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Day 4 - IFA International

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on the show floor no

on the show floor no lIMIts wIth lG’s new BorDerless tVs sl9000 leD BACKlIt lCD sets AnD sl8000 UnVeIleD At IfA LG Electronics unveiled two new home entertainment products at the 2009 IFA that define LG’s theme for this year, Live Borderless . According to LG Electronics, this will instantly make sense to anyone who sees the company’s Borderless TVs, which appear to be a single, uninterrupted sheet of glass, as well as they are the first TVs to completely eliminate the seam between the screen and the surrounding bezel. “We want LG to be the top name in home entertainment,” said Simon Kang, CEO and President of LG Home Entertainment Company. “To make that happen we’ve listened closely to our customers and have invested heavily in product development. The Borderless TVs we’re introducing show exactly what we’ve accomplished, setting new standards in home entertainment. These TVs look better than any others on the market and the viewing experience they provide is second-tonone.” LG is introducing two Borderless TVs, the SL8000 and SL9000, which blend modern style and technological innovation. LG say that they have dedicated significant research and development efforts in their new design with the goal of breaking out of the accepted conventions of how their TVs are supposed to look. The Borderless SL9000 LED Backlit LCD TV delivers state of the art picture quality to compliment its cutting edge design. Its LED backlight makes possible a dynamic fine contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1. Other features include Bluetooth and HD DivX compatibility. The SL8000’s stylish exterior hides a top-end Full HD 1080p SuperIPS panel, which can be finely tuned using LG’s Expert Mode. TruMotion 200Hz ensures that fast onscreen action is super sharp and a dynamic fine contrast ratio of 150,000:1 gives the TV impressive clarity. LG’s in-house Intelligent Sensor reduces energy consumption, helping to make both TVs more environmentally friendly. LG was able to create the super-slim SL8000 Model by developing their own Injection Compression Molding technique. Special laminate films reduce glare and improve picture quality. Upgrades to the invisible speaker system enabled LG to make powerful sound an integral part of its Borderless TVs, while retaining their slim profiles and seamless finishes. In addition to its new LCD TVs, LG’s home entertainment highlights at its stand in Hall 11.2 will include innovative and stylish plasma TVs, home theatre systems, video devices, data storage devices and projectors. LG will also debut several new smart technologies built into its products. In order to enable audiences around the world to have a say in LG’s newest offerings, the company is organising a forum with top European tech bloggers. LG will further extend its online reach by fully utilising social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. And German artist Edgar Mueller will create 3D works of art related to the Live Borderless theme at Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof (Central Station). Hall 11.2 / Stand 101 Hall X.X / Stand XXX IFA International • Monday, 7 th September 2009 19

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