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Day 4 - IFA International

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Special Feature

Special Feature Refrigeration Technologies Continued from p. 35 and environment-friendly cool beauties in the colours of the rainbow, available in three different and differently charming styles: Chic, Vintage, and Funky,” Tomi Krašovec of the Gorenje Design Studio, says. Each of the styles feature several variations of the refrigerator and freezer c o m p a r t m e n t . T h e s e appliances are aimed at customers who are willing to include aspects of their own lifestyle in the kitchen. The new collection was designed at Gorenje to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the first Old Timer fridge-freezer a decade ago which was an immediate success. The most popular was the cult single-door retro refrigerator with a special low-temperature c o m p a r t m e n t , w h i l e Bordeaux red and beige have been the most charming colours to date. A few years ago, the refrigerator design was freshened-up by a new handle; reacting to the massive consumer demand, Gorenje has added new colours. “Now, the colour palette is much richer and the colours are more attractive, ranging from the refreshing Lime Green and Juicy Orange, to the dazzling Dark Chocolate and charming Bordeaux Red. The wider range of colours addresses a greater group of potential buyers who have thus far looked in vain for the right colour of their popular fridge model. The collection h a l l m a r k remains the rounded retro design while the appearance of the handles h a s b e e n upgraded. The Funky models will also offer handles in the colour of the housing, while others will feature the timeless chrome version handles," said Tomi Krašovec of the Gorenje Design Studio team at the launch of the new collection of Gorenje's cult retro fridges. “The Gorenje Retro Chic collection will appeal above all to people who appreciate modern classics, those who enjoy minimalism in select pieces of elegant furniture. Gorenje's retro beauties in charming hues of Bordeaux, Silver, and Black will surely appeal to them.” Haier’s vision is clear and simple: home appliances s h o u l d n o l o n g e r b e known as white goods. The design, colour and visual effects involved with these appliances are becoming increasingly important, with the kitchen developing into the hub of one’s home life. Home appliances are not only expected to help with practical tasks but to also help towards a more agreeable way of life. Design is at the heart of all product development at Haier. As open-plan kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, Haier has developed a range of design-led refrigerators and dishwashers, offering a palette of coordinating c o l o u r s a n d f i n i s h e s . Thanks to the success of its American Glass Door refrigerators - introduced in January 2010 - the brand is now developing the concept for its other refrigerator and dishwasher lines, giving consumers the possibility of having a co-ordinated set of kitchen appliances. Haier is also offering a range of American refrigerators with subtle and unique finishes aimed at individuals who love design and who are looking for appliances that are anything but ordinary. In order to satisfy its customers’ various needs, Haier offers tailor-made design for its refrigerators: “Your refrigerator, your design”. Connected home appliances! The 3D refrigerator now has a built-in Wi-Fi connection with a touch screen offering many functions, such as the ability to check the weather forecast. Thanks to RFID chips that are built into the packaging of the contents Cool Tech The Liebherr CBNes5167-20 The Liebherr CBNgb3956-20 of your fridge, this product can even alert you to when food will pass its ‘best before’ date. More flexibility handling cool temperatures: Haier’s latest 3D refrigerator will be fitted with a central drawer that, thanks to a unique type of technology, enables precise temperature control. It can therefore be used either as a freezer or a refrigerator depending on the user’s requirements. Following the success of the 3D refrigerator, winner of the 2008 Red Dot Design Award, Haier is now extending its freezer drawer concept across its entire refrigerator range. The BioFresh offers a multiclimate zone in which different types of food can be stored for up to three times longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment. Freshness, high vitamin content and variety are essential to the need for healthy food. The fresher the produce, the higher its nutritional value. In order to preserve vitamins, appearance and flavour during storage, humidity and a constant temperature just above 0°C are critical. BioFresh delivers exactly those ideal The BioFresh Drawer / Liebherr 36

Special Feature Refrigeration Technologies conditions. All Liebherr's BioFresh appliances have been awarded A+ and A++ energy efficiency categories proving that convenience and energy efficiency really can go hand-in-hand. New appliances in the range include the CBP(esf) 3613 BioFresh fridgefreezer and the CBP(esf) 4013 Comfort, both of which are in the energy efficiency classification A++. They provide a generously proportioned refrigerator compartment with a smooth line, plus the GlassLine equipment provides plenty of space for food. The two new CBNgb 3956 and CBNgw 3956 Glass Edition BioFresh fridgefreezers are the latest design highlights with their frameless glass fronts, which allow the appliances to blend perfectly into any modern kitchen environment. The handles are integrated into the side and are not visible from the front in order to offer perfect design quality. The gap between the doors of the refrigerator section and freezer section is minimised. The side walls of the black-fronted Glass Edition appliances have a stainless steel look, while the side walls of the whitefronted appliances have a white coating. The CBNes 5167 PremiumPlus appliance with BioFresh-Plus received the Red Dot design award winner 2010 title and the Plus X Award as the Best Product Of The Year 2010 in the fridge-freezer product category. This BioFresh fridge-freezer model is 75 cm wide, combining plenty of space with high levels of convenience. The interior of the refrigerator compartment is lit by an innovative LED light column nologies and the liner incorporates flush-fitting LED spot lights, which illuminate the BioFresh compartments, and further LED lighting also ensures perfect illumination of the NoFrost freezer compartment. The upper BioFresh drawer can be electronically adjusted as required down to a temperature of -2°C for the perfect storage of fish and seafood, or up to 6°C for exotic fruits, or 0°C for meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. Both BioFresh safes can be used as either a ‘dry-safe’ or a ‘hydro-safe’. The unique SoftSystem Sharp’s Dual Swing Door refrigerator cushions movement as the door is closed and ensures gentle closing even when the inside of the door is fully stocked. The door automatically closes from an opening angle of 45°. New door technology key to a new refrigerator from Sharp. The company has developed an ambidextrous Dual Swing Door refrigerator, on show for the first time at IFA 2010. This brand new mechanism allows the user to open the door from either side. No longer will kitchen designers be confined to picking a location for the fridge based on how it opens. In addition, the door can be opened based on the location of the food inside, so it is no longer necessary to open the door all the way. Other features include a hybrid cooling system, so that the “cool air is gentle to the food”, and an exclusive “plasmacluster ion system”, which reduces bacteria and airborne mould spores. IFA International • Monday, 6 th September 2010 37

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