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Day 4 - IFA International

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Day 4 - IFA

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Personal Navigation Devices More Than Ever a Key Attraction at IFA 2007 The 2007 edition of the IFA is experiencing a major groundswell of interest from a public curious to learn about new advances in the technologies, as well as trade representatives hailing from around Europe eager to better understand the differentiators between major manufacturers and software producers. Leon van de Pas, CEO of Nav N Go and Miss Germany 2007 VIDEO After a first quarter result that saw the Hungarian-based software developer Nav N Go rise to number two in the global sales rankings, the company has come to IFA with a unique 3D navigation system that shows buildings and allows for real flying around its mapped landscapes. Miss Germany made an appearance on the Nav N Go stand yesterday with the company-sponsored Ferrari. Nav N Go has shot to prominence since it launched its software package and its software architecture is now used in navigation hardware from 35 companies including Sony, Clarion and Mio. .../ Cont’d. Page 3 Success of “Unlimited Mobile TV Platform” Confirmed at IFA VIDEO The world-first public demonstration of DVB-H combined with DVB-SH (Satellite). Even Miss IFA has had the chance to get her first vision of this new system, and was, like the rest of us, impressed. Alcatel-Lucent is spearheading an “eco-system” of companies all working towards establishing what’s termed “Unlimited Mobile TV”. Unlimited means that mobile TV is everywhere and with an unlimited number of channels. Technology-wise it means combining several standards, which in this case is DVB-H and the new DVB-SH standard, based on a new frequency known as the “S- Band”, transmitted via satellite and also via a network of 3Glike transmitters, enabling excellent signal coverage and improved penetration in builtup zones. .../ Cont’d. Page 5 DAY 4 Monday 3rd September CONTENTS 01 > HEADLINE NEWS 06 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 10 > MEET THE VISIONARIES 13 > PRODUCT TRENDS 23 > CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHT 25 > TRADE NEWS 29 > GOING OUT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Guerrino De Luca President and Chief Execuive Officer Logitech “Until the day that companies offer a seamless world of home entertainment, the living room will continue to be a wild, untamed and diverse environment” See page 10 Andreas Westhoff Chief Sales Officer Navigon AG “The point is: Connected Navigation raises the level of location based services to a new dimension. Information combined with interactivity and mobile navigation make location based services attractive to the consumer” See page 11 Tim Bush President DisplaySearch “Being able to view into what is actually being sold through by NPD has added a lot of credibility to the DisplaySearch forecast” See page 5

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