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DAY 5 Edition - IFA International 2017

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE STEAM PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT THE WORLD’S FIRST CONNECTED IRON Laurastar is at IFA with Laurastar Smart, the world’s first connected iron. It connects to a mobile app and gives tutorials to improve the user’s ironing skills. There is no longer any need for user manuals as a built-in sensor helps optimise the user’s ironing technique by comparing it to the “ideal” movement demonstrated on the interactive video of the app. This enables the user to develop the perfect ironing gesture. With the help of a sensor built into the iron handle, the Laurastar Sensteam technology captures movements and triggers steam automatically. Now both intelligent and autonomous, its pulsed distribution ensures optimal steam dosing. There is also no further need to adjust the temperature: the thermostat is programmed to adapt to all fabrics. Laurastar Smart is described by the company as “a system that thinks on your behalf”. With Bluetooth connectivity, motion sensors, automation of steam and temperature adjustment, the Laurastar Smart premium range incorporates the internet of things to “combine performance with an exceptional user experience”. » HALL 4.1 / Stand 202 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Laurastar Smart connects to a mobile application and acts as your coach to “beautify your clothes” through tutorials provided by the Laurastar app 2 The revolutionary Sensteam technology detects the user’s movements and releases steam automatically 3 Hygienic steam kills 99.999% of bacteria NO NEED FOR A VALET WITH S-VALET SteamOne reinvents the concept of the valet with S-Valet, a unique and prestigious piece of furniture to take care of your garments. S-Valet offers a refined and elegant design, with precious material: beech tree wooden hanger and chrome finishings and wood effect. With its 2300 watts, it is the most powerful home steamer in the market. It has a triple thermal protection hose, a more ergonomic steam head and it automatically switches off when the water tank is empty. Ready in 45 seconds, S-Valet enables all fabrics to be steamed — no need for an ironing board. SteamOne is also showing the The Unilys at IFA. Ultra slim it is just 16 cm wide, yet with its 2000 watts, it is a powerful home steamer with a steam output of 42g/min. Like the S-Valet it has a triple thermal protection hose, an ergonomic steam head and it automatically switches off when the water tank is empty. Ready in one minute, Unilys works for all fabrics. And thanks to the built-in drainage system, it works with tap water. » HALL 8.1 / Stand 106 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Automatically switches off when the water tank is empty 2 Triple thermal protection hose and ergonomic steam head 3 Works on all fabrics, no need for an ironing board 22

BUYERS' GUIDE CLEAN LIFESTYLE VACUUM CLEANERS MARKET The success story of handstick vacuum cleaners continues with a market showing a strong two-digit growth in the first half of 2017. This versatile cordless appliance seems to find more and more fans in Europe, with the full market potential not yet unleashed. In the recent past, handsticks became more efficient due to improved battery technology which made them a serious alternative for a conventional vacuum cleaner. Attracted by the strong growth dynamic of the segment an increasing number of manufacturers have entered the market and others have increased their innovation rate offering new models. Considering the household penetration rate, it can be expected that the demand for handstick vacuum cleaners will remain on a high level for the years to come. Vacuum Cleaner Handstick Rechargeable 0,8 Vacuum Cleaner Handstick Rechargeable (Sales Volume in Mio. Units, Europe 6*) 1,1 1,4 2,4 3,3 1,4 1,8 STATE OF PLAY Vacuum cleaner technology has seen some important advancements in the last few years. Consumers no longer want to yank an ancient canister vacuum around. With vacuums, suction is the name of the game, but you might want a little fun (and fresh, clean air) with your 10-minute parade around the living room. Today’s vacuum cleaners are both workhorses and stylish. On the ascendency are cordless products, which include handstick-style devices and robotic cleaners. INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA THE RISE OF THE CORDLESS CLEANER Cordless vacuum cleaners are a great idea. While most aren’t as powerful as corded vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners are hugely useful and convenient. They let you clean in a completely different way. Instead of doing a big clean every week or so, it’s easy to get a cordless machine out to do quick spot cleans whenever you need. Not being tethered to a socket means cleaning takes less time, too. That means less back bending, and cordless vacuums are lighter, so they’re a good option if you have a bad back. They’re typically easier to use on stairs and most are great to use in cars, making them even more versatile. GROWING SALES OF ROBOTIC CLEANERS This year’s IFA features a number of robotic cleaners and this area of the floor care market is starting to gain traction, albeit from a low base. Some robotic vacuum cleaners have advanced sensors that detect the amount of cleaning required at different spots. Users can also set virtual walls for the robotic vacuum cleaner. A virtual wall acts as a boundary that the machine will not cross – ideal to stop the cleaner going across doorways and openings. Once the robotic vacuum cleaner completes it task, it will go back to its docking station. If it is running low on battery, it can automatically recharge itself as well. VOICE CONTROL Consumer electronics manufacturers are making big strides into voice interaction across a whole range of products, including vacuum cleaners, and at IFA, you can see some examples. To date, manufacturers have opted either to develop their own preparatory technology, while others have integrated Amazon’s Alexa service. Products integrated with vice technology, will respond to instructions issued by the service, which is voice activated by the user. The robotic vacuum cleaner market is forecast to grow considerably with products being developed by companies that utilise intelligent programming. Voice recognition, coupled with energy saving technologies and touch screens will enhance the customer experience. *EU6 = DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL 2012 2014 2016 Jan 16-Jun 16 CONTACT Thilo Heyder Marketing Manager Small Domestic Appliances, THE FUTURE The cordless vacuum cleaner market is a shining light in the small domestic appliance category with some products having been phenomenally successful and having resonated well with consumers. The future will see models offer better battery life, improved pick-up ability and, in the case of robotic cleaners, more smart functionality. The ability to schedule their robot, from wherever they may be, at a time to suit them, will appeal strongly to consumers. INNOVATING @ IFA DIRT DEVIL BLADE: LONG LASTING, FLEXIBLE AND POWERFUL Thanks to its supreme performance, the stylish, slim-line Dirt Devil Blade gives a “surge of energy” to one’s cleaning. The new Dirt Devil “Direct Helix Technology” delivers maximum performance through optimised air flow and the 32V Lithium battery provides effortless and efficient cleaning. 45-minute’s runtime is possible with a high level of cleaning performance. » HALL 5.1 / STAND 103 GORENJE ENTERS NEW CLEANING DIMENSION Gorenje says its new G-Force vacuum cleaners offer a new dimension of cleanliness, with low energy consumption and and super silent cleaning performance. The company says its Xpand Zone brush, with ergonomically designed X-shaped double dust pickup channel, enables faster and more effective dust pickup from carpets, hard surfaces and parquet, making vacuuming more efficient and hassle-free. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 IFA International • Tuesday 5 th September 2017 23

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