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Day 4 - IFA International

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EISA URGES MANUFACTURERS TO ACCELERATE GREEN INITIATIVES GREEN MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES FINALLY HAVE THEIR OWN AWARD Left to right: Brendon Gore Hav Avôt Jin Jeong M. S. Park Jorge Gonçalves Peter Weber Wilfried Oppermann Jooree Cho (right) NDS/SDI Project Manager speaking with Wilfried Oppermann Jorge Gonçalves and Peter Weber Attendees reading NDS/SDI IFA has definitively become the place at which major initiatives for the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance industries are born and developed. This was again the case on Saturday with the announcement by EISA during a press conference, artfully orchestrated by Peter Weber (Head of the Press Working Group for ZVEI) of their first Best European Green Mobile Awards. This now comes alongside the Best European Green TV awards launched in 2005. In a impassioned presentation, Han Avôt (Vice-President of EISA) strongly underlined the urgency of the problem at hand and the total ignorance of the greater part of the general public. EISA, in cooperation with ZVEI and IFA and with the media support of Cleverdis (producers of IFA International and NDS/SDI Sustainable Development Initiatives), has decided to take the problem in hand with the objective of better educating the market and allowing the manufacturers who invest heavily in “green” solutions to receive a just and rightful Return on Investment. It’s thus an even more particular “hats off” that should be given to this year’s two winners: Samsung for the Green TV with their UE40B7000 model, and LG for their KM900 mobile phone. The acceptance speeches of LG’s Sun Jin Jeong and Samsung’s Brendon Gore were particularly well received, spotlighting the heightened consciousness of these two major manufacturers with respect to environmental issues. The objective clearly expressed by all those at the conference, including Messrs. Jorge Gonçalves (President of EISA), Peter Weber (Head of the Press Working Group for ZVEI), Han Avôt (VP of EISA), Wilfried Oppermann (Manager Sustainability & Environmental Projects of Panasonic); Dr Ab Stevels (head of the Green Awards — Professor from the Delft University of Technology Design and publisher of “Adventures in Eco-Design", is to cause manufacturers to accelerate their efforts in this fi eld. IFA International • Monday, 7 th September 2009 33

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