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Day 4 - IFA International

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News KEA brings 60

News KEA brings 60 companies to Berlin ‘Human-friendly’ IT innovation keeps Korea in the super league By Joanna Stephens East Asia, led by Korea, Japan and China, will be the engine that drives the global IT industry of the future, according to Sang-Hwon Jeon, CEO and President of the Korea Electronics Association (KEA). “In the same way that it is leading the economic recovery, East Asia is increasingly moving on to the IT frontline,” Jeon said. Asia’s determination to be where the future happens first is being fuelled by the relatively robust shape of the region’s IT industry as the world struggles back to economic health. In Korea, the IT sector succeeded in “riding the storm” by maintaining investment in R&D and retaining staffing levels, Jeon said. He added: “Keeping your human resources is vital to your ability to recover from a downturn. It means that now, as the world economy recovers, Korean companies have the manpower to meet the renewed market demand.” And they are meeting that demand in ever more innovative, sustainable and “human-friendly” ways, reports the KEA chief, who is leading a delegation of 60 Korean companies to Berlin — 10% up on 2009. The Association’s membership comprises over 600 companies, ranging from such power players as Samsung, LG, Philips and Daewoo to a host of small and medium-size players active across the IT spectrum. Among this year’s highlights from within the KEA family are Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which weights 380g, has a 17cm screen and will run on Google’s Android operating system. The latest challenger to enter the tablet battle, Galaxy Tab has generated a gratifying amount of press attention since its IFA launch. Galaxy Tab exemplifies the Korean IT industry’s ability to create products that “harmonise and converge technological innovation with humanity, culture, nature and philosophy”, Jeon said. Other examples of Korean human-friendliness include Ceyon Technology’s range KEA’s Sang-Hwon Jeon: “Korea is moving on to the IT frontline” of RFID readers, which have applications in everything from supply-chain management to grocery shopping; Hanool Robotics’ convenient, intelligent and easy-to-use robot cleaners; and Vibe BS’ earplugs, which delicately vibrate to transmit sound via skin — a medium that works “as well as air and better than cartilage”, according to the company’s literature. Protect your world! IFA International • Monday, 6 th September 2010 9

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