD display with touch controls, for immediate setting and feedback on temperature and functions. In terms of visibility and feeling, the interior has been improved thanks to the latest LED lighting technology on the ceiling, with a rise-on effect that further enhances the premium effect. The energy class has been updated to A+, which uses up to 25% less energy than A-class. The new PerfektFit includes allnew Neue Kollektion design features for a premium interior look — and the design of the handles has been revised in order to match Neue Kollektion oven handles. The Old Timer fridge-freezers from Gorenje, already popular for a decade, have now been revamped and a daring new colour palette has also been included in order to make these fridges true design objects. They also have a new, stylish name: the Gorenje Retro Collection. Gorenje has upgraded the look of the past with the technology of the future, and added a touch of boldness in an exciting array of new colours championed by the fashion pundits. “We believe that contemporary consumers desire more individualism, and daring, lively and invigorating colours in their homes. Thus The eye-catching Gorenje Retro range came to life the new Retro Collection of the economical, Champagne inside (possibly) and outside (definitely) / Gorenje IFA International • Monday, 6 th September 2010 35

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