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DAY 5 Edition - IFA International 2017

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE INNOVATIVE SMALL APPLIANCES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Designed with carefully selected and crafted materials 2 Powerful air purification capacity with self-cleaning filter and smart sensors 3 Simple and easy operation with intuitive control panels and easy maintenance AWARD-WINNING INNOVATOR ADVERTORIAL JAPANESE AIR TREATMENT COMPANY CADO ENTERS EUROPEAN MARKET Cado, a Japanese manufacturer of air treatment products will launch its products in Germany, France and UK from October 2017. The company’s first products in Europe will be its best-selling air purifiers, LEAF 200 and LEAF Portable. LEAF 200 is a versatile model that fits in any type of room. Its cylindrical steel body inhales impure air, such as harmful chemical particles, smoke, pollen, etc. from 360° and releases the purified air through diagonal flow fan – creating an air circulation. The LED lights indicate the invisible air condition with sensors, and automatically adjusts air volume. LEAF Portable is a portable air purifier that supplies clean air wherever and whenever for those who travel with vehicles. It simply fits into the car drink holder and can be controlled with a haptic button. All Cado air purifiers are equipped with a self-cleaning filter, which captures and disposes of gaseous pollutants. This, it said, results in consistent, powerful absorption and performance. » HALL 8.1 / Stand 205 The iLife V5s Pro is a two-in-one robot vacuum cleaner that will dry-sweep or mop hard floors. The V5s Pro won a 2017 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award for its design, which encompasses a trickle-type water tank structure, inspired by the process of medical infusion. This design is more efficient than similar products and makes the product itself more durable. The robot has three navigation modes. In Automatic cleaning mode it explores the environment. Selecting the Border cleaning mode ensures – as the name suggests – that the robot starts cleaning at the borders of a room. The Fixed-point mode, meanwhile, is the most effective mode for spot cleaning. The V5s Pro uses IR sensors and navigation algorithms to detect obstacles as well as a bumper to protect furniture pieces. The wheels are made of high-density rubber, meaning that they will not leave marks on the floors. All of which adds up to one of the most impressive robot cleaners on the market, one that is capturing market share and experiencing a 60% annual rate of growth. » HALL 25 Stand 177 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Anti-collision The V5s Pro’s Intelligent Anticollision System Sensor ensures that it avoids any collisions and protects furniture from damage 2 Automatic for the people The V5s Pro is capable of automatically cleaning large spaces up to an area of 180 sq m 3 Power The 2600 mAh battery lasts more than two hours and recharges in less than six KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Compact cleaner Weighing just 2.5 kg, the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner fits in any car boot 2 Battery life A lithium-ion battery ensures 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time 3 Accessories These include cleaning agents, a microfibre cloth, a conical jet nozzle and various brushes KÄRCHER OFFERS CLEANING ON THE GO Kärcher’s Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC3 is an innovative device for quick cleaning on the go. Battery-powered and with its own water tank, the low-pressure cleaner can be used independently anywhere, and is no bigger than a bicycle basket. The nozzle is especially designed for low pressure and ensures a very good cleaning performance. The water stream is designed for quickly cleaning items such as bicycles and strollers. Outdoor equipment can be cleaned on the spot – for example, in a woodland car park. In this way, everything can be cleaned before being stored. The handy spray gun and the 2.8 m-long spiral hose can be compactly stored under the removable tank, which has a capacity of 4 litres of water. If the quantity is not sufficient, water from alternative sources can also be used via a suction hose. The suction hose is part of the wideranging accessory line, providing the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner with a variety of possible applications. The three different accessory boxes (‘Bike’, ‘Adventure’ and ‘Pet’) offer everything you would need for the respective purpose of use, and can be mounted below the device. » HALL 4.1 / Stand 213 IFA International • Tuesday 5 th September 2017 21

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