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Day 4 - IFA International

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SPECIAL FEATURE - ACCESSORIES MONSTER DRIVES IPOD AND IPHONE ACCESSORIES The new Monster Cable iCarPlay Wireless 800 lets music lovers transmit their favourite songs wirelessly via their iPhone or iPod through any FM radio station, while simultaneously charging the device using Monster's smart charger circuitry. Sound solution: Monster's new iCable 800 To provide a clear sound, advanced audio circuitry rejects cell-phone interference, while the external antenna improves signal transmission. Best of all, the iCarPlay Wireless 800 is equipped with Monster's innovative M-Drive multi-function control — a one-knob feature that lets users keep their eyes on the road at all times. It also features the Auto-Scan 3D, which finds the best available radio station in the area. "Monster has always been the iPod and iPhone accessory leader, setting new standards in industrial design, technology, innovation, product performance and packaging style," said company CEO Noel Lee. "Now we are building on this commitment with a host of new products that will make it easier than ever to enjoy all your favourite iPod and iPhone entertainment on the road. All our Apple accessories are designed to offer value-added features and lifestyle benefits at the best possible price, while allowing users to expand the performance capabilities of their Apple products in new and exciting ways." Monster also offers options for consumers with auxiliary input-equipped stereos in their cars. Unlike wireless transmitters, the new iCable 800 for Car with Xtra Low Noise Double Helix cable construction provides a direct wired connection to a car's audio system, allowing it to deliver music with full fidelity, completely free of static and FM interference. For users who want to be able to charge their iPod or iPhone on the road, the iCarCharger 1000 uses a 30-pin dock connector to charge the device, while playing audio through a minijack cable with internal cable management. It also features built-in navigation controls on the back of the cigarette-lighter adapter plug, enabling easy music playback. Hall 1.2 / Stand 126 MELICONI APPLIES LOGIC The Logic 12 remote control has an LCD screen that displays the functions of each of the original remotes that it is replacing. Designed for maximum comfort, the new remote can control up to 12 devices and is compatible with the majority of brands currently on the market. The Logic 12 can also be customised. Programming is a simple matter of visiting the Meliconi website in order to gain access to the enabling codes. Alternatively, place the Meliconi remote in front of the device it is replacing and it will learn the functions via infrared. The device also allows the user to customise key functions for optimum ease of use. Hall 25 / Stand 136 IFA International • Monday, 7 th September 2009 25

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